Top 20 Best Deodorants For Men in India (2022) For Summers, Sweat and

best deodorants for men in india

Choosing the best deodorants for men can be a tricky task as many brands claim loads of things. However, the claims will not be entirely true yet they can fair decently. Considering that we have compiled this list of the best men’s deodorants in Indian market. Deodorants are available in the perfumes, stick and roll on formats. In this article, we have compiled or included the spray based deodorants or body sprays for men. It’s personal care product which is very essential especially when the weather gets hot and dry during the summers. Best Deodorant for men works at high temperatures to combat the excessive sweating and odor. While giving you odor control, it also ensures that you stay fresh for long. Therefore, before you buy deodorants, you must check certain features or product for you. So, what to look for when buying best deodorants for men.

How to Choose Good Deodorant for Men

A good deodorant will never give you white marks on your clothes. The best deodorant would also keep you fresh. Deodorants which gives burning sensation on your skin shall not be used at least when you have sensitive skin or on freshly shaved skin. Having said that, smell is another thing that we should look at. While purchasing the best deodorant for men in India, you must take care of the type of fragrance. There are some fragrances which stay longer during summer season. Your deodorant should prevent sweating and give you long lasting odor control. It’ll also kill bacteria and keeps you away from unpleasant odor especially during summer season. The fragrance also works like a perfume that makes you feel fresh all during the day while you are at work or college. This holds true when we live in a tropical and humid climate nation like India.

Here, we’ve compiled the top best deodorants for men in India for 2022. We hope it will help you in choosing the best deodorant for men to get long lasting smell and fragrance.

Top Best Long Stay Deodorants For Men in India (2022)

Let’s take a look at the top rated and most effective men’s deodorant in India.

1. NIVEA Men Fresh Active Original Deodorant

NIVEA Men Fresh Active Original Deodorant

The need your body Deodorant for men is women’s Deodorant in India. Its fresh and active fragrance last longer and give you 48 Hour odor control. With Ocean extracts, it’ll not let you to surrender to body odor. The chemical-free deodorant comes with fresh musky fragrance. Antibacterial properties, helps in long lasting body odor control. It’s the best deodorant for men under 200 rupees.

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2. Nike Up or Down Silver Deodorant For Men

Nike Up or Down Silver Deodorant For Men

Nike Up or Down Deodorant spray for men, is the best seller from this Brand. It comes from the very popular brand Nike which is known for its sports and athletic wear. It has a mild fragrance bend of fruity and floral notes. The rich fragrance appears to be like an expensive perfume, but does not last longer yet gives you good odor control. It’s not for gym purpose as when you sweat profusely during hot and humid climate, it may not work optimally. However for regular use for your college and office this is a good option.

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3. Wild Stone Red Deodorant For Men

Wild Stone Red Deodorant For Men

Wild Stone deodorants are amongst the popular brand. It boosts your confidence and does not let you down with body odor. The blend of patchouli and Amber notes creates sensuous aura to your personality. It also has aromatic Woody notes to its fragrance. It’s not very long lasting but, as per us many men love it for winters.

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4. NIVEA MEN Deodorant Silver Protect Antibacterial

NIVEA MEN Deodorant Silver Protect Antibacterial

Silver protect antibacterial Nivea deodorant for males and dermatologically proven and tested alcohol-free product. It doesn’t matter how hectic your day is, antibacterial protection deodorant fights the odor and bacterial growth. Loaded with silver ions, it curbs the body odor and reduces the odor causing bacteria after 99.9%. For gym activities this is one of the best men’s deodorants in India. It has a fresh musk and citrus blend of fragrance. It is also the men’s deodorant without alcohol in India.

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5. Nike Urban Musk Deodorant for Men

Nike Urban Musk Deodorant for Men

Nike urban musk deodorant for men come mild reviving citrusy scent. The Nike deo for man ensures that you smell fresh and stay odor free all day long. While it’s scent invigorates your senses and acts as a perfect companion for your office, college and even for jogging in the morning. Even though it doesn’t last longer, it’s the best musk deodorant. However, we would also advise you to stay away from the fake sellers online while choosing this best Nike deo for man.

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6. Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo For Men

Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo For Men

Yardley classic deodorant for men has masculine aroma that combines the warm woody base with a long lasting fruity top notes. It redefines the muscular energy with its powerful aromatic composition. The Yardley men’s deodorant is the most sensual kind of fragrance deodorant spray that men would love to explore. It has low perspiration control but definitely gives you a fragrance that stays long. Please keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different therefore, it may or may not last longer on some men.

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7. Wild Stone Copper Deodorant for Men

Wild Stone Copper Deodorant for Men

Amongst the top rated men’s deodorant, Wild Stone copper deodorant man is a perfume body spray that gives you value for money. With base note comprising of amber and cedarwood, it has heart notes of Apple and amber. The fragrance is the best smelling deodorant in India that promises to give you long hours of fragrance on your body. It gives you refreshing mood and put a stop on body odour. It’s the best body deodorant for men.

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8. Brut Original Deodorant For Men

Brut Original Deodorant For Men

This is the original deodorant that is known for its masculine and manly fragrance. The top notes consists of lemon, Basil while heart notes are made of geranium, jasmine, Ylang Ylang with base notes of oak musk, vetiver, patchouli and Vanilla. The impressive reviews speak a lot about the distinctiveness of Brut Deodorant spray for men. It’s the longest lasting deodorant for majority of men even during the summer and hot season. The Deodorant has antibacterial properties, as well that fights bad odour and is a strong deodorant for men.

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9. Beverly Hills Polo Club Deodorant For Men

Beverly Hills Polo Club Deodorant For Men

The men’s body deodorant has long lasting fragrance that gives you the freedom and confidence. It is made unique fragrance that is liked by a lot of men. The fragrance keeps you fresh and energized all day long. It is not have high gas amount but it keeps you fresh.

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10. KamaSutra Spark Deodorant for Men

KamaSutra Spark Deodorant for Men

The long lasting spicy fragrance of Kamasutra Spark Deodorant for men is the most popular deodorant of all times that has irresistible and masculine fragrance. It ignites the spark of desire and gives you spicy trail of fragrance. The fragrance is long lasting and a bit strong. If you are someone who would like to have a perfume for summers or even for gym, where you are more likely to sweat a lot, you must try a Kamasutra body deodorant in India for men. The non gas deodorant is a spray to give lasting fragrance.

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11. Fogg Fresh Oriental Black Series For Men

Fogg Fresh Oriental Black Series For Men

Fogg Oriental black series deodorant for men, are amongst the best smelling spray for men. It gives you long lasting fragrance with just masculine whiff. The smell according to some men may not be long lasting, but this actually depends from person to person. As we have used it ourselves and have figured out that this in fact last for a day. For men who sweat a lot this may not work optimally.

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12. AXE Recharge Midnight Body Spray

AXE Recharge Midnight Body Spray

Axe recharge body spray for men is the number one men’s Deodorant that gives you body odor control boost of fragrance that last up to 24 hours. It is designed for men would like to smell good and fresh. The vibrant and energetic deo spray keeps you clean from day to night. The Axe deodorant body spray is suitable for your office, work and college. That light weight and easy to use bottle is very travel friendly makes this one of the best deodorants in India for men.

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13. Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men

Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men

Fogg Marco body spray another popular men’s body spray deodorant. The spray base deodorant has uplifting smell. It is designed to get rid of body odor faster and to keep yourself feel fresh. A lot of people find it to be very strong as a smell however long lasting. It’s the best fragrance deo.

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14. HE Innovator Mens Deodorant

HE Innovator Mens Deodorant

He Deodorant are comparatively newly launched deo sprays for men. This variant has a spicy and aromatic Woody top notes which stays decently. As it fights body odor effectively it also ensures that you feel refresh for a long time. It gives you protection from odor causing bacteria. It’s a good quality product with slightly strong fragrance which does not last as long as compared with other deodorants at the same price.

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15. Engage Sport Cool Deodorant Spray For Men

Engage Sport Cool Deodorant Spray For Men

Engage deo spray brand is extremely popular because of their irresistible smell. The Deodorant is available in different varieties and each one of them has their distinctive smell. Undoubtedly, Engage deos are amongst the best smelling body sprays for men in India. They do not last too long, yet gives you sparkling and unique fragrances.

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16. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

If you want long lasting deodorant for summers, try Axe Dark Temptation body spray for men. It’s very innovative and stylish packaging is another highlight. The bottle is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It has a unique intense fragrance of dark chocolate that makes you irresistible and seductive, making it the best spray deodorant for men.

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17. Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Mineral + Sage Deodorant

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Mineral + Sage Deodorant

It’s basically is an antiperspirant Deodorant that has minerals + sage extract. It gives you 48 hours powerful protection against bad odour and sweat. It is a dermatologically tested, non irritating formula that is safe for men with sensitive skin. It has one fourth moisturizer technology that protects skin from irritation and rashes during summer season. It is better at job of controlling sweat and odor then the regular deodorants. For physical activities, like training, sports and Gym you can also use this and is the best antiperspirant for men in India.

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18. Park Avenue Voyage Signature Deodorant

Park Avenue Voyage Signature Deodorant

Park Avenue perfume is for men, is for who want strong fragrances. It has amber notes blended with Mandarin to give you scintillating and refreshing feel. It’s the best Park Avenue deo. The collection of deodorant for men is best for summers. The Park Avenue deo for man has low heart note that fades fast but the base notes stays longer which has Tonka beans and Musk. It’s the long lasting body spray for men.

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19. Guess Seductive Homme Blue Deo

Guess Seductive Homme Blue Deo

Guess Deodorant for men may be a bit expensive than the other variants, its quality is the best. It is reasonably priced, considering it is specially designed for daily use for men. It comes with antiperspirants making it a good deodorant for men that keeps your for a long time.

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20. Nautica Voyage Body Spray

Nautica Voyage Body Spray

With the notes of Orange Zest, Bergamot, Blue Cyprus, and Sandalwood, it’s the best woody deodorant. It’s perfect for the parties and is one o the long lasting deos. It lasts better than the other counterparts.

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Some more try worthy options:

Jovan Musk Deodorant

Davidoff Cool Water Body Spray

Ustraa Deodorants

Essence Of Wills Mikkel Deo Spary

So before buying the deodorant for men you must consider the list of top deodorant for men that we have given above. These most popular deodorants work effectively. Therefore do not settle for less but the best deodorant available at the best prices.

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