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Best Home Remedies for Glowing Skin by Tips Clear

Best Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Best Home Remedies for Glowing Skin. As we grow, our skin becomes dull and rough. There are some contributing reasons. One of the main reasons is increasing pollution. Excess exposure to the sun also causes skin problems. The other reasons are unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Sometimes, hormones also play their role. Many acne problems are associated with hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, some home remedies can give you glowing skin.

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin
Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

 Oily Skin – home remedies for Glowing Skin

Oily skin needs a lot of care. People with oily skin always fear to get acne, pimples and blackheads. The oily skin looks greasy. With proper care, you can make your skin look clean and glowing. 

  • Homemade water based moisturiser for oily skin

Moisturising is essential for oily skin as well as dry skin. For oily skin, you need a water-based moisturiser. If you are not able to find the perfect moisturiser for your skin, you can create one at your home. You can make moisturiser using rose petals and aloe vera. For this, boil 1 cup rose petals in a pan. Let it cool down to room temperature. Add a few drops of rose water or pure rose extract. Mix 30 ml aloe vera juice. Keep the moisturiser inside the fridge. Apply it after a shower. 

  • Drink warm lemon water every day. Take a glass of warm water and squeeze the juice of one lemon to it. Add teaspoon honey and drink empty stomach. Within a month you can see visibly glowing skin.
  • Homemade face mask for oily skin

Apply a face mask made of fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder and rose water on your face. Do it regularly for a few months, once every week. 

  • Homemade scrub for oily skin

Use a cup of orange peel with an equal amount of oats. Add honey to make a thick paste. You can also add granular sugar. Gently exfoliate your skin once a week to get glowing skin. 

Dry Skin – Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Dry skin can feel tight. They also look scaly. During winters people also notice peeling. With proper care, you can combat dry skin situation and get glowing skin. 

  • Homemade moisturiser for dry skin

Take a full and plum aloe vera leaf. With the help of a knife cut the leaf and take out the gel. Pour an equal measure of extra virgin coconut oil on it. With the support of a spatula mix it well. You can also use an electric blender. Store it in a jar. 

  • Homemade scrub for dry skin

In half cup brown sugar, mix half cup extra virgin coconut oil. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Your homemade scrub for dry skin is ready to give you a glowing skin. 

  • Homemade face mask for dry skin

Take two tablespoons of creamy yoghurt. Add a tablespoon of honey to it. Pinch the vitamin E capsule with a safety pin and squeeze the oil in your yoghurt and honey. Mix well and apply to your face. Leave for 20 minutes and wash with cold water afterwards. 

Here is how to determine your skin type 

Skin Type Characteristics Common Causes Determining your Skin Type
Oily Skin –          Large Pores

–          Shiny complexion

–          Blackheads & whiteheads

–          Shiny T-zone

–          Pimples & Acne

–          Genetics

–          High oil consumption

–          Stress

–          Weather

–          Hormonal imbalance

–          Remove any makeup from your skin.

–          Wash your face with gentle cleanser and cold water.

–          Leave your skin for one hour. Do not apply any Cosmetic product.

–          By this time your skin will return to its normal state.

–          Read the characteristics of different skin types and determine yours.

Dry Skin –          Invincible pores

–          Dull complexion

–          Peeling skin

–          Flaky skin

–          Feeling of tightness

–          Inflammation


–          Genetic

–          Harsh weather

–          Prolonged exposure to heat

–          Harsh ingredients in cosmetics

–          Hormonal changes

Combination Skin –          Enlarged Pores

–          Patchiness in some part and shiny in some part

–          Oily T-zone, rough cheeks

–          Blackheads and wrinkles at the same time

–          Genetics

–          A cosmetic product containing irritants

–          Age

9 Tips With Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Glowing skin, free of all impurities, acne, marks and dark spots is not a myth. With proper care and determination, one can achieve perfection in his/her skin tone. While there are some products available on the market to treat skin problems, there are some home remedies too which you can choose over market commodities to get the naturally glowing skin.

Here are some tips to follow to have a naturally glowing skin!

  1. Cleanse your face daily

It is essential to wash your face thoroughly to have smooth and healthy skin. Clean and healthy skin will naturally look radiant.

  1. Exfoliate your skin twice or thrice a week

Exfoliation will help in removing dead cells accumulated on your surface. It will also ensure deep cleansing of pores where dirt particles reside.

There is the number of natural ingredients to exfoliate your skin, for, e.g.,- rice flour and sooji acts as a good scrub. You can also dry orange peels, grind them and use its power as a natural scrub to get the soft, smooth and radiant skin.

  1. Protect your skin from sun exposure

Sun exposure can harm your skin and make it look dull and dark. Protect your skin from sun exposure correctly. Apply sunscreen of SPF 30 for healthy glowing skin.

You can also use ice over your face and body after returning home. This will lighten your skin tone and increase blood circulation.

  1. Fight signs of ageing and pay particular attention to some areas

As one enters the late twenties, evidence of ageing start to appear- the skin under the eyes becomes puffy, and wrinkles begin to look on hands, face and neck.

Cucumber juice and tea bags are useful to reduce puffiness and tighten skin. It will help in reducing wrinkles to a great extent. One can also massage face, neck and hands with baby oil or olive oil for younger looking skin.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet

Good eating habits and a healthy diet reflects directly on your skin. A person with proper nutrition will have glowing skin, on the other hand, a person with foul eating habits will look dull and inactive.

Do’s & Don’t of Eating Habits

Do’s Don’t
Keep a check on your diet Do not overeat
Go for fresh fruits and leafy vegetables Avoid spicy, oily and junk food
Drinks 8-10 glasses of water daily Avoid drinking and smoking
Include roughage and cereals in your diet Do not starve yourself
  1. Follow daily makeup removal routine

Always remember to clean our face before going to bed. All the oil, grease and make up will make your skin dull and lifeless if you do not wash it every night before going to sleep. You can use raw milk as a cleanser and rose water or tomato paste as natural toners for cleaning.

  1. Take proper sleep

Our body repairs damaged cells while we are asleep. Also, it is during this time our cells are replenished. Therefore, to have a lively, glowing and healthy skin, one must take 7-8 hours’ sleep daily. You will feel refreshed, and it will show on your face.

  1. Exercise well and maintain good health

Physical activities like exercising, dancing, Zumba, yoga, jogging, etc. keep both our body and skin healthy. Such activities add a natural glow to the skin. They remove impurities within and improve internal processes such as digestion and blood circulation, which are necessary for the natural glowing skin.

  1. Lastly, homemade face packs and scrubs

Oatmeal & Cinnamon Scrub

(Rich in anti-oxidants and proteins, good for replenishing cells, good for all skin types)

2 tsp of cereal + ½ Tsp cinnamon powder

Mix with 1-2 tsp milk and make a fine paste

Apply and scrub in a circular motion

Rinse after 15 minutes

Green Tea Scrub

(Rich in flavonoids, maintains skin’s elasticity, imparts a natural glow, keeps skin young)

·         Boil few tea leaves till it imparts colour

·         Let it cool and mix two tea spoons of boiled tea with brown sugar

·         Add cream and make a fine paste

·         Apply on face in a circular motion

·         Rinse after 10 minutes

Home remedies for clear, glowing skin

Having clear and bright skin is undoubtedly a blessing but maintaining it for a longer time is a tough job. If you are at your teenage, then you must have skin issues like pimples, acne, oily skin and what not. It is not possible always to visit parlour and go for skin treatments as you must have a college or office or so. But yes there are some tricks and tips which are not only natural but readily available at home with which you can maintain your glowing and Flawless Skin for longer time. It is true that you cannot avoid the dust and pollution when you are out on the roads, but you can get rid of them by applying some home remedies for clear, glowing skin.

Get hydrated

Whether it is summer or monsoon or winter, have plenty of liquids, especially water to get hydrated. Eater helps to digest food, and also it contributes to intoxicate our system. Once your digestion gets better, your skin glows more.

Have nutritious food

To get glowing skin, it is mandatory to have nutritious food. Whatever you eat it affects your skin. If you eat healthily, your skin will be healthier and vice versa.

  • Add rich fibre like brown rice, broccoli, tomatoes, fish, white meat and nuts to your regular diet.
  • Have more veggies of red and yellow colour like pepper, carrots and such.
  • Fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin and so on will also help.
  • Add vitamin c to your daily diet to get clear and flawless skin.

Get your skin hydrated

Like your system, your skin also needs to be hydrated as well. Frequently splash clean and cold water on your face and keep it alive and fresh. Make sure not to apply soap whenever you wash your face with water. If you are in college or office, take a break in every 3 hours and clean your face by splashing cold water.

Remove your makeup before going to bed

This is one such important task that you must not forget. Whenever you are back home and going to bed at night never forget to remove your makeup. If you have your makeup on while sleeping can affect your skin and can lead to acne and pimple. For glowing skin, you have to remove makeup before going to sleep.

Change your makeup kit regularly

One of the important home remedies for glowing skin is to change your makeup products frequently. If you are using your foundation or compact for quite a long time, then you must replace it with new ones. Please do not use expired or old products which can harm your skin. Also, avoid using other people’s makeup products.

Sleep well and be active

Sleep is essential for skin treatment. You can apply expensive creams or under eye gels, but if you don’t complete your peaceful 7 hours sleep in a day, then nothing can hide your dark circles. If you sleep well, your system will perform well. Hence it will reflect on your face. It is true that you can’t keep your stress away from you, but you can avoid it by attempting some meditation, walking and daily exercise. Be active all day and get a fresh looking glowing skin.

Avoid Sun as much as you can

No doubt that sun rays are good for our skin. But consuming more and more sunlight is harmful to your skin and face. Try to avoid sun rays as much as you can, especially in summer. If you can’t prevent it, then apply SPF 30 sunscreen lotion before going out to the sun.

Home remedies for glowing skin

Do’s Don’t
Liquids, water Go out to the sun often
Fresh veggies, luxurious fibre Have fried food
Proper and branded makeup Use expired makeup
Sleep well Stress yourself
Be active

Sleep with makeup on

Home remedies for glowing skin, for oily skin

Oily skin tips to vibrant and glowing youth skin

Tips for glowing skin naturally at home


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