Best home tech for fall 2020: Coffee makers, fire pits and other cozy products

The The days are getting shorter and shorter and we move into that colder months. For me it conjures up images of warm drinks and Comfort food. That’s why I’ve put together this list of awesome smart home products for fall Oxo Brew 8-cup coffee maker to the Philips Hue Lily outdoor spotlights – and some other favorites.

Of course, all of these devices are great all year round, but they’re especially nice when it’s cold outside.

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Coffee is great anytime, but a warm drink can be especially handy when it’s still dark on cool fall mornings and you need to get started.

The Oxo Brew 8-cup coffee maker is Tips Clear’s most popular filter coffee machine. Not only is it affordable at $ 170, but we were impressed with its hot, quick brew that didn’t ruin the coffee grounds. Thanks to the capacity of 8 cups, you can fill up with a full pot all day long – and you still have a lot to share.

We even prefer the Oxo Brew 8-cup coffee maker over the popular $ 190 Bonavita connoisseur. The best coffee machines of 2020.

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A kamado grill is an excellent cold-weather cooking appliance that allows you to sit and work for hours while you stay warm inside and enjoy the smell of brisket or ribs cooking away.

The $ 1,699 Kamado Joe Classic III is our favorite smoking / kamado grill. Because of its ceramic design, it holds heat well and can cook a variety of different dishes “low and slow” to deliver ridiculously tender and flavorful foods.

Yes, the Kamado Joe Classic III is extremely expensive, but if you’re serious about a kamado grill that works wonders, this is by far our favorite. The best kamado grills of 2020.

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Fall is my favorite time of year to sit by a fire pit and the Tiki branded fire pit is Tips Clear’s top choice for a backyard fire pit. At $ 350, this fire pit isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

We particularly liked the size, the robust construction and the overall design. The removable ashtray was easy to clean too. A built-in airflow system reuses the hot smoke generated from the fireplace, reducing the overall amount of smoke.

It was easy to light up, but once lit it gets extremely hot and takes a long time to cool down. So be careful. At 45 pounds, it’s a little heavier for a modular fire pit. So set it up with two people. The best fire pits of 2020.

Instant Pot through Amazon

No device makes me think of a fall more than an instant pot. These versatile multicookers can do just about anything, including quick cooking chilli, stew, and other classic cold weather meals.

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 is our favorite model. It acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and rice cooker. You can also use it for frying and making yogurt – or even reheating leftovers. The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 is available in 3-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart sizes.

While this model cannot be used for canning or baking cakes, it has the following modes: poultry, meat / stew, rice, beans / chilli, multigrain, porridge, soup / broth, steam, slow cook, sauté, yogurt, Pressure cooker and keep warm. The best instant pots of 2020.

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A kettle is a useful kitchen appliance all year round, but I use mine even more when it’s cold outside to make hot water for coffee, tea – and to heat up a boiling soup pot for pasta, mashed potatoes and other comfort dishes faster.

The Cuisinart CPK-17 is my favorite kettle. It has a large capacity, boils water quickly, and has many hot water settings. Some of the settings include a conventional cook button, a 160 degree / fine button, a 190 degree / oolong button and a “keep warm” button.

It also has a button to open the lid so you don’t have to open the lid manually, as well as an automatic function to keep it warm after cooking. It will turn off automatically after 30 minutes. The best kettles of 2020.


As the days get shorter and shorter, it’s nice to have extra outside lighting to illuminate your garden – and to give the sometimes gloomy autumn weather that much-needed ambience.

The Philips Hue Lily outdoor headlight kit comes in a pack of three lights. The headlights can emit white light with adjustable color temperature, but they also change color if you want to start the holiday season in a festive way. Philips Hue Lily outdoor lights require a Philips Hue hub to work and can be controlled in the Philips Hue app. You should also work with voice commands from Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Light up your garden with a 3-pack of Philips Hue Outdoor Spotlights for $ 270.

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