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Best Black Friday AirPods Deals 2021: Deals to Shop Today

Black Friday AirPods deals have started, so we thought we’d take an in-depth look at what to expect and what we saw during last year’s Black Friday AirPods deals. Whether you’re looking to buy AirPods for the first time in the Black Friday deals or you’re keen to upgrade to a new pair this year around, we’ve got you covered. Read on while we guide you through the best AirPods Black Friday deals currently happening and what might pop up. All your questions will be answered here in the run up to the big event.

Why you should shop Black Friday AirPods deals today

AirPods are always a popular choice for Black Friday shoppers. The only way to guarantee yourself the model you want at a great price is to buy early. It was hard for retailers to keep things in stock last year, and we expect more of the same in 2021. If you want AirPods before Christmas, you should shop now.

Use Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee if you’re worried about missing future deals. Buy a Black Friday AirPods deal at Best Buy today, and if a better deal shows up closer to Black Friday, Best Buy will refund you the difference.

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Best Buy Black Friday deals have already started. Amazon Black Friday deals had a brief spurt last week, and Walmart Black Friday deals are trickling in. Check them all out while supplies are plentiful.

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AirPods deals you can shop today

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday proper. Here are some fantastic AirPods deals you can shop today — we’ve rounded up some of the best below.

With noise cancellation, water resistance, and interchangeable eartips for a more comfortable fit, the AirPods Pro are the most advanced AirPods in Apple’s stable — a must-have for fitness fanatics.

Get the AirPods Pro you want but save some money with these renewed earbuds. These pre-owned earbuds have been tested and cleaned by Amazon suppliers.

With their exquisite build quality and super sound, the new AirPods Max over-ear wireless headphones are made for true audiophiles (and true Apple fans).

Released in March 2019, the Apple AirPods 2 come with improved battery life, the ability to launch Siri using your voice, and a Wireless Charging Case. A minor but worthwhile refinement nonetheless.

Launched in 2016, the AirPods aren’t old hat by any means, offering near enough all the same features as the AirPods 2 — with the main difference being they last for half the time on a single charge.

Best Black Friday AirPods Deals We Saw Last Year

AirPods are always in demand and that was certainly the case during the AirPods Black Friday deals. While you can find great AirPods deals all year around, they simply can’t compete with what goes on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s something for everyone here with three main varieties to choose from — the AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

Last year, we saw the regular AirPods with charging case down to just $99 for a limited time only at Amazon. If you preferred the option of a wireless charging case, this rose to $139 but still represented a chunky saving of $60. Elsewhere in the AirPods Black Friday deals, you were also able to save $80 on AirPods Pro bringing them down to just $169. That figure was incredibly low for the latest in AirPods Pro technology and both Amazon and Walmart offered that price.

Retailers such as Staples also got in on the act with more modest discounts, reducing the Apple AirPods Pro to $200 which still represented a pretty great deal if you missed out on stock on the biggest discounts. It also provoked other retailers into action, further lowering the price elsewhere. Of course, 2020 didn’t have the AirPods Max available to discount which is where things could change this year around. They’re big hits amongst audiophiles thanks to offering tremendous sound quality, albeit at a hefty price.

Generally, across the board, AirPods Black Friday deals were pretty extensive as many retailers stock them ordinarily anyhow. There were no shortage of options for where to buy AirPods. The only deciding factor was whether stock still remained and which price cut you wanted to enjoy most. Apple didn’t reduce the price of AirPods but it did bundle in gift cards if you wanted to go the direct route with your purchase.

Should You Buy AirPods on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Keen to buy AirPods? Do you really need them? The AirPods Black Friday deals are sure to be pretty sweet but only if you actually need them. Otherwise, you’re wasting cash for the sake of it. Think seriously about whether you really need to buy AirPods as part of the Black Friday AirPods deals. Also, consider your budget as regular AirPods are far cheaper than AirPods Max but it all depends on what you need from your audio equipment. If you want the best audio experience out there, you need to invest in AirPods Max but if you’re simply looking for some great earbuds while you run then AirPods or AirPods Pro will ably do the job.

Alongside that, you might be wondering if Black Friday or Cyber Monday is the best time to buy your new AirPods. In the past, Cyber Monday was the sweet spot for technology products, hence the name, but that’s not really the case any more. Often, discounts are the same whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday but generally, buying earlier is best for you. Why? Because stock runs out fast!

AirPods, like all of the Black Friday headphone deals we’ll see, are in high demand and you don’t want to miss out on those amazing AirPods Pro Black Friday deals, right? AirPods regularly go in and out of stock during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the best way to avoid missing out is to make sure you buy early. It’s incredibly unlikely that prices will get even lower on Cyber Monday with many retailers keen to avoid this issue, so buy early to avoid disappointment. This is the last sales season of the year after all!

Black Friday AirPods Deals FAQ

Before you check out the Black Friday AirPods deals, you probably have a lot of questions about what’s involved. That goes even more so if you’re new to Black Friday and all the AirPods Black Friday deals that are involved here. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered so all your queries will soon be answered. Whether you’re looking for the best AirPods Pro Black Friday deals or something else AirPods flavored like the AirPods Max, we’re on hand to decipher things for you. The more informed you are before diving into the sales, the better the offer you’ll get.

How Much are AirPods on Black Friday?

Generally, we can’t define a specific price for AirPods as part of the AirPods Black Friday deals. We can predict rough price ranges though. The standard AirPods will be the cheapest option out there during the Black Friday AirPods deals for sure, whether you’re looking for a wireless charging case or you’re fine with a standard wired option. We might even see AirPods down to $99 this year but at the very minimum, count on them being around $120. As always, the biggest discounts will lie with the wired charging case option with the wireless option costing a little more for the convenience of being able to place them on a charging pad to recharge.

Elsewhere, the AirPods Pro Black Friday deals should be great value. Often reduced throughout the year, count on them potentially hitting an all-time low price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re thinking maybe even $150 on a lightning deal but you’ll need to be quick if this happens. Did we mention they’re very highly sought after?

There’s a chance for the AirPods Max to be reduced too with retailers like Amazon and Best Buy keen to make them more popular for the audiophiles out there. While the discount is unlikely to be huge, it’ll be worth checking out if you already had AirPods Max on your radar thanks to their superior quality.

Do AirPods Go on Sale on Black Friday?

Pretty much always and they have done ever since AirPods were first available. AirPods Black Friday deals are widespread because AirPods are simply that popular. The gift that everyone wants in their stocking at Christmas, they’re also ideal for anyone looking to treat themselves as they’re so simple to use and they sound good too. That gets even more tempting when you factor in the Black Friday AirPods deals so retailers are keen to encourage that as they love to sell popular products. After all, everyone loves Apple products and AirPods are on sale almost as often as iPads and other highly sought after technology.

Basically, you won’t see Black Friday without AirPods being on sale. That’s going to include the full range too including AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max too so there will be something for every budget and need. All you need to do is be ready for it and know where to look for the best prices. The only thing that may not be on sale (or at least not substantially so) is the AirPods Max but even then, we’re expecting at least modest discounts.

Should You Wait Until Black Friday to Buy AirPods?

That depends how urgently you need new AirPods. It’s unlikely that earphones are a life essential for you so if your existing set have failed, you can probably hold out a little bit longer until the AirPods Black Friday deals hit. However, if you regularly run or workout, you might find yourself needing new AirPods sooner rather than later and we won’t blame you if you simply have to dive in straight away rather than wait until Black Friday. Similarly, if you’re looking to buy them as a gift before Black Friday, you’ll need to hit the buy button before the big sales event.

Ideally though, wait until Black Friday. While there are plenty of AirPods deals all year around, you can’t beat AirPods Black Friday deals. They’re easily the best out there for saving you the most money and getting you the best deal. Once you see a great offer, jump on it. By Cyber Monday, stock will be much lower and you might miss out on a good deal. Stock for AirPods is likely to fluctuate massively so don’t miss out. If you’re looking for AirPods Max, stock may be steadier given their relatively high price but that all depends on how steeply discounted they end up. If a big discount shows up, you won’t want to miss out as they’re so rarely reduced.

Who has the Best Black Friday AirPods Deals?

No one retailer has the monopoly on the best AirPods Black Friday deals. Simply put, you need to shop around to find the best offers. Generally, retailers love to price match each other so you should always find the best deal fairly easily. Don’t jump on the first offer you see though.

Look at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart first of all, as well as the likes of Staples and Target. Staples was the first place to significantly reduce the price of AirPods Pro in 2020 so this might happen again. Check in here often for the latest updates too so you don’t miss out. Remember — don’t bother with retailer loyalty. Shop around for the best deals and be ready to hit the buy button when you find it.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at any time. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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