Best Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands (2020)

Best Bridal Mehndi Designs: Mehndi is a popular form of body art that is enjoyed by women all over the world. It is typically applied to the hands and feet and consists of a paste made from henna leaves. Mehndi can be applied in a variety of different designs and is often used to celebrate special occasions such as weddings.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

If you’re looking for some beautiful bridal mehndi designs for your full hands, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best designs out there. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The first design we’ll take a look at is called “the peacock”. This design is very intricate, and features two peacocks with their tails spread out. The design also features smaller peacocks, flowers, and leaves. This is one of the more complicated designs out there, but definitely worth it if you can pull off this look.

The Mehndi Crown Full hand mehndi design

The next design we’ll take a look at is called “the mehndi crown”. This simple design features an arrangement of flowers in the shape of a crown. It is typically worn on the back of the hand and makes for a great bridal mehndi design if you’re looking for one that can be easily matched with other accessories.

The Phoenix full hand mehndi design

The next design we’ll look at is called “the phoenix”. This beautiful design features two birds that are in the shape of a phoenix. It also features a variety of different flowers and leaves in a very symmetrical arrangement. If you’re looking for a bridal mehndi design that’s truly unique, this is definitely the one for you.

The Peacock Mehndi Design Full hand

One of the most popular bridal mehndi designs out there is called “the peacock”. This design features a very intricate pattern and consists of peacocks as well as other birds. It also features flowers and leaves in an asymmetrical arrangement that makes for a truly unique look.

The Lotus Flower Mehndi Design Full hand

The next design we’ll take a look at is called “the lotus flower”. This design features a large lotus flower, as well as smaller flowers and leaves. It also includes an intricately designed border that makes for a great bridal mehndi design.

The Lotus Flower Mehndi Design Full hand

Another beautiful design that’s great for bridal mehndi is called “the peacock feather”. This design features a peacock that’s surrounded by lots of flowers and leaves. It also has an intricate border that adds to the beauty of this bridal mehndi design.

Full hand Mehndi Designs

If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to Mehndi designs for your full hands, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected some of the best designs out there, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.

One of our favorite designs is the floral pattern. This design is perfect for brides who want a classic and elegant look. The flowers are delicate and beautiful, and they’ll look great against your skin.

Paisley Pattern Full hand mehndi design

Another popular design is the paisley pattern full hand mehndi design. This design is perfect for brides who want something a bit more modern and trendy. The paisley pattern is bold and colorful, and it will make a statement on your wedding day.

Peacock Feather Design Full Hand Mehndi design

Finally, we love the peacock feather design full hand mehndi design. This is a unique and artistic pattern, and it’s perfect for brides who want something a bit more exotic. The peacock feathers are detailed and colorful, which will make your hands look lovely!

1. Graceful Full Arm Mehandi Design

If you feel that getting the latest full hand Mehndi which will go up to your arms is a pretty messy idea. Well, besides, if you also feel that the whole process is rather monotonous and tedious, think again! Look at this pretty full hand mehndi designs, doesn’t it look like it is worth the wait?

This full hand mehndi design is magical because it is not only neatly drawn, it also has beautiful motifs that look elegant. See how the lotus flower motifs are so brilliantly drawn on the fingers? This mehndi design also contains more than one mesh design, how cool is that? It is almost done in layers and each layer can be pointed distinctly.

2. Bold Full Hand Mehndi Designs


This design is so strong and bold that it almost gives a 3-D effect. This striking design has it all. It hs beautiful floral patterns that will strike any woman as beautiful, it has elegant swirls and twirls that are wrapped around those flowers and it has an elaborate dome work too that gives the royal feelings.

If you may notice, both the hands have different design patterns that look amazing. That’s the key to having unusual designs if you can’t settle for just one. I agree that most of us want to have everything coordinated but maybe sometimes different is good! This design stands the testimony.

3. Traditional Full Arm Mehandi

There are so many patterns in this one that we can not even comprehend where to begin from! I guess that is the beauty of Indian Mehandi designs. The traditional Mehandi designs have known to be crowded but doesn’t it look splendid? There are a lot of mesh patterns, dot works, paisleys and floral work going in here. Absolutely stunning.

4. Bride and Groom Mehandi Design

This is what I meant when I said that we can try and get a personalized Mehandi design for the special day. The hands have the motifs of the bride and groom. One hand is reserved for the bride and another one for the groom. They also have very conventional motifs like airplanes and huge skyscrapers. I am assuming that both of them share a passion for traveling. You can also add something that you guys like to do there and make your Mehandi design a bit more significant.

5. Game of Thrones Inspired

So this couple is a Game of Thrones fan and probably they have a McDonald’s takeaway while watching the series? That’s all that I could infer from the bride’s design. Anyway, it is such a modern twist on the traditional design, isn’t it? The other motifs include a beautiful strip of roses on arm, beautiful mesh design on fingers and leafy patterns swirling their way in the design. I also love the fact that the two hands combine to form a mandala. That’s pretty cute.

6. Bride and Groom Peacock Bridal Mehandi Design

This one again is dedicated to the bride and the groom but it does not have those contemporary elements to it and the wearer has decided to keep it traditional all the way. I loved the top of the design because of the two pots that have been adorned. The pots are called ‘Kalash’ and are considered very auspicious for the couple. Other designs include the beautiful rose patterns and peacock designs. They look extremely gorgeous.

7. Rhombus Centered Design

The central design, I can say, is quite simple as compared to all the rest of the designs in this picture. This is a different look from the other ones as all the traditional patterns are enclosed inside the diamond shape. The fingers, however, have identical looks which are amazing if we want some symmetry in this design. The armbands are very intriguing because each section has some amazing feat of artistic work.

8. Intricate Full Arm Mehandi Design

The first thing you will notice is the fingertips of this design which is quite unusual. The beautiful leafy pattern will steal everyone’s hearts. The whole design in general boasts of floral details and a great finish. It is indeed very neat. The v-shape designs set it apart from others’. The delicate designs are perfect for any bride.

9. Playful Mehandi Design

This Mehandi design definitely tells the story of how they met. It was apparently in a tennis court. The meet has been incorporated amidst the traditional patterns of the Mehandi designs and it looks amazing.

10. Peacock Design for Full Arm

The Mehandi patterns are pretty traditional in this one. You can see a lot of meshwork, paisleys and floral patterns. However, the peacock pattern at the top stands out the most, doesn’t it?

11. Travel Buddies Design

Of course, this is a traveler’s dream. Probably the girl is from Kolkata and the guy from Dubai? Or they might plan to move to Dubai? Or it can even be that Dubai is their honeymoon destination! This is something personal and we would also encourage you to get your Mehandi design personalized for yourself.

The rest of the design is great too. It is done using mesh pattern and the slanting motifs really stand out. It is n amalgamation of bold and intricate strokes that looks lovely by providing a unique contrast. The whole design tells a story that is quite heartfelt and that’s the most amazing part of the design.

12. 3-D Mehandi Design for Full Arms

You will be so impressed by how this Mehandi has turned out to be! This is a classic Mehandi design that incorporates a bit of contemporary Mehandi ideas. The hearts are accentuated by giving it a 3D effect. It is just perfect for the wedding day as it screams out love! You can sense a sort of symmetry that looks absolutely feminine and elegant.

13. Lotus Inspired Design

This design seems to be inspired by the floral theme. There are lotus and roses and other random floral design that gives a feminine get up to this full arm Mehandi pattern. Although the designs on both the hands are totally different, the use of the same motifs has related them to certain levels.

14. Bride and Groom with Initials

Like the ones above, this design also tells a story of how the couple met and their journey until they tied the knot. So it has all the elements that they enjoyed the most, for instance, the coffee! I also like how the message has been inscribed on one arm saying, “Tailor-made for each other.”. That’s pretty sweet.

While the centerpiece of one hand is the portrait of the bride and the groom, the other hand has both their initials. Seems like the bride has totally dedicated her henna design to her wedding!

15. Radha Krishna Mehandi Design

Radha and Krishna are the ideal matches for each other. They have been considered the epitome of love and the perfect relationship. The portrait is quite easy to do and the design is not too complicated either. There are not many motifs except for the wrist bands.

16. Symmetrical Mehandi Design

The design on both the hands is totally the same and so we can’t stop gushing over the perfect symmetry of this design. The patterns are very intricate and look really delicate. It sure does require a lot of patience and precision. This design has all the motifs, like, paisleys, dot work, meshwork, and if you look closely, you will see a woman’s face amidst all the traditional patterns. Now that’s something unusual, ain’t it?

17. Get Your Pet in the Design

If your pet is a super important part of your family why not introduce him to your wedding Mehandi? I think it is quite a different and creative way to express your love for him. It would also give your design a much needed personal touch.

18. Dome Shaped Mehandi Design

We know that Mehandi designs on the front part of your hand are important, but you can not neglect the back of your hand for it. The back of the hand is equally important and this design is quite an evidence for it. It is made out of beautiful stokes that are neither too bold nor too intricate.

19. Neatly Drawn Mehandi Patterns

The design has a very neat look. It looks as if the design has been printed on the hand instead of being handmade because the designs on both the hands are totally similar. They are like a mirror image! The symmetry and precision are commendable.

20. Mehandi With Checkered Patterns

This Mehandi sure has a lot of mesh designs. You can see them on the central hand area as well as on the arms too. It also has floral patterns and leafy trails that set the theme of the design. Besides this, the design also consists of many dome-like shapes which gives it a royal and traditional effect. The two half-squares come together to form a single shape which is also a distinctive element of the design.

21. Surreal Mehandi Design for Full Hands

Bridal mehndi designs back hand

This design definitely looks surreal. A lot of brides want to have floral and leafy patterns and a bit of twirl here and there but this design is a bit unusual. This design consists of many elements but they are just too basic. However, it is their simplicity that makes them so unique too because of their arrangement.

22. Wedding Elephant Designs

This design is great because it is only complete when the bride brings her hands together. One hand is dedicated to the groom and the other one is for the bride herself. I like how the image of the heart is complete and the couple is tied together.

The tips of the fingers have been beautifully adorned in leaf patterns too. However, the most complex out of all is the elephant design that is standing there at the top. It looks exquisite. Elephants are considered lucky for weddings! Interestingly, can you spot the mickey mouse motif in this Mehandi design? Good luck with doing that!

23. Elephants and Mandalas

Just like the design above, the top of the Mehandi is adorned with elephants and very similar to the design, this design also commemorates a whole design when the two half ones come together. It is a mix of bold and delicate patterns. The traditional motifs are arranged in a traditional pattern that looks extremely beautiful.

24. Classic Full Arm Bridal Mehandi Design

There is a lot of meshwork going on this design. The lotus theme brings the royal vibes to the whole design. The little elephant right in the middle definitely adds to the auspiciousness.

25. Traditional Bridal Mehandi

This design is very traditional. If ou can observe, at the top of this design, there are paisley designs as well as a little ‘Doli’ motif which is significant for the bride. The extremely floral design looks very elegant in the hands of this bride.

26. Fusion Arabic Design

This design is amongst one of the prettiest designs you can find on this list. I love the extremely dark color on the henna here. It is a fusion of Arabic and Pakistani Mehandi styles. All the patterns are done very intricately and they look unique.

27. Om Religious Mehandi Design

Right from childhood friends to lovers, this pattern says it all, doesn’t it? You can also see some religious motifs like the ‘om’ and the portrait of Radha and Krishna. It is quite romantic!

28. A Fairy Tale Wedding Mehandi

It is all set for a fairytale wedding. YOu can clearly see the prince and princess on one hand, while the other one is our traditional or ‘desi’ couple. There are other motifs that are put according to the appropriate hand. For the fairy tale one, there is the dog and the castle, while the hand with their own portrait has traditional religious motifs.

29. Perfect Symmetry Design

This design is also traditionally symbolical with all the motifs spread on the hand beautifully. This design is also completed when both the hands are brought together. The swirly and floral patterns look amazing. The trail of leaves looks pretty feminine.

30. Hypnotic Mehandi Design

There are so many domes and curves that this Mehandi design is pretty attractive. The reason why it attracts so much that it is very precise and thus, kind of hypnotic. The intricate designs are neatly done. It is not a totally traditional design and is perfect for the contemporary bride.

31. Full Arm Mehandi Design

This kind of Mehandi design is great for the bride because of the bold patterns and the motifs but it can also be worn on other special occasions and festivals. It is quite an easy pattern to make and comprises of floral designs while the whole arm is full of circular traditional patterns.

Since this design has a single pattern that goes till the end, it might get a bit monotonous after a while. However, you can always glam it up by adding stones, glitters or totally different color henna in the same pattern. I am sure it will definitely stand out.

32. Groom and Bride in Centre

This is a typical Indian Mehandi design with the portrait of the bride and groom in the very middle. The designs in these patterns are very good and intricately done. The paisley and peacock motif is great.

33. Detailed Mehandi Design

This is an extremely detailed one. I wonder how much time went into creating this design. A design like this needs great precision and professional skills. This Indian bridal Mehandi design would surely stand out amidst the crowd and capture everyone’s eye.

34. Professional Mehandi Design for Full Arms

Beautiful bridal mehndi designs

If you are looking out for a design like this you must acquire some professional hand for it. It might seem easy because of the simple patterns but it is not quite so. Once again this design has the bride and groom motif that is exclusive for any bride.

35. Simple Full Arm Design

This design is a bit easy because of ample spacing left between the patterns. The designs are not super subtle and delicate. They are rather bold. The patterns include simple meshwork and dot work which fills up the gaps pretty easily.

36. Full Arm Mehandi Design

This too is a quite simplistic design for you except for the different kinds of swirls and dome structures. It has paisleys and drops motifs but not enough floral motifs as is common in usual bridal designs.

37. Regular Full Arm Mehandi Design

This Mehandi pattern has no complicated designs but it is quite elaborate and hence it is time-consuming. Some women like to get adorned with Mehandi till the shoulders. In that case, getting a Mehandi with simpler pattern is always the best idea because sitting for a prolonged time is too tedious. Besides weddings, you can wear this for any other occasions and festivals and you will definitely thrive.

38. Rajasthani Full Arm Mehandi Design

This is a great work that is done by the professionals. This design can be said to be inspired by the Rajasthani Mehandi design because of the use of certain motifs like the paisleys and the flower motif. It can be used for any kinds of celebration and is not necessarily restricted to weddings.

It has religious symbols too which makes it pretty auspicious for the occasion. For a bit of contemporary design, you can add some chain or chandelier effect that will make your patterns resemble a lacework on a glove. Such elaborate designs look well with lehenga. Although this design is a bit region appropriate , it can be used on other occasions too. You can add some personal motifs to make it look distinct.

39. Multiple Occasions Mehandi Design

With a design like this, I am pretty sure that you will rock any kind of occasion that you went to. This design would look best with traditional wears. While wearing such an elaborate design, you would not need much jewelry or ornaments. The Mehandi design would suffice.

40. Full Arm Arabic Design

This is the full arm Mehandi but  the style in which it is made does not cover the whole arm and let it breathe! Not all women like full arm complex traditional Mehandi patterns so they choose the more contemporary Arabic mehandi deisgns that offer some space and hence a neat look! This design is beautiful and very feminine.

41. Traditional Mehandi Design for Full Arm

This is a very traditional one, I must say! It is definitely the one if you are getting married. The design is intricate and offers many traditional motifs.

42. Flowery Themed Design

Although it is done with simple black color, a great idea to enhance the looks would be to add more colors to it. Adding colors not only add vibrancy to the design but also makes it super attractive and unique. There are many more things like glitters and gemstones that can be added to the design to make it more appealing.

43. Mehandi with Matching Nail Art

This Mehandi looks super attractive because of the fine detailing work and the precision it might have taken to create something like this. However, I guess the end result is totally worth it. I like how the bride has gone for matching nail art which resembles the theme of her look.

44. Bold Mehandi Patterns

This Mehandi design is a beautiful combination of bold and intricate patterns. There is nothing in this pattern that one can not love. The floral mesh stands out the most. The rest of the bold patterns include the leafy trails and the dot work. I think all these patterns really help to enhance the look.

45. Half Paisley Mehandi Design

Both the hands come together to form a beautiful detailed heart that has some amazing pattern inside. The design over all has a floral vibe to it which is super feminine for the bride. This design is, apparently, full of many geometrical patterns that make it a bit different from the rest of the works.

46. Flowers and Domes Mehandi Pattern

Bridal mehendi designs 2020

The beautiful dome stands right in the middle of the backhand of the bride. It makes the whole design look pretty royal. I like how it has been inscribed with lotus flowers. Both the designs are almost identical except for a few changes here and there.

47. Dancing Couple Mehandi Design

Bridal mehndi designs 2019

Once again this bride has decided to personalize the Mehandi for her. Her depiction of the story is completed only when she brings both her hands together. There are two types of figurines, the first one on the hand is of the couple on a date while the other one is of a dancing couple on the arm.

48. Paisley Themed Design

This design has a lot of paisley patterns that bring out the traditional theme of this design even more.

49. Intricate Mesh Design

This one is dominated by the mesh design for sure. Other designs include paisleys and dome patterns. I also like lotus band patterns on the arm and the back of the hand.

50. Matching Feet and Hand Design

Bridal mehndi designs for full hands and legs

The theme used in hand and legs is quite matching. The central motif is the paisley motif that is outlined by a dome-shaped pattern. The design also includes the jewel patterns along with dot work. The ample amount of spacing provides neatness to the whole design.

51. Trendy Full Arm Mehandi Design

This one is not at all your regular traditional Indian Mehandi design. It includes Mehandi patterns like beautiful flowers and peacock motifs. The design is mainly floral patterns with bold and delicate strokes. The style is not typically traditional but rather fusion.

52. Fresh and Vibrant Mehandi Design

You can easily spot the huge flowers and paisley in this design. They look exquisite. I loved the finger designs the most and especially the trail of leaves moving from one finger to another.

53. Personalized Mehandi Design

This design has everything from the couple’s first date to their dreams of traveling together. The hand design has the groom on the elephant and the bride in her ‘Doli’ as an implication of moving ahead for a new journey. The rest of the design includes swirls and twirls to complete the look.

54. Radha and Krishna Mehandi Design

This design consists of a portrait of Radha and Krishna on the arms and the couple itself on the hand. It is a beautiful and very significant deisgn that has cultural and religious connotations. Besides this, the Mehandi design has many different patterns.

55. Layering Full Arm Mehandi Design

Unique bridal mehndi designs

This full arm design has a lot of patterns going on. It includes the paisley and domes along with many criss-cross lines that have sectioned one design from the other. You might also notice a peacock or two in this deisgn.

56. Mango Full Arm Design

A design like this is called a mango design with many mango-shaped motifs. It is not super traditional because of the reason that it has a lot of spaces and is not super complicated like the traditional designs.

57. Half and Half Mehandi

This kind of Mehandi design is called a half and half Mehandi design because the design is completed only when both the halves are joined together as the bride brings her hands together. Otherwise, both the hands have the same designs.

58. Pakistani Mehandi Design

This Pakistani Mehandi design is stylish and unique. Its uniqueness will definitely attract attention.

59. Diamond Shaped Mehandi Design

I like how intricate this design is because it only makes it look more delicate. The diamond patterns are gorgeous and give a royal touch. This design is perfect for the modern bride.

60. King and Queen Mehandi Design

The design depicts a king and queen, which is symbolic of the couple, right in the middle of the arms. The ample spacing does not really make it a super traditional design but it does provide precision.

61. Mehandi Design With Traditional Symbols

This design has it all, right from the elephants to peacocks and other traditional motifs. I like how hearts are springing out from the elephant’s tusk. It is quite creative.

62. Full Arm Glittery Mehandi

Adding glitters or gemstone adds a distinct look to your design by making it look attractive. You can add various glittery things to your design and especially if you are the bride.

63. Central Mandala Mehandi Design

The mandala is made in the half and half Mehandi pattern. This is quite a trend these days as it brings a little playfulness and creativity to the design. Otherwise, the designs are pretty common.

64. Stone Studded Mehandi Design

Adding colorful rocks always make your Mehandi design stand out even more. You can get some simple designs and decorate it with beautiful rocks for an enhanced look.

65. Chirping Parrots Mehandi Design

Quite a mesmerizing design because of the parrots. It looks quite unusual. The parrots are traditional Indian symbols associated with being the messenger of love and affection.

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