Best cheap Alexa devices for 2020

Over the years I have set up dozens, if not hundreds, of smart devices in the Tips Clear smart home – and I have written over the price tags often associated with them. Between lightbulbs, speakers, video doorbells, and televisions – not to mention expensive smart shades – building a smart home can quickly reach the five-digit range. Fortunately the days of $ 180 Amazon Echo speakers and $ 200 smart cams are over. You can find Echo points constantly on sale and some of the most popular Tips Clear smart cams on the market only costs $ 20. With smart spending, you can build a largely automated home for less than $ 200 total.

Yes, in 2020 you can get everything Alexa controls at super affordable prices. Here are the best. We update this list regularly.

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The best and cheapest smart speaker that Amazon has to offer is the ever-solid Echo Dot. The latest generation of the Echo speaker offers impressive sound quality when you want to play music (Spotify Premium, Amazon Music, Sonos and more), as well as voice control and all the functions of the high-end speakers. Place Echo devices in different rooms in your home for multiroom audio. Not only does the Amazon Echo Dot cost a reasonable $ 50, but it can often go on sale for $ 25. Read our Echo Dot (3rd Generation) review.

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The $ 90 Echo Show 5 is a voice assistant that brings together all of the visual smarts from Amazon’s other smart displays on one compact screen that fits on your bedside table. You can buy it for $ 50 pretty often, and it gives you a screen to view feeds from smart cams – not to mention controlling smart devices with a tap of your finger instead of voice commands. Read our Echo Show 5 review.

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Amazon offers a number of other devices that you can use to add Amazon Alexa to your cars, homes, and other rooms. One of the best of these is the Echo Flex, a $ 25 plug that brings Alexa integration to any place with an outlet. Setup is easy using the Amazon Alexa app. Once you’ve done that, the smart speaker has all the features of the Alexa voice assistant plus a modular design that allows the use of motion detection and night light attachments. Read our Amazon Echo Flex review.

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The Wyze Cam is one of the best super affordable devices out there, with a tiny $ 20 price tag and impressive features. The second version of the camera allows you to check your live feed on Amazon Smart Displays. All you need is the app and a Wi-Fi network. Read our Wyze Cam review.

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Another surprisingly affordable smart home device from Wyze is the $ 8 lightbulb, which you can control with Amazon Alexa. It connects directly to a Wi-Fi network so there is no need for a smart home hub. These smart bulbs give you many of the smart features of a Philips Hue or Lifx bulb (although the features are a bit more economical than Philips Hue’s) and work well with Amazon’s smart home ecosystem. Read our Wyze Bulb review.

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