Best Cyber Monday Monitor Deals 2021 — From $159!

Cyber Monday deals have started, and we’re seeing no shortage of fantastic Cyber Monday monitor deals that you can shop today — including this outstanding 32-inch curved gaming monitor Cyber Monday deal, which drops the price from $250 down to $209. You’ll need to act fast, though: The best Cyber Monday monitor deals are in short supply.

If you need a bigger, higher-definition screen to replace your old display, you want to upgrade your entertainment and productivity with an ultrawide monitor, or you’re looking to add a second or third panel to your existing setup, we’ve got the best Cyber Monday monitor deals right here. But again — if you like something you like the look of, be quick!

27-inch Acer KW272U QHD Monitor — $159, was $300

Acer KW272U 27-inch monitor displayed on a white background.

Why buy:

  • Amazing value at almost 50% off regular price
  • Bigger than most monitors in this price bracket
  • Great picture quality, design, and connectivity
  • Quad HD resolution is a step up from standard 1080p

The Acer KW272U 27-inch monitor is a great one for expanding your desktop screen real estate. It might not look like much at first glance, but Acer knows how to pack a lot of value into a humble package. This one rocks a 1440p Quad HD panel, expanding your digital workspace while being easy on the eyes (and the wallet). The Acer KW272U is a great option for expanding your workspace and enhancing your productivity without emptying your checking account.

The ZeroFrame design also cuts down on bulk and lets you position the monitor side-by-side with another one for an extended desktop — and at this price, why not buy two? AMD FreeSync vertical sync technology is another nice touch that cuts down on stuttering and screen-tearing during fast-paced gaming and movie scenes.

With both HDMI and DisplayPort connections, this monitor would be best utilized in a home office but could also serve for a basic gaming setup (although the 75Hz refresh rate isn’t ideal for gaming at higher frame rates). Either way, you’ll love how sleek, compact, and incredibly affordable the Acer KW272U is.

27-inch Dell S271D QHD Monitor — $220, was $370

Dell 27 QHD Monitor S2721D on a white background.

Why buy:

  • Outstanding visuals for movies and TV shows
  • 27-inch QHD screen with ultra-thin bezels
  • Plenty of connectivity for hard drives and more displays
  • Modern, premium display looks good on any desk

The Dell S2721D 27-inch QHD monitor sizes things up a notch, bringing a larger screen to the party and a larger discount as well. The QHD display means you’re getting up to 2560 x 1440 resolution — four times better than 720p. Anything short of 4K will look gorgeous on this monitor. It’s easy to say the Dell S2721D was made for entertaining. The S2721D has two speakers built right into the monitor for a nice stereo experience without external speakers. That way, you can keep your setup clean and uncluttered — more room for more monitors! This monitor also has dual HDMI ports, allowing you to switch between a console and a computer instantly. It’s a perfect start or addition to a great gaming setup.

Build quality is important, too. After all, you’ll be looking at the whole thing, not just the screen. The S2721D has an ultra-thin bezel design on three sides (not the bottom), which looks great and lets you put multiple monitors very close to one another. The back even has a nice, textured design, so you don’t have to hide it in the corner if you’re in an office or living room.

If you’re looking for a nice, affordable monitor that will be great for both office work and gaming, this is the one for you. The Dell S2721D is a good value even at its normal price, but marked down for Cyber Monday sales, we think it’s a steal. Express delivery is available if you want to ensure it reaches you in time for the holidays.

27-inch Samsung G5 Odyssey Curved Gaming Monitor — $250, was $380

The G5 Odyssey Gaming Monitor from Samsung with a futuristic scene on the curved screen.

Why buy:

  • Curved screen reduces eye strain
  • More lifelike images with WQHD resolution
  • High refresh rate, 1 ms response time
  • AMD FreeSync Premium support

The Samsung G5 Odyssey gaming monitor features a 1000R curved screen that matches the curvature of the human eye and immerses you in the game you’re playing while also reducing the strain on your eyes if you play for several hours at a time. With WQHD resolution, which offers 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, the worlds you enter in your games become more lifelike, with sharp details that will let you better appreciate the graphics of the latest titles.

HDR10 support makes graphics look even more realistic, with deep blacks and luminous whites that make anything from prehistoric jungles to futuristic space colonies jump out of the screen. The Samsung G5 Odyssey is in the same line as the Samsung G9 Odyssey, which we tagged in our best curved monitors as the best curved ultrawide monitor, so you know you’re getting a quality product with this smaller version.

The curved gaming monitor doesn’t only look good though, as it checks the boxes in Tips Clear’ computer monitor buying guide, especially when it comes to gamers’ needs. With a refresh rate of 144Hz and a gray-to-gray response time of 1 ms, it offers smooth movements during gameplay and gives you the advantage over other gamers as you can maximize your reflexes to respond to in-game events. The Samsung G5 Odyssey also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium technology, which eliminates screen tearing, stuttering, and input latency. Whether you’re focused on single-player games or you primarily engage in online multiplayer matches, you have the edge with this curved gaming monitor.

30-inch MSI Optix MAG301CR2 Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor — $270, was $350

MSI Optix MAG301CR2 30-inch curved gaming monitor.

Why buy:

  • Big 30-inch curved panel
  • Ultrawide aspect ratio is great for gaming and multitasking
  • Smoother gameplay with AMD FreeSync technology
  • Stylish and affordable

The MSI Optix 30-inch monitor has the look and feel of a gaming monitor with a 200Hz refresh rate and snappy response time, but its good looks and amazing 1080p ultrawide screen allow it to slide nicely into any workspace. MSI Optix monitors and displays are known the world over for their sharp image quality and great value, and this 30-inch ultrawide monitor is no different, making it a great option for any gamer, professional, or weekend binge-watcher.

Let’s not bury the lede here: This is a wide monitor. Think about watching a beautiful widescreen movie without any black bars on the top and bottom. It’s also curved for easier viewing without the edges of the screen getting washed out. At 1080p, anything short of 2K is going to look its absolute best on this monitor. An ultrawide monitor has a lot of potential for both the workplace and a gaming setup.

For work, a super-wide monitor means multitasking in several windows on the same screen. You can split your workspaces up side by side (almost as if you had two monitors instead of one). No more cumbersome tab management. In a gaming setup, your field of view on any game can be expanded to see quite a bit more than on a traditional monitor. You’ll really get sucked into the action. The thin bezels and Y-shaped stand make this a stylish addition to any desktop.

32-inch LG UltraGear QHD Gaming Monitor — $300, was $400

An image of the LG UltraGear monitor.

Why buy:

  • Versatile enough for workers, creators, and gamers
  • Smoother gameplay with AMD FreeSync technology
  • 165Hz refresh rate prevents lag and creates a stutter-free experience
  • Top-notch display with HDR10 support

Best Buy strikes again with one of the best gaming monitor deals we’ve seen in a while. Free shipping is available, and you’ll want to act on it quickly to ensure it arrives in time for the holidays. This is an ever-popular gaming monitor from LG. The UltraGear is a monitor we can recommend to anybody looking to get a little more screen real estate. It’s good-looking, provides great picture quality, and packs a tremendous value with this Cyber Monday deal from Walmart.

The UltraGear QHD runs up to 1440p, so almost anything short of 4K will look absolutely gorgeous. Of course, it needs to look cool on the outside, too. After all, you’ll be looking at the whole thing for hours at a time, not just the screen. The monitor is virtually borderless on the sides and top, with an extremely thin bezel. The LG 32-inch UltraGear QHD monitor is a very popular gaming monitor. It features a super-fast 165Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, allowing gamers to see faster action in real-time. This makes for a clear competitive advantage when up against other gamers, but it also makes an all-around more immersive and entertaining gaming experience.

Gamers will love the AMD FreeSync in this monitor. It smooths out images considerably, leaving almost no screen tearing and letting you focus on the action. It’s a necessity for high-stakes action games like battle royales, fighting games, and pixel-perfect platformers. Color and response time are maximized for a beautiful experience.

32-inch Dell Curved QHD Gaming Monitor — $330, was $530

Dell 32 Curved QHD Gaming Monitor –- S3222DGM on a white background.

Why buy:

  • Tremendous value compared with other gaming monitors
  • Curved QHD display makes for an immersive experience
  • Up to 165Hz refresh rate allows for fast-moving visuals with incredible clarity
  • Ventilation engineered for all-day gaming sessions

Rounding out the best Cyber Monday monitor deals for you to buy today is the Dell S3222DGM 32-inch QHD gaming monitor, one of the best computer monitors you can buy. The Dell S3222DGM is another great gaming monitor, featuring a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time, keeping your gameplay from lagging, stuttering, or breaking apart. The curved 32-inch QHD screen offers 77% more screen content than a Full HD monitor, and a full spectrum VA panel delivers 3000:1 high contrast and more vibrant colors.

Let’s talk about the highlight here: The curved screen. The keyword is immersion. When you look to the left and right on a large flat screen, the angle change makes it obvious that you’re looking at a screen. With a curved monitor, no matter the angle you’re looking, the monitor is looking right back at you. We’re not saying this is VR, but it’s more comfortable, and you’ll notice the difference. This is truly a gamer’s monitor. There are tons of great features that go beyond the screen. For instance, a downlight helps illuminate your desk in low-light environments. There are vents in the back to help cool down the monitor during long play sessions. The monitor has several customization options and profiles, so you can easily adjust your settings based on the game you’re playing.

Perhaps the most feature-rich but still affordable monitor you’ll come across this Cyber Monday shopping season, the Dell S3222DGM 32-inch curved monitor brings speed, power, and style to any gaming setup. Whether you’re building a new setup from scratch or are looking to expand your current setup, this 32-inch curved monitor from Dell makes a great Cyber Monday deal and a great centerpiece for your gaming setup.

32-inch Samsung G7 Odyssey Curved Gaming Monitor — $600, was $800

The Samsung Odyssey G7 LC27G75TQSNXZA monitor.

Why buy:

  • Fantastic refresh rate
  • Speedy response times
  • Large immersive display
  • The best monitor for gamers

If you’re an avid gamer keen to enjoy the very best, the 32-inch Samsung G7 Odyssey is the ideal gaming monitor if you can afford it. It has everything you could need. For one, there’s the huge size. Being 32 inches in size is fantastic for immersive gaming, especially as it’s a curved monitor. You can really lose yourself in the magic of your favorite games.

That’s further helped by its exceptional refresh rate of 240Hz. It means that action looks smoother on-screen, plus you can enjoy the benefits of a response time of just 1ms, which further helps matters. Add in the support for G-Sync, which means your graphics card can pair up nicely with your monitor, and you can’t get better than this silky smooth experience.

This is a premium device full of premium quality. It’s the kind of monitor you’re investing in for a number of years to come, ensuring you can enjoy high-end games in style for a long time.

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