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Best Gardening Tools for Turning Soil Over

You are not that boy who no longer ran out of energy. But your garden doesn’t care and it’s still there that requires a bit of concern. Topple the ground would be one. It helps to mix the nutrients of the soil, loosens it and provides the necessary aeration. Important stuff Here are some tools to facilitate this task and therefore your life!

1. Wide fork

This is basically your personal giant ground turning fork. It is sometimes referred to as a U-tool. With its powerful teeth you prick the ungrateful mother earth and pull back to loosen the dense soil. This provides aeration, giving the soil drainage that a healthy lawn should have and, of course, the water will go where it should (without puddles). Go easy.

Gardening Tools You Cannot Do Without
Gardening Tools You Cannot Do Without

2. Hoes

Real men use hoes. If you are a woman, skip this paragraph. Hoes to vary so there are many choices here. The purposes of use also vary and include the control of weeds that derives from the disappearance of the soil surrounding your plants, making plantations of round seeds pleasant, hilling, cutting unwanted enemy plants, and so on. No matter which one you choose, make sure it fits you and your hands well because it can give you horrible snorts! I would recommend using gloves but you wouldn’t be a real man, would you?

3. Pickaxes

This may sound like old Viking school but there are reasons why people use them. The rocky terrains are one. If so, get ready! The use of its pointed end will also help a lot in removing tree roots.

4. Rake

Rakes can do a lot of things. They are the manual version of the harrow. Perfect for leveling the ground, removing grass, light loosening of the ground. There are also leaf racks, specially designed to help you clean the leaves, which are venerable if you have a lot of trees in or around your garden.

5. Shovel

Here it is finally here. Behind every successful garden, there is a shovel. The excavated soil has never been so masculine. The blades also have several types. Straight blades are for denser soils and require a well-developed technique to not break the fragile life while you are in the middle of turning the ground. There are those that are slightly bent that offer the opportunity to dig. Excellent for planting holes and some funeral acts.

6. Swords

A shovel cousin, this guy will give you the best compost rotation experience ever, as far as possible. You will dig the beds with ease and you can even use this magnificent edging tool! Oh my!

7. Agricultural tiller

Now we are talking! This child will do it almost alone. Excellent for all of the above in essence. It is quite simple and you will get quality results. I said rather because if it is a larger rudder, some degree of strength in the upper body would be needed. You can also spread some manure on the top before growing and, therefore, fertilize the soil at the same time. When using this divine device, just be careful not to destroy the surface of the soil by doing too much up (because with a beast like this it could actually happen).

8. Spading fork

Excellent for mixing compost, dissolving the soil, and spilling the soil. I mean, if the devil uses it for his hellish gardens (I assume), then it must be quality stuff. It is similar in use to the spade, but practice shows that you would prefer the fork in most cases because its teeth make it easier to pierce the ground (greater area pressure, yey physics). It also spares the root of the weed and the stones are not an obstacle as they are for the spade. If the teeth are wider and flatter, the fork would be excellent for harvesting potato and other root crops.

9. Trowel

This is the hand version of the spade. Use it to weed, dig, break the earth, and plant in small areas.

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