Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2021: Laptops, Headphones, More

Each year, Best Buy Black Friday deals just get better. Black Friday deals in general are all about the best prices of the year for products of all types, but there’s more to a great deal than price alone. As you can see today, Black Friday Best Buy deals can save you a ton of money, but other factors such as shipping costs, customer service, price protection, and even same-day delivery on select products enhance the deals even more. For 2021, a selection of Best Buy Black Friday deals is available starting more than a month early — the deals run for four days starting on October 19. There will be additional short-term sales on Best Buy Black Friday deals. Starting November 19, Best Buy will start its full Black Friday 2021 sale, with thousands of tech deals.

Best Buy Black Friday deals 2021

Ready to invest in a new smart TV? Presently, BestBuy features smart TVs from different brands like Westinghouse and Samsung starting at $80.


This Nautilus Ellipticalmachine has a 300-pound weight capacity, 29 workout programs, up to 10-degree motorized incline, and a 20-inch stride.


If you’re ready for the 3D audio upgrade that is Dolby Atmos, there’s no easier way to do it than these Sony add-on height channels. As long as your A/V receiver is Atmos capable, you’re good to go.


Pre-order a pair of the latest generation Amazon Echo. Now with a new spherical design, the Echo include a built-in Zigbee hub, a temperature sensor, and more powerful speakers than earlier models.


A combination of metal and wood, this Bohemian-style bed will be a trendy addition to your bedroom.



Si tu Wi-Fi se queda corto, dale un impulso rápido con este extensor Wi-Fi Sonos Boost. También es compatible con los dispositivos de Sonos para obtener una gama más amplia de conectividad.


Use the Nest Mini smart speaker with Google Assistant and the Nest Learning Thermostat to control your home heating and cooling. The Nest Mini responds to voice commands and requests.


Made with a fireproof and water-resistant material, your valuables will surely be secure inside this Honeywell safe.


Made with wide-angle lens, this Nextbase dash cam can capture a wide range of scenes as you drive. You can also review videos on its 2.5-inch LCD screen.


A Sprawling desk mat to keep your keyboard from slipping and your mouse on a smooth surface for improved accuracy.



If your Wi-Fi’s reach is a bit short, give it a quick boost with the Sonos Boost Wi-Fi range extender. It’s also compatible with Sonos devices for a wider range of connectivity like never before.


Cloud solutions for your smartphone or tablet can get pricey. That’s when a microSD card can solve your needs and allow you to easily transfer photos from one device to another.


This Mind Reader lap desk is perfect for the practical professional, equipped with an adjustable surface for ergonomic comfort, as well as a storage compartment inside for all your valuables.


Built with portability in mind, the Rossie Home lap tray is an excellent way to stay on the move with your laptop, designed with barriers to prevent falling and handles for easy carrying.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the ideal work phone since you can take notes and convert them into a document. Its hyperfast processor ensures that you won’t experience lagging no matter your task.


This Philips Hue Smart LED Bar Light has 16 million colors and 50,000 shades you can choose from that you can combine to customize the lighting in your rooms.


Test your in-game speed and stealth skills with this Logitech mouse. It has 25,600 dpi, which ensures that you can scroll and play at quick speeds.


Bid farewell to dark areas and pathways with this LED flashlight. It has a 190-lumen light output and a 276-meter beam distance. The flashlight’s design is also splashproof and drop-resistant.


Just like Deadpool’s character, this gun has a fun design and can fire quickly at long distances. It also comes with a chimichanga foam bullet inspired by the anti-hero’s favorite snack.


Experience 4K goodness on the cheap with the TCL Class 4 series. It offers 4K UHD resolution with HDR which guarantees stunning visuals, along with Dolby Digital+ for full, rich audio.


With its 42-hour battery life, you can maximize the Moto E with a single charge. The phone has a neat 13MP dual camera so that you can take stunning close-up photos.


This 700-watt Insignia compact microwave can quickly heat up any cold or frozen food items. It has 11 power levels that corresponds to different cooking methods.


Stylish and durable, the Segway Ninebot S electric scooter can speed up to 10mph, making it a relatively chill ride. It also has air-filled tires for an extra smooth trip.


Best Buy’s Geek Squad thoroughly tests these Philips Hue Bluetooth smart LED bulbs so you can control light levels in your home. A separate Hue Bridge is required to access all features.


If you aren’t in the market for a pricey external hard drive, this 1TB Easystore from Western Digital is a great budget-friendly choice for that small boost in storage without breaking the bank.


The Video Doorbell 3 Plus is equipped with 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and a pre-roll feature that captures four extra seconds of video to show you what triggered the motion sensor.


This unique blend of XCOM-style strategy and Mario and Rabbids charm is perfect for the whole family.


Upgrade your computer with the Samsung 860 Evo series SSD, offering a roomy 1TB memory for your files and games and a maximum of 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds for faster data transfers.


An incredibly affordable way to get great hi-fi sound for your living room, these Sony speakers can fit almost anywhere, yet they fill any room with sound.


With their unique bean-shaped design, the new Galaxy Buds Live (Samsung’s clear attempt to compete with the AirPods Pro) might just be the most comfortable true wireless earbuds we’ve ever tested.


Are Best Buy Black Friday deals available now?

Yes. Taking a page from Amazon’s playbook, Best Buy is rewriting the Black Friday sales event calendar. Black Friday Best Buy deals for 2021 will start on November 19 this year, according to a corporate announcement released on October 19. That same Best Buy communication kicked off one of several other Best Buy Black Friday deals events, including a four-day early Black Friday sale.

From Tuesday, October 19, through Friday, October 22, the big box store and online consumer tech retailer is offering what it describes as hundreds of Best Buy Black Friday deals on a wide range of 2021’s most sought-after tech.

The early Black Friday Best Buy deals include headphones, laptops, 4K smart TVs, Chromebooks, Windows laptops, Samsung appliances, and more. These special early Best Buy Black Friday deals are all covered by the Best Buy Black Friday Price Guarantee.

Here’s how Best Buy’s price protection plan works for My Best Buy members, for Best Buy TotalTech members, and for customers who aren’t already members of either of Best Buy’s loyalty programs.

In the case of My Best Buy and Best Buy TotalTech members, if the price of a product you purchased that was covered by the new Black Friday Price Guarantee drops before Black Friday, Best Buy will automatically refund the difference. You won’t have to monitor prices or request a refund — it will happen with no effort on your part.

If you aren’t a My Best Buy or Best Buy TotalTech member, you can still be reimbursed the price drop difference if you purchase a product covered by the Black Friday Price Guarantee. However, customers who are not members of the two Best Buy loyalty programs are responsible for tracking and discovering a price drop and then contacting Best Buy customer care or going to a local store to ask for a price match under the Best Buy Price Match Guarantee.

The bottom line is that everyone can benefit from the Black Friday Price Guarantee, but people who aren’t members of My Best Buy or Best Buy TotalTech will have to work for it a bit.

Membership matters. In addition to select batches of Black Friday Best Buy deals that will be on sale in short-term sales before November 19, and the full list of Black Friday sales starting on that date, Best Buy loyalty members will have additional, exclusive access to special deals, Best Buy says.

Both My Best Buy and Best Buy TotalTech members will have exclusive access to special Member Monday deals most Mondays throughout the Black Friday season. In addition, Best Buy will give Best Buy TotalTech members additional chances to purchase some of the most popular and hard-to-find products, such as gaming consoles and accessories.

The My Best Buy membership program is free to join. There are three My Best Buy membership levels based on the member’s total purchases per calendar year. The qualifications and benefits that come with the different My Best Buy membership levels are beyond our scope in this post, but they include rewards points, free shipping benefits, extended returns and exchanges, access to special sales and offers, and more.

The Best Buy TotalTech membership costs $200 annually and is tailored for frequent Best Buy customers who buy a lot of tech products and appliances. A Best Buy TotalTech membership gets you 24/7/365 Geek Squad tech support, up to 24 months of product protection, free delivery and standard installation, free two-day shipping, and extended 60-day return and exchange windows, as well as exclusive TotalTech member pricing and savings on repairs and advanced services.

Best Buy has a full array of product pickup and delivery options designed to meet customers’ varied needs and preferences. You can get your Best Buy purchases in all stores via contact-free curbside pickup or in-store pickup. Best Buy also has alternate pickup choices at UPS, CVS, FedEx, Walgreens, and many more locations. According to Best Buy, there are currently more than 36,000 alternate pickup locations.

If you prefer to have your Best Buy Black Friday deals delivered to your home, Best Buy also has a list of choices. Most stores offer same-day delivery for thousands of products. With same-day delivery, orders received by your locale store by 3 p.m. will be delivered by 9 p.m. Alternately, you can choose next-day delivery when your order totals $35 or more. Select products include delivery to your home by Best Buy employees. The last delivery option is to place your order online but select ship-from-store. With ship-from-store delivery, the store closest to your location fulfills and ships the products in your order to reduce your wait time.

This year, Best Buy introduced Mobile Self-Checkout for customers who prefer to shop in person but don’t want the hassle or delay of checkout lines. Mobile Self-Checkout isn’t available at all Best Buy stores, but where it is, you can use the Best Buy mobile app to scan and purchase products in the store. When you leave the store, you simply show a digital confirmation screen.

Should you shop the Best Buy Black Friday deals now?

With the recent announcement of Best Buy Black Friday deals starting in smaller batches in October followed by the full rollout on November 19, yes, you absolutely should shop for Black Friday Best Buy deals now. This year is a particularly bad year to delay your purchases in the hopes of later price breaks after you see great deals on products on your must-have list. The reason Black Friday 2021 stands out is the same as 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Buy is making it smarter than ever to buy when you see a good deal with its Black Friday price guarantee program. Whether or not you’re not a My Best Buy member or a Best Buy TotalTech member, you can be refunded or reimbursed the difference between what you paid and the lower cost if prices drop before Black Friday on items in the Black Friday price guarantee program.

Price guarantees and price matching are all to the good, and we’re fans of the lineup of promotions, customer benefits, and protections for Best Buy Black Friday deals, but they won’t help if you still hold off and discover when you finally decide to pull the trigger (um, click the Buy button), that the product is either sold out completely or subject to delivery delays lasting weeks or even months.

In 2020, retailers and manufacturers mistakenly assumed that the pandemic-related shutdowns and lock-outs would mean consumer purchases would slow to a trickle out of concern for dwindling finances. But the opposite happened. Customers stuck at home decided home wasn’t so bad a place, but if they were going to work, learn, play, entertain, and exercise at home, they’d better buy the products they need to improve their environment.

Soon, product shortages of home entertainment, work from home, work out at home, cook at home, and even home fix-up products and supplies began disappearing from retail inventories. Manufacturers were shut down, and shipping channels were narrowed or blocked entirely, which meant that by year’s end, retail inventories were the lightest they had been for years.

A hoped-for 2021 global manufacturing and shipping resurgence fizzled out with the Delta variant. There were sporadic lights in the dim retail product-sourcing world, but as we enter the last months of 2021, the news still headlines disrupted supply chains and shipping delays.

So, if you see Best Buy Black Friday deals for items you want at prices that make you smile, don’t wait to buy later. Those items may be the last ones available.

What should you buy in the Best Buy Black Friday sale?

Traditionally, Best Buy Black Friday deals reflect what the big box chain is best-known for year-round. Best Buy is the go-to place to price laptops, headphones, and personal computers of all types. Best Buy always has a deep selection of TVs and audio equipment and also features major household appliances.

In the corporate announcement about this year’s Best Buy Black Friday deals, the company listed a number of early deals that are indicative of the products you should look for during the Black Friday season. Described as “a few of the hottest deals,” Best Buy mentioned a $150 savings on a 70-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV on sale for $599, Beats Studio 3 headphone in matte black for $169 — a $180 savings — Chromebooks for $99, and Windows laptops for just $190, plus up to $540 in savings on Samsung appliances.

The Best Buy Black Friday price guarantee program protects you from lower prices before Black Friday at Best Buy, but not for other retailers. If you’re careful at tracking dates, however, you could also cross-shop prices on other retail sites for your early Best Buy Black Friday deals purchases and return them before the return and refund period is up if you see better prices elsewhere.

Best Buy Black Friday deals FAQ

This FAQ is for readers who would rather not read all the background and details about this year’s Best Buy Black Friday deals but want to get right to the crucial questions about what and when Black Friday Best Buy deals will be available. If you skipped to this section and want to know a bit more, please refer to the sections above.

When is the Best Buy Black Friday sale?

On October 19, Best Buy announced that Best Buy Black Friday deals would all be available starting November 19. The company also launched the first of what it promised to be several short-duration Black Friday Best Buy deals sales, a four-day sale from October 19 through October 22 featuring hundreds of what Best Buy called its most popular tech products. Best Buy also announced special sales for My Best Buy and Best Buy TotalTech members.

Does Best Buy do Black Friday?

Best Buy does indeed take part in Black Friday sales. This year, following Amazon’s early Black Friday deals launch by about two weeks, Best Buy announced its own early Black Friday Best Buy deals starting October 19, gradually building to the full launch of Best Buy Black Friday deals starting on November 19, a full week before the traditional Black Friday sale, which falls this year on November 26, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

To protect customers and to encourage them to purchase Best Buy Black Friday deals early this year, likely in part because of pandemic-related inventory issues, the big box store and online electronics and tech products retailer also announced the Best Buy Black Friday price guarantee program. This program acts as a price-protection system so customers who purchase Best Buy Black Friday deals before the official sale date can be reimbursed if products designated for the program have price cuts before Black Friday.

Are Best Buy Black Friday deals only for My Best Buy customers?

Best Buy Black Friday deals are available for all customers, whether or not they are members of the company’s free-to-join My Best Buy loyalty program or the paid Best Buy TotalTech program. There are special sale days with exclusive pricing or early availability for both of the membership programs, but those deals are exceptions. People who don’t belong to the membership programs can also get reimbursed if early Black Friday price guarantee program product purchases have price cuts later, although non-member customers will have to ask for the refund, while membership program customers will be reimbursed automatically. It’s pretty clear Best Buy wants you to join one or both of the membership programs, but it’s also clear they want everyone’s business and don’t exclude non-members from the vast majority of Best Buy Black Friday deals.

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