Best Black Friday iPad Deals 2021: What to Expect

Black Friday iPad deals are coming up fast and that means there’s a lot to take in. Is now the time to buy a new iPad? What Black Friday iPad sales did we see last year? Should you buy an iPad on Black Friday? Which iPad do I want and is it worth holding on for it? What retailer do I need to use? These are just some of the questions you probably have and could do with answering before you hit the Black Friday iPad deals. After all, an iPad isn’t the cheapest of items to buy even with the Black Friday deals going on so you don’t want to overspend or buy the wrong device for you. Fortunately, it’s a much simpler buying process than you’d think and we’re here to make it even easier.

Read on and we’re going to tell you all about everything you need to know about buying an iPad during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, right down to looking at what happened last year too so you have a rough idea of what’s likely to happen again. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. You’re definitely going to get a great deal this Black Friday when seeking out a new iPad for less.

Best Black Friday iPad deals we saw last year

When it comes to Black Friday iPad deals, 2020 was a pretty good year for saving big on the best iPads. That was thanks to plenty of retailers discounting devices as past of their extensive Black Friday iPad sales. We saw big discounts at the likes of Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy and much more. This included some of the best Black Friday iPad Air deals we have ever seen along with big price cuts in the Black Friday iPad Mini deals going on too. Retailers are always keen to discount iPads because they’re so popular, especially during sales seasons and in the run up to the holidays.

One highlight was that Amazon frequently price matched the competition meaning there were even competitive Black Friday iPad Pro deals too. That meant that consumers got to save big on one of the most high-end iPad Pro model out there at the time. That included the 11-inch model being reduced to just $730 for a limited time only with even Wi-Fi and Cellular models discounted by as much as $149 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those looking for the larger 12.9-inch model, there was also $149 off this option. A powerhouse option for anyone looking for a replacement to their laptop, the iPad Pro got even sweeter at this price. It’s the kind of device you can buy now and still enjoy for many years into the future thanks to Apple offering steady software support for a long time to come.

Elsewhere, the iPad Air was also heavily discounted and available at various retailers from $559. That might have only been roughly $40 off but as one of the best iPads out there, it was plenty enough to entice consumers into upgrading to a great new device for less. That made even more sense given how recently the iPad Air had launched in late 2020 meaning you got the latest technology for far less than at any other time. Generally the best iPad for mostly everything imaginable, it was a great all-rounder purchase for everyone who dived in.

There were discounts too for standard Black Friday iPad deals with the 10.2-inch model cut by $49 bringing it down to $280 and making it a good option for anyone on a tighter budget but keen to embrace Apple deals. Plus there were even Black Friday iPad Mini deals which reduced the popular mini device to just $335. That was a fantastic price for the still remarkable mini powerhouse which suits those looking for something a little lighter in their hands but bigger and more practical than a regular smartphone. Combined, that meant plenty of great Black Friday iPad deals for every budget and regardless of what size or spec iPad you needed most during the sales season.

What Black Friday iPad deals we expect to see this year

Black Friday 2021 should provide us with some fantastic Black Friday iPad sales as it’s kicking off not long after some fantastic iPad product launches. Since 2020, we have seen plenty of great new iPads launching including the latest 10.2-inch iPad plus a new iPad Mini that offers some exceptional new features and a hefty speed boost. So, what will that mean for Black Friday 2021? We’ve got some ideas. It’s safe to say pretty much all the most well-known retailers will have big discounts including the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and pretty much everyone else you can think of. Don’t count on Apple discounting much though — the manufacturer rarely gets involved in the sales season. Still, Black Friday iPad deals are going to be a major thing this year as everyone is keen to upgrade for less. After all, they make fantastic gifts for the holiday plus they’re a great option for anyone looking to be more productive throughout the year. iPads are so much more than they used to be thanks to offering keyboard support along with the ability to use the Apple Pencil.

We’re expecting to see big Black Friday iPad sales on the basic iPad — the iPad 10.2. It might be the cheapest iPad out there but it’s far from a slouch having been updated by Apple recently with a speed boost and other incremental benefits. We’ve already seen modest discounts for it at Amazon with $30 taken off regularly despite it literally just launching. At the very minimum, we’ll see that again during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but there’s a chance we’ll see even deeper Black Friday iPad deals going on with retailers keen to get you buying in time for the holidays.

Alongside that, there’s also the new iPad Mini 2021. The iPad Mini 6 is much faster than before, has a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display and is potentially the best iPad for most people right now thanks to its extensive versatility. It’s already been discounted by $39 at certain points so don’t be surprised if you see it go even lower during the Black Friday iPad mini deals. There may even be lightning sales tied to it if rumors are true. Bear in mind that to get the best discounts, you may need to be less picky about what color scheme you want but otherwise, you should have plenty of options available to you. Discounts should be even deeper if you plan on buying a cellular model or the 256GB storage option.

Older devices like the iPad Air and iPad Pro are also very likely to be reduced in price with retailers keen to clear existing stock. Black Friday iPad Pro deals look particularly promising regardless of what generation model you’re considering. You should get a pretty good discount thanks to these being such powerful and potent devices that are capable of doing as much as a high-end laptop can do. We can’t see the Black Friday iPad Air deals getting much cheaper than $499 but that’s still good enough for a truly exceptional tablet and there may be opportunities for other better discounts depending on what retailers have planned. The iPad Pro is often reduced by $50 or so but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some more chunky discounts just for Black Friday iPad deals season so hold onto your cash until they pop up. That should go even more so if you plan on buying a higher storage option or want to go for a cellular model instead.

Should you buy an iPad on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Generally, Black Friday iPad deals are well worth hanging on for. The last major sales season of the year, retailers are always keen to offer great discounts to snag the pre-holidays crowd. Whether you go all in on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday, tech deals are always worth checking out. It makes sense to buy on Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday as the best deals run out of stock by Cyber Monday.We’re expecting to see some fantastic Black Friday iPad Mini deals in particular thanks to it being such a new tablet and a real must-have for the holidays. It’s the kind of thing that everyone is desperate to have this Christmas, after all. However, you should also count on some great all-around Black Friday iPad sales overall if you’re looking for a bigger screen.

As always, you need to consider your budget and whether you genuinely need a new iPad. It’s tempting to go all-in during sales season because the prices look so tempting but if you don’t need the item, it’s false economy and there’s simply no need to go for it. Thanks to retailers being so competitive though, if you really do need a new iPad, this is the time to buy and maybe even get better storage options for less than you’d ordinarily pay. When it comes to exceptional Black Friday iPad Pro deals, Black Friday iPad Air deals, or more general Black Friday iPad deals, you’ll be delighted.

Black Friday iPad deals FAQ

Black Friday iPad deals are super tempting but there’s a lot to consider when you purchase something in the Black Friday iPad sales. If you’re not sure where to begin or you’re entirely new to the Black Friday sales, don’t sweat it. We’re here to explain what to expect from the process. Read on while we guide you through what iPads go on sale and how much of a discount to expect while you seek them out. You’ll know exactly what to expect by the end of this section so you can go into the sales keen to get the best bargain.

Do iPads go on sale on Black Friday?

In a word, yes! We can’t remember the last time that Black Friday iPad deals didn’t happen. Technology is always heavily discounted on Black Friday and iPads form a pivotal part of many retailer sales because they’re so beloved. If you can hold on until Black Friday, you’re sure of one of the best prices on an iPad. That goes for everything in the Black Friday iPad sales from the latest iPad Mini or the iPad Air, as well as promising Black Friday iPad Pro deals too. Even before Black Friday, we’ve seen some discounts on popular iPads such as the latest iPad Mini and iPad 10.2-inch so there’s no reason why this won’t be the case again.

While some of these discounts might not be huge, we’re expecting to see at least incremental discounts on the latest tech and bigger price cuts on the older devices. That means it’s worth keeping an eye out on Black Friday iPad deals for regular iPads as well as something like cellular models of iPads too.

How much are iPads on Black Friday?

iPads are always cheaper on Black Friday. We definitely know that because they’re so popular amongst customers and retailers alike. How much cheaper is trickier to say. Generally, there will be incremental discounts on items such as the lower storage options for the iPad Mini or the regular 10.2-inch iPad. Big discounts are generally courtesy of high storage items such as if you want to buy tablets with 256GB or 512GB storage. There are also tend to be bigger discounts for the high-end tablets and cellular models so keep an eye out on the Black Friday iPad Pro deals going on.

We’re definitely expecting to see at least $30 off in the Black Friday iPad mini deals but don’t be surprised if you see even more when it comes to cellular models or the 256GB storage option. There might even be a great discount on the standard model but if it appears, you’re going to need to hit that buy button given how in demand the tablet is right now. As always, it all depends on what you need most from your tablet as to whether it’s worth diving into these particular Black Friday iPad deals or not so make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

iPad deals you can shop today

If you can’t wait until Black Friday, there are some fantastic iPad deals you can shop today — we’ve rouned up some of the best below.

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