Best Skin Whitening Creams and Fairness Creams for Dry skin in India

Are you wondering which is the best fairness cream for your dry skin? Then you must consider few things before buying one? Most of the fairness and skin whitening creams have this thick powdery texture that leaves a light layer over the skin which makes skin look visibly whiter for some time. Secondly, some of the fairness creams have bleaching agents hence, they can irritate your skin, if that happens to be dry sensitive. But, before getting a good fairness cream for dry face, you should consider few things like the ingredients and the brand. The reputable brands do research and their products are dermatologically tested. As far as the ingredients matter, it varies from person to person. There are some ingredients that can be allergic to some people hence, you should be careful about that. There are several methods to whiten the skin these days like the surgical skin whitening treatments, Glutathione Pills, Injections for skin whitening etc. There are fairness creams for dark skin as well.

The fairness cream for Indian women with dry skin should have the ingredients like the:

Hydroquinone, Arbutin, Beta Carotenes etc, their main purpose is to minimize or inhibit the melanin production from melanocytes which lighten the skin over the period.

Second category is of the Glycolic Acid, Retinols which has peeling action that removes the uppermost dark skin and therefore the complexion look lighter. But using creams that has peeling action on the skin needs a lot for care especially in the sun protection department. If you are using such creams then make sure that you apply sunscreens when you face the sun. In fact, such creams do have added SPF in them.

Lastly, there are skin whitening creams made using the natural actives and botanicals which we prefer and are pretty safe for most of the skin types, yes, even for sensitive one too.

Top Rated Fairness Creams for Dry skin in India 2022

So, we have compiled this list of the fairness creams that you can use to lighten the skin and to hydrate the face effectively. Most of these options are very easily available in shops. So, Indian women who are looking for an affordable and effective skin whitening creams for their dry skin can find some help hopefully! By the way, dark skin is also beautiful, it’s just that the texture should be better and that matters in the end.  By the way, you can also take a look at the face packs for dry skin in India

1. Olay Natural White All in One Natural Glow Fairness Cream

One of the best fairness creams for dry skin and normal skin. This  is also a good cream for the oily skin. The reason is that the creams has a light non greasy and hydrating texture. It has three main elements like The Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and provitamin E that improves the skin tone as well as the skin texture.

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2. Lotus Herbals White Glow Brightening and Whitening Gel Cream

The gel cream texture for this cream is for everyone. No matter what the skin type is, this cream is going to be your favorite fairness cream for dry skin. It get absorbed in the skin quickly on massaging and leave no bad looking white or ashy residue. The is packaged in a tub which is easy to carry but it is made up for glass so, do mind that.

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3. L’Oréal Paris Pearl Perfect Sunscreen Cream

The cream can be used as a sun protection cream or as a skin whitening cream. It brightens the skin within few uses by removing the uppermost skin tanning. It improvises the appearance of dark spots and also lightens the rigid acne scars. The cream mildly gives glow and hydration. Hence, women with dry skin can use this during the summer time. For winters do use a more hydrating option.

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4. Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

Revlon Touch and Glow skin whitening cream for dry skin is made using the active botanicals and vitamins that improve the skin tones and complexion. It ah protects the skin from the sun’s rays that can cause aging and wrinkles. It hydrates subtly and gives a glow upon application. The fairness cream also aids in the skin cell renewal.

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5. Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Cream

NIvea Visage is for all skin types and has the hydration which can heal the dry patches on your face plus it gives the skin whitening benefits too. It nourishes and revives that old and tired looking skin. The mild sun protection keeps the skin free of the tanning and dullness. It is a suited fairness cream for glowing skin for dry face.

6. Kaya Fairness Nourishing Night Cream

Kaya Night cream gives the boost of the moisturization that a dry skin needs the most. It contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants to revive a dull and dry face which looks dark. It also contains Azeleic Acid that is known to peel the skin and also increase the cell renewal rate that results in skin whitening. You can also take a look at the best Kojic acid skin creams.

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7. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Cream

The day fairness cream from Lakme has the whitening vitamins like vitamin B3 and Pearl complex. It fights the skin darkening causing agents and exposes a healthy fair tone. Over the time of usage the cream also ensures a flawless complexion by combating the spots and age spots.

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8. Shahnaz Husain Shafair Plus Fairness Cream

The fairness cream is from the well known beauty specialist, Shahnaz Husain. Though the product is expensive for 700 rupees, still is full of the natural and herbal ingredients so, for all of you who are trying to get a herbal fairness cream for dry skin, shall try this one. The plant extracts and hydrating whitening oils in this cream moisturizes the skin and makes it radiant.

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9. Patanjali Swarn Kanti Fairness Cream

This Ayurvedic fairness cream from Patanjali is rich in several of the moisturizing and fairness inducing ingredients. It combats the darkening signs like the blemishes, spots, sun tanning etc. Thus, it also boosts the skin’s natural repair system and cell renewal. It gets rid of the dry skin on application and can be your favorite fairness cream or dry skin in winter season. The only thing is the price which is around 400 rupees for just 15ml of the product.

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10. Garnier Skin Light Complete Yoghurt Night Fairness Cream

The fairness cream has the Vitamin C, that effectively give a soft peeling on the skin. As a result, the dark layer of the skin is removed and a new healthier and brighter looking skin layer is revealed. It gives brightness and radiance and is one of the best skin whitening creams for dry skin in summer’s nights.

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These are the best fairness creams and whitening creams for the dry skin in India. Have you used any of these fairness creams? By the way, you must read the best face creams for dry skin also to find the suitable one. Moreover, massage creams can also be used so, do know about the best massage creams in India.

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