Best Cyber Monday Wireless Mouse Deals 2020: Apple, Logitech, Razer

Black Friday weekend is finally over, but don’t worry – there are tons of Cyber ​​Monday great deals right now that you can score right now. With shopping mostly happening online this season, most retailers are expanding their Cyber ​​Monday sales into a weeklong event – meaning now is a great time to find great discounts on all kinds of tech, including including the best Cyber ​​Monday wireless mouse deals. That doesn’t mean you can waste time, however; with shipping times being longer this year due to the surge in online retailing, you’ll want to order your goodies soon if you want them to arrive before Christmas.

The sheer amount of discounts can seem overwhelming, so we’ve already done the heavy lifting to bring you this all-in-one roundup of the best Cyber ​​Monday wireless mouse deals available right now. We’ve also provided some tips on what to look for before hitting that “buy” button. We’ve done the same for the best Cyber ​​Monday wireless keyboard deals as well, so you’re totally covered when it comes to wireless accessories.

Best Cyber ​​Monday Wireless Mouse Deals

How to choose a wireless mouse

Confused about where to start your search for a new wireless mouse? First, consider your budget and then stick to it to get the best value for you. Second, check out our best mouse guide and the best wireless mouse guide for a detailed look at specific best mice.

Next, think about how you plan to use the wireless mouse. One of the main reasons that many people buy a wireless mouse is for gaming. If this is the case, you should consider the progress of the laser or optical sensor so that it is fast enough to follow your reactions. Don’t know what we mean by laser and optics? Don’t worry, we’ve covered everything in our optical vs laser guide, so that will make sense. The main thing to know is that you shouldn’t skimp on how quickly your mouse responds or your gaming performance will suffer. For a gaming mouse, it’s also worth checking out the potential customization options and whether the mouse has many buttons that you can reprogram. Razer and Logitech both offer great gaming mouse options.

For a mouse for everyday use, it depends on how you plan to use it. An ergonomic mouse is good for regular use with the Logitech MX Master 3 a very good bet. If you just need something basic for occasional use, you can pay a lot less for a mouse. Alternatively, if you plan to travel or move around frequently with it, consider the Microsoft Surface mobile mouse which offers both portability and comfort.

Of course, let’s not forget about the battery life either. If you are buying a mouse, you need to determine if it has a rechargeable battery or if it uses regular batteries that you can replace. We always prefer rechargeable batteries, which last longer and save you the trouble of continuing to buy batteries.

Finally, when it comes to a wireless mouse that fits in your hand, be sure to check if it works for left or right handed users. Some wireless mice are ambidextrous, which fixes this problem, but you should check before you hit the buy button.

How much should you spend on a wireless mouse?

The price you pay for a wireless mouse on Cyber ​​Monday comes down to how you use it. A simple, no-frills mouse for everyday computer use can be very affordable, and you can get a good general-purpose one for $ 20 or $ 30.

The prices go up a bit when you start to get a little more niche. Gaming-focused mice, for example, typically start at around $ 50 and can go over $ 150. This is because they come with a range of features designed to enhance gameplay, such as ultra-precise sensors and additional programmable buttons. Likewise, mice designed for productivity and power users can exceed $ 100 thanks to their specially designed features.

Finally, there is the possibility of opting for an ergonomic mouse. These are designed to be held more comfortably than regular mice to reduce strain on your hand. They don’t need to cost a ton, but be sure to read the reviews first – you don’t want to buy a cheap ergonomic mouse that doesn’t actually help relieve tension.

Are Wireless Mouse Deals Too Good To Be True?

With so many offers, it’s inevitable that some will be better than others. Some retailers are using Cyber ​​Monday as an excuse to get rid of old and obsolete inventory that they would otherwise have a hard time selling. This means you should always do your research ahead of time – read reviews and check specs to make sure any product you see on sale actually meets your needs. You don’t want to be drawn into a huge discount, only to find out that the device is hopelessly outdated and doesn’t do what you need.

Another thing to know is the range of high pressure tactics used by some online stores. You may see a countdown warning you that there is no time left to complete your purchase. Other places issue warnings that other buyers have already added your item to their cart. Whatever tactic you use, it’s important not to panic – if a deal isn’t right for you, the number of other people watching it is totally irrelevant. Do your research and you’ll be in a good position to find a lot.

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