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Best Home Foot Spa: A Complete Buying Guide For Home Foot Spa Machines

Best Home Foot Spa: With a foot, a spa can lower your stress and Alleviate your Aching muscles. But were you aware that having a foot spa may also lessen the frequency of the headaches as well as their seriousness?

Your feet are very sensitive, and you’re probably not Fixing them as well as you need to. Utilizing a foot spa will provide essential relief after a very long day at work, and it can be great for folks of all ages.

Locating the Ideal foot spa can be difficult if you do not know What to look for. That’s why we prepared the next foot spa reviews and the purchasing guide, to assist you in making an educated decision.

We’re sure after reading this article, you will be able to choose which version is the ideal choice for your individual needs.

Best Home Foot Spa
Best Home Foot Spa

A Complete Buying Guide For Your Home Foot Spa Machines

What You Need to Consider When Purchasing a Home Foot Spa

It is true that house foot spas provide a great way of Relaxing your sore feet after a hard day on the job however you should not simply buy the first model you lay your eyes on. In fact, you should ask yourself the next 5 questions before settling on a version to make sure you make the ideal option.

What Am I Looking For?

Nicely a foot spa might be the clear answer, but choose a Moment to really consider how employing a spa may help you. Which are the most significant features for you personally? Are you trying to find a house foot spa that can heat up the water or one which can create a lot of bubbles? Do you believe infrared therapy will be helpful for you or would you not care about doing it? Do pliers usually look too hard in your toes?

Depending upon Your answers to the questions above, you might Want to choose different spa models.

How Many Times Will I Use It?

Some people might think that they will make use of the foot spa Every day of this week, but let’s be fair here. Given your present calendar, how often can you truly use it? Once per week? Three times?

As you could see from our short testimonials, not all foot spas Are built-in precisely the identical way. Some of them come with casters for better portability, and some of them have bucket handles you can utilize to transport them around.

If you’re planning on using the foot spa Frequently, you may Want to take into account a model that is easier to maneuver around. On the flip side, if you are not going to use it often you might want to appear at cheaper versions. They could be able to supply all the features you want at a smaller cost.

Can I Have a Particular Problem I Am Trying To Address?

Not everyone wants to use a foot spa just for relaxation purposes. Some individuals might need one to the valuable blood circulation effects it has, or for relieving arthritic pain. Depending on the purpose, you are able to pick between different versions.

If You Would like to improve your blood flow, It May be Better to choose a version which is included with several rollers. The rollers massage the bottoms of your feet, and they stimulate your flow. It could also be advantageous to search for a model that offers an infrared massage choice.

In case you’re looking for a foot spa that can relieve your Arthritic pain, you need to consider models that are appropriate for salt and oil uses. If you find a version that is compatible with seaweed usage, that could be better.

How Much Am I Able To Spend On A Foot Spa?

Every time you want to buy something new, it is better to consider how much you’re prepared to invest before you start browsing for a model. This will allow you to limit your alternatives and pick the ideal model in your budget.

Shopping without funding might be more costly than you Might think. Foot spas are usually cheap, but high-end versions may be too pricey for some. Authentic, high-end versions do offer more features and they’re often stronger, but you won’t even need the extra capabilities.

How Deep Should the Water Be?

Foot spas are created differently. Some models are so Shallow which the water will not even reach your ankles when you are employing the rollers. That’s not a terrible thing, some people don’t like dipping their feet in the water, so that these models are great for them.

Other versions are heavy enough to cover your ankles with plain water And maintain the underwater while you are massaging the soles of your feet, however, the water level is too low to cover your calves.

Deep foot spas provides enough water to dip the feet, ankles, and calves. They are great for individuals that like spending a lot of time with their feet wrapped in warm water, and they might even offer features like bubble massage or vibration massage that can also massage your nerves.

What to Look for When Buying a House Foot Bath Machine?

As you could see out of our short product reviews in the Beginning of the guide, not all of the foot tub machines have been designed in the same manner. Sure, they all use the very same technology to give a massage, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences between the models, no matter how similar they appear.

In the following section, we present some of the useful Features dwelling foot spas possess, and just how they can help you.

Ease Of Usage — You May Be wondering what is so Tough to Use in regards to home foot spas. Well, first of all, excellent foot bath machines have at least two features you may use, among those being the heated water massage.

Some units are Quite Easy to use since they possess a Display, and you are able to fix the water’s temperature with the controller panel. However, not all of the temperatures exhibited are in Fahrenheit. Some machines will show you the temperature in Celsius, and you will need to make a quick conversion.

But that’s not all. Some spas don’t have a screen, and you Will not have the ability to specify a water temperature. When you activate the heating feature, they’ll heat up the water until you discontinue it. Not really simple to use, appropriate?

Price & Durability — In case you’re surprised we are Approaching cost and endurance at exactly the identical time, you should not be. If it comes to foot spas, both of these are interconnected. High-end models are somewhat more durable than cheaper ones. That’s because they either use a thicker plastic or a much better one.

More expensive models also provide more features and programs. The majority of them have a digital screen, and they utilize a thermostat. They have got an easy-to-use control panel, plus they have at least one security features.

Cheap foot spas are not poor, but with means. They can provide A fantastic massage experience, however they will not have the flashy features of the expensive versions. They won’t have a thermostat, but they will heat the water up nonetheless. You do not find the changes you make in a display, but you’ll notice them on the control panel. In terms of durability, these versions can persist for a long time if you are cautious when using them.

Heat Functionality — The most heated massage is the public’s Preferred, and for good reason. There’s nothing more relaxing after spending a long day at work than dipping your toes in warm water and massaging them. Manufacturers apply the heated massage feature in three manners.

The simplest way to do it, and normally found in the cheapest Models, is to get a small heating element that does not really heat up the water but keeps it at a fairly constant temperatures for 15 — 20 minutes.

Another way is using a good heating element that is capable Of heating up the water. This really is a great way to produce the spa a lot easier to use as you won’t have to heat up the water or use hot water from the faucet. You may just fill the unit’s basin, allow the heater function for approximately 5 minutes and start massaging your feet.

But without using a thermostat, then the heater will Heat the water regularly until you stop it. To maintain the water temperature at a constant degree, you’ll need to manually turn the heater off and on once every so often. No biggie.

The best way to warm the water up is using a high-quality heater and a thermostat. You select the water temperature that you need using the control panel, along with the heater starts warming up the water. The thermostat makes sure the water’s temperature will be constant during your workout session. This attribute is good particularly for individuals with increased sensitivity in their feet.

Size — Foot spas come in various sizes, and that is great. Having more dimensions to choose from enables more people to be completely satisfied with their pick. The size of this foot spa determines how much water it can hold, and you will find three basin depths you can choose from.

Foot Spas — All these models have the shallowest basins. The Water’s level will barely cover your toes when you’re massaging them on the rollers, also it will not hit your discs. These versions are terrific for individuals who have a hard time picking up heavy items and don’t enjoy massaging their toes from the water but take action for requirement.

Foot And Ankle Spas — All these models have a medium thickness, and The water will protect both your toes along with your knees when you’re using the rollers. They’re wonderful for those that enjoy spending a great deal of time massaging their feet but don’t care for their calves.

Foot, Ankle, And Calves Spas — All these versions are deep enough To pay at least half the length of your calves from your plain water. They are fantastic for individuals who love spending a lot of time with their feet in the water and do not have any issues lifting heavier items.

Massage Rollers — Up to massage rollers are concerned, They can be glistening and non-motorized. When you are using spas using non-motorized pliers, then you have to move your toes onto the rollers to receive a massage. The massage’s speed and intensity is dictated by how you are moving your feet and shoving against the rollers.

Motorized rollers do half the job for you. You won’t have To move your toes and back to get a massage, then you are just going to have to keep your toes on the moving rollers. The massage intensity is still dictated by how hard you push against the rollers. These versions are wonderful for many people, but they’re not very great for individuals who enjoy their foot massages rough. Pushing hard against these rollers may damage them. Foot spas utilize between 2 — 1 rollers. Some models even have removable rollers.

Individuals who like massaging their feet slightly harder might Want to go with a version that provides more rollers. Those who have sensitive feet might wish to opt for a model which comes with two removable rollers. This will let you test a foot massage using the pliers, and remove them if you do not like it.

Bubbles & Jets — Bubbles and jets are easy attributes, But they make the foot massages better. Some models offer a potent jet and create many bubbles, but others produce some of bubbles which won’t influence you a lot. Hearing the bubbles break the water may also supply a relaxing feeling.

Drainage — Many foot spa models arrive with a bucket handle. You can use the deal to maneuver the spa around the home and drain it. This feature isn’t so useful, particularly in the event you have problems with lifting heavy weights. Other versions include casters and a drain spout. You are able to simply pull the basin near a drain and empty it effortlessly.

Compatibility With Foot Care Products — All of the models we Presented in our listing are compatible with the bath salts and oils. But not all of them are compatible with regular use, and that means you will need to check this information directly with the manufacturer. Most of the foot spas available on the market aren’t compatible with sneeze since seaweed can readily get into among the jet heads and prevent it.

Portability — Several models have a limited portability and Come with a simple bucket handle, but others possess a superior portability and include casters. The versions which come with casters are generally larger, and they would be more difficult to carry.

Motor Noise — The noise generated by house foot spas is not Quite loudly generally, and it will not interfere with your normal activities, such as watching TV or talking on the phone. In case your foot spa equipment is extremely noisy, contact the customer care services.

Splash Guard — The splash guard Is Extremely important, Particularly for shallow foot spas. Possessing a splash guard will limit the amount of water that gets spilled each massage session.

7 Surprising Benefits of Foot Spas

Foot spas are very helpful for your wellbeing. These Gains include, but aren’t restricted to:

Lowers Your Anxiety Levels — People carry a Great Deal of weight on Their toes. Your toes are more sensitive than they appear at an initial glance, and you’ll be able to tell exactly how sensitive they are by massaging your bottoms. It is possible to feel each and every movement of your hands. We do not treat our feet as well as we are should. Our jobs and social lives make us invest a great deal of time walking and standing, which is not really good for the feet, especially as you get older. With a foot spa can alleviate the tension accumulated on your toes, and this will reduce your stress levels too. Spending some time with your feet submerged in hot water can do wonders, and you’ll feel more relaxed in the end of a foot massage session.

Boost Your Blood Circulation — Your Blood Flow Will be stimulated when using a foot spa. The spa rollers are made to provide a stimulating massage that will promote the regional blood circulation. This will result in an overall stimulation of your blood flow, and it will cause you to feel better by increasing your energy levels. Even in the event that you don’t like using the massage pads, it is still possible to stimulate your blood circulation by rolling your toes across the built in massage heads in the base of the unit’s basin. The outcomes might require more to look, but they’ll seem nevertheless.

Relieves Arthritic Pain — Foot spas are great at relieving Tension in muscles and joints, so they are very great for individuals that suffer from arthritic pain. If your joints irritate you constantly, you can alleviate the pain by using the foot spa in the morning and evening of every day. You might want to add some seaweeds to your water if you are suffering from arthritic pain, since they’ll lessen the pain by a greater level than water and massage will.

Reduces Headaches — As you probably know by now, the bottoms Of your toes are covered in different nerve factors. A very simple foot massage session will stimulate these nerves, and it may lead fewer migraines and headaches. If you apply the foot spa often, you’ll have fewer headaches, as well as the ones you have will be less intense.

Is Beneficial In Fixing Indigestion And Acidity — Using a Home foot spa can be useful in treating indigestion and acidity. Since you massage the nerves in the soles of your feet, they will ascertain the decrease of the acidity in your stomach, which makes you feel better.

Is Beneficial In Treating Insomnia — Foot spas can help you Treat insomnia in two manners. The relaxing effect of this foot massage might help, however, you might also gain from the calming sound the bubbles produce whenever they break the water’s surface.

Can Help In Detoxification — With the foot spa with. Regularity can help your body to eliminate toxins. Foot detoxification is quite useful eliminating toxins from your kidneys and liver, also it helps your body keep a balanced pH, also it protects your immune system. This detoxification procedure will also help you eliminate acne and wrinkles.

How To Use A Foot Spa Machine

Foot spas are not difficult to use. The Majority of them have easy To understand control panels, and they come with good instructions manuals. The very first thing you need to be certain of when you’re using a foot spa equipment is that you’re using it securely.

Safety — It is important to Discover a foot spa that comes with Overheating security. These machines utilize water and electricity, and you also do not want them to overheat. Some of the top versions on the market include dual overheating safeties, which makes them very safe to use.

You can follow the Upcoming steps to Be Sure You use the foot Spa safely:

Make Sure That the foot spa is placed on a flat surface

Make sure the spa Isn’t plugged in until you fill it out with water.

Don’t fill out the water basin above the indicated limits.

Do not plug or unplug the spa if your feet are in the water.

Always Ensure That Your hands are dry Once You’re plugging or Unplugging the foot health spa.

If you are using the massage attachments, be sure they’re Firmly secured in position. Make sure the attachments in the storage area don’t have any possibility of slipping into the water.

General Use Indications –

Get Your Foot Spa — Find all the things you might need And set them in reach. This list can be very long, but you ought to at least possess a foot cream, a document, a scrub or a pumice stone, a brush, and a hand towel near at hand.

Wash Your Feet — You should always wash your feet thoroughly Before using the foot spa.

Soak — Turn in your foot spa, relax, and allow your feet soak For 10 -15 minutes. In case your foot spa doesn’t have a heating option and can just keep the water temperature steady, maintain warm water in reach so that you may raise the temperature in time to time.

Massage Time Now that your feet are bloated and relaxed, Use the rollers to massage the soles of your feet and stimulate your circulation

Scrubbing Time — Utilize the pumice stone, wash, or document to Wash your feet properly, then brush them.

Wash Again — Wash your toes till the water is apparent. This May take some time.

Scrub And Lotion Up — Use the towel to wash your feet And use body lotion on them. It is possible to massage them again after applying the lotion.

What To Place In Foot Spa Water — Some of the Benefits of Possessing a foot spa in your home is you are able to care for your toes with anything you want. Some of the most popular options are bath oils and salts, but you’re not limited at that. Some individuals may want to use seaweed, and many others may want to utilize different treatments.

Let’s look at how these improvements may help you.

Bath Salt — If people consider bath salts, they believe About Epsom salt, and also for a good reason.

Epsom salt has been used for a Lengthy time, and it may Be efficient at easing all kind of aches and pains. Applying it in your bath water can certainly do you good. Epsom salt is economical and effective. When you put the salt in the water, it breaks down into sulfate and calcium. These compounds then put in your body via the skin. This sort of salt can be used in treating arthritis pain, swelling, sprains, bruises, ingrown toenails, psoriasis, insomnia, sore muscles, sunburn, and much more.

Dead Sea salt is more expensive than Epsom salt, but it also Has a more intricate composition. Dead Sea salt contains more than 20 elements and the most abundant are magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, and sulfates. Utilizing this type of salt has the following advantages: it cleanses and disinfects the skin, it is deeply hydrating, it promotes youthful skin, it’s an outstanding exfoliator, it may heal chronic skin conditions, and it calms rheumatoid arthritis.

Essential Oils — Essential oils may be used with good Results with foot health spa versions. They can be used individually or blended, and they play significant roles in repairing your skin and keeping an optimal moisture level.

Here are the benefits of a few of the hottest fundamental oils.

Cedar Wood Oil is an excellent antifungal and antifungal. This oil Is the perfect option if you’re suffering from Athlete’s Foot.

Juniper Berry Oil alleviates muscle aches, and it’s very Effective at alleviating arthritis pains.

Cypress Oil is a natural antiseptic and a deodorant. This Oil can be very helpful if your feet are blistered, and it will also be very good for those that have smelly feet.

Rosemary Oil will soothe your aching muscles, and it also Has antifungal properties. This really is a fantastic option if you’re struggling with any illness and just intend to prevent one from seeming.

Lavender Oil is a natural pain reliever, so it’s Good for Aching muscles and joints. This oil is also quite great for comfort purposes.

Tea Tree Oil has antifungal and antifungal deodorizing proprieties. This oil can be used by athletes with good results.

Chamomile Oil contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic proprieties. All these proprieties make it a wonderful choice for individuals who have sunburns, rashes, or swelling.

Wintergreen Oil is considered the”natural aspirin”. This Oil is wonderful for relieving swelling and pain, and it also provides a cooling sensation.

Eucalyptus Oil has powerful antibacterial and antiviral proprieties. This oil will assist with relieving aches and pain, but it’s not the best option for people who have a higher blood pressure, have epilepsy, or for pregnant women.

Olive Oil is not just a Vital oil, however you can still Use it on your foot baths owing to the high mineral and vitamin content. This oil is excellent at disinfecting harms and it has healing proprieties.

Seaweed — Many people dismiss using seaweed due to their foot Spas because it can be somewhat messy. Well, the soothing and curative effects of seaweed bathrooms might force you to think twice before blowing off using them.

Seaweed reduces your water retention and it balances your Body chemistry. It accelerates the removal of waste products via surplus water, lipidstoxins. It alleviates tension and reduces your anxiety levels. It is a natural anti-aging compound.

Seaweed baths also can alleviate conditions like rheumatism And arthritis, muscular soreness, and they can even help with skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. They could re-hydrate your skin and restore its tone, elasticity, and energy.

Foot Spa Cleaning And Maintenance

Home foot spas possess a low maintenance level, and you can Have them looking and functioning as well as a new unit just by spending a few minutes cleanup them after each use. Here is how you can do it:

Make sure you don’t pour water over the power switch when You are filling or emptying the basin.

Allow the spa cool down before you start cleaning it.

Consistently clean the spa using a soft washcloth and a Mild cleaner. Wipe down the unit with a dry cloth after you wash it.

Never submerge the entire spa in water.

Do not utilize the foot spa to get a longer time than the one recommended by the manufacturer. This can cause overheating.


Everybody needs to enjoy a foot massage at least once per week. Your toes have been carrying you about since the minute you’re born. Perhaps it’s time to reunite their favor by fixing them. Not only can a foot massage create your feet feel much better, but it is going to also boost your general wellbeing.

As you could see from our short foot spa evaluations, the top Models offer various features that could help you alleviate the pain in your muscles and joints, and they can be very relaxing.

If you do not know that’s your best foot spa for you, simply Read our extensive purchasing guide to understand how they operate and how their Attributes can help you. We are certain you’ll find the right version for your needs After doing that.

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