52 Best Eagle Tattoos and Designs with Images

Eagle tattoos symbolize wisdom, power, and spirituality.  Aside from being associated with the United States, the eagle is also used in various cultures way back then.  In ancient Greece, it is used as a symbol of masculine strength and virility.  Zeus, the Greek god who had several secret rendezvous with mortal women, has been associated with the eagle.  Sometimes we often see eagles carrying a lightning bolt, which represents Zeus.

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21. Small Tattoo Designs For Men

Small Tattoo Designs For Men

This eagle looks fierce and a bit angry.

22. Tattoo Designs And Meanings For Men

Tattoo Designs And Meanings For Men

This is an abstract version of an eagle tattoo.

23. American Eagle Tattoo Designs

American Eagle Tattoo Designs

An eagle tattoo is a popular choice not only on men but also on women.

24. Awesome Tattoo

Awesome Tattoo

An eagle tattoo can be placed on any part of the body.  Mostly it is done on the back.

25. Beautiful Eagle Tattoo

Beautiful Eagle Tattoo

A double-headed eagle represents heraldry.  The two heads symbolize North and South or it can be East or West.

26. Eagle Tattoo for Women

Best Cross Tattoos

There are different legends associated with the eagles.

27. Unique Eagle Tattoo

Best Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are most often seen in huge trees and mountain peaks.

28. Half Sleeve Eagle Tattoo

Best Tiger Tattoos

Eagles can be quickly recognized by its sharp eyesight which can sometimes frighten the human beings.

29. Awesome Tattoo

Best Tribal Tattoos

One of the important aspects of a tattoo is its colors.  Be sure that is can blend well with your complexion.

30. Leg Tattoo

Black Eagle Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo is dedicated to the soldiers who fought for freedom.

31. Cool Eagle Tattoos

Cool Eagle Tattoos

Eagles represent power and patriotism for the Americans.

32. Creative Tattoo

Creative Tattoo

This is a silhouette design of an eagle tattoo.

33. Clock and Eagle

Eagle And Dragon Tattoo Meaning

The eagle tattoo can be combined with other tattoos such as a clock and a flower.

34. Eagle Quote Tattoo

Eagle Scout Tattoos

This tattoo has a quote on one side and a tribal design on the other side.

35. Eagle Symbolism

Eagle Symbolism

A simple yet elegant tattoo of a flying eagle.

36. Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

Eagles are magnificent creatures who prey on smaller birds.

37. Eagle Head Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Designs Meaning

This tattoo is composed of other elements besides the eagle.

38. Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are well known for its enormous size as well as its ability to fly swiftly.

39. Unique Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos Shoulder

Eagle tattoo is mostly popular among men since it represents power, protection, and masculinity.

40. Dreamcatcher and Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos Tumblr

The dream catcher will remove your negative dreams and permits positive dreams to enter your mind.

41. Eagle With Arrows

Eagle With Arrows

Tattoo lovers admire the eagle because it’s a symbol of freedom.

42. Fighting Eagle Tattoos

Fighting Eagle Tattoos

The white outline gives more emphasis to the tattoo.

43. Splatter Eagle Tattoo

Free Eagle Tattoo Designs For Men

The emblem of the United States of America uses a bald eagle.

44. Great Eagle Tattoos

Eagle tattoos are quite popular nowadays since it is very symbolic and at the same time, it conveys numerous aspects.

45. Eagle Tattoo with Flowers

It is very important to choose the right design and background for your eagle tattoo.

46. Flying Eagle

The eagle is considered as the king of birds.

47. Snake And Eagle Tattoo

Snake And Eagle Tattoo

Eagles are used to represent the mighty rules as well as the bravest heroes.

48. Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are one of the most patriotic and most prominent tattoos in the whole world.

49. TraditionalTattoo

Unhappy Eagle

Eagles have deep and vast meanings.

50. What Does An Eagle Tattoo Mean

What Does An Eagle Tattoo Mean

In 1782, the United States chose the American Eagle as its national bird.

51. Amazing Tattoo

Amazing Tattoo

The eyes of this eagle are so real!

52. American Eagle

American Eagle

A beautiful and patriotic tattoo in a splatter design.

The type of eagle tattoos that you choose must suit your desires and intentions in order to ensure that you’ve made the right decision. It can be used for your sleeve arm tattoo. An eagle tattoo can also be used as a cover-up for a previous tattoo, just like what Harry Styles did.  The One Direction singer choose to cover up his “Things I Can” tattoo using the image of the majestic bird.  What eagle tattoo design do you like the most?  Share it in the comments!

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