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Best games for girls

Best games for girls: As you are browsing for the best games for girls. Here is the best list of top seven best games for girls. In this list, we have researched and included lots of fun, informative and addictive games.

If you are new to games session, then you will definitely love these seven games. These seven games are already a huge hit among most of the girls. So, let’s get on the list of best games for girls.

Best games for girls
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Top five Best games for girls:

  1. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood:

As girls always try to think about fantasy, this game Kim Kardashian Hollywood does that. This game will guide girl players on their journey to the stardom in Hollywood. As this game is a fantasy game girl will simply love the stardom on this game.

The player should start as a fashion consultant and then she should join some hottest and top celebrities on the red carpet. You have to get to this stage by completing tasks. Players will be given some new career opportunities in this game; you have to see what you like most and then proceed to the promotional gigs and other carpets.

As a player, you should make sure that you are doing everything correctly because if you have done any wrong, then you will lose your stardom. This game is an addictive game for lots of girls so you can try this game if you haven’t tried this yet.

  1. Stardom: The A-list:

When are thinking about a different game to get rid of your boredom and want to add a bit of fantasy. Then you should be playing this fantastic game stardom: the A-list. In this game, you should transform yourself from nobody to a celebrity.

This game is having all elements such as flirting, getting rich, schmooze, replying to other comments, etc. here in this game you will get the opportunity to be a star in movies and TV shows to gain many fans.

In this game, you have to keep up with contemporary trends to stay ahead of others by purchasing the latest fashion trends in the game. This game is available both in google play store and in the iTunes app store as well.

  1. Stardom: Hollywood:

Having a dream to become a celebrity? Then you can make it real in this fantasy game. You can get to the stardom from nowhere. This Stardom: Hollywood game lets you create your actress and go from nobody to a celebrity.

Here in this game, you have to work hard to pick up every opportunity. In this game, you will be picked by an agent, and from then you should have to move your steps to become a popular TV show and movies actresses. This game even lets you meet and date with the hottest celebrities. Hollywood app is available in both play store and app store.

  1. Campus life:

Campus life is another game every girl likes to play. This game lets you become a part of the best sorority on your campus. With this game, you can meet new friends and makeover your hair and become more fashionable. This game is all about college life and parties, and you will be a fashion icon in that college. There are many funny elements in this game; apart from fun, you can recruit star athletes in this game.

  1. Movie star planet:

When do you think to play a game, which makes you a movie star? Then you should play the film star planet game. With this game, you can create a beautiful looking girl, and you can chat with your friends.

Apart from that, you can create movies and raise your fame on your own. By earning star coins, you can buy a dress, animations, and more. To earn star coins, you have to watch other player’s movies. This is a funny game, which lets all your creativity out, all age group of girls will like this game.


These are the five best games for girls. I hope, I have given you some worthy games to try. If you think that any of you favorite game is missing in this list, then you can let me know in comments section.

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