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10 Best free apps for iPhone in 2017 by Tips Clear

10 Best free apps for iPhone in 2017

Best free apps for iPhone:  Are you having an iPhone with you and want to supercharge your iPhone. Then, just download these apps to supercharge your iPhone.

Best free apps for iPhone
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There are typically hundreds and thousands of apps readily available for your iPhone. Surprisingly most of the best apps in the store are free apps. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on purchasing these apps.

To relieve your stress, we have researched and picked best free apps for iPhone in 2017. You can make use of these apps to supercharge your iPhone.

Best free apps for iPhone:

  1. Clips:

Clips is an Apple’s new video app; this app is an all in one package for video editing. With this app, you can quickly take video clips, and you can edit them by sharing with your friends and family. This is an easy video control app, which helps you to take short videos.

Here you don’t have to mess with timelines and tracks or other complex editing elements. This is the best thing for this clips app, that is the reason why I included this clips in the best free app for iPhone list.

  1. Workflow:

Workflow is another app, which helps you a lot in saving your time. Smartphones are supposed to save your time, but due to some multitasking, certain apps take some time. That is why workflow is here; this app helps to create triggers, which automate a string of actions. Workflow app consists of easy drag and drops option and user-friendly interface to work on multitasking with dozens of features.

  1. Accompany:

Are you planning a meeting? Then you need accompany app because this app brings the calendar and contact manager together. So that you can quickly set up meeting preparation from your phone. Here you have to sign up for the service, and then you have to enter email id that’s it now, this accompany app turns your mobile into assembling a staff, and it will speed up inviting others.

  1. Signal:

Wanted a secure messaging solution for your iPhone? Then just use signal, this is a fabulous messaging solution for all the security-conscious mobile users. This is a free app, which helps you to secure messaging and voice calls with end-to-end encryption. You can directly send text messages, voice calls, media attachments and group messages to your phone contacts without messing with security PIN codes and sign in options.

  1. Any Do:

If you are quite busy with tasks and chores, then you can use any. Do app. This app helps you to schedule and track with to do list and reminders. You can easily assign tasks to others, and this app contributes to synchronize your information with other devices such as desktop, web, and tablet. Voice entry features help you add times just by speaking so this is a cool app for you if you are a busy tasker.

Best free apps for iPhone 7
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  1. Pixify:

Pixify is one my favorite photo transforming app which helps your pictures to turn into small works of painted arts. This pixfy app has advanced artwork effects, and it has a custom tab, which provides tools to get results through brushes and style influences. Pixfy helps you to edit videos as well.

  1. Popcorn:

Getting bored with watching the old stream movies then popcorn can help you to get out from that boredom. This app helps you to catch up with entertaining films, which are handpicked by the app curators. You can open a list, and you can select some cards from the list to see which the movie name. If you are not sure about the film, then you can watch the film trailer and then select whether to watch this movie or not.


These are the best free apps for iPhone. I have listed out only a few apps on this list I will list out more apps in upcoming posts. If you did not see your popular app on this list, then you can comment us below. We will check that suggestion, and we will include them on this list if they are worthy.


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