Best Beauty Tips to Get Beautiful Hands

Best Beauty Tips to Get Beautiful HandsBest Beauty Tips to Get Beautiful Hands

Softer beautiful hands look great as they are also important the way our face and other body parts are. Sun exposure makes the hands skin go darker and fine lines are also seen. This way the hands look tanned and skin texture becomes rough and dark. So, what you should do to get beautiful hands with natural homemade beauty tips. We will share some great beauty tips or hands. But before that you should always remember to use a good sunscreen for your hands so that they do not get darker and dry any further.

Natural Remedies To Get Soft Hands at home

Here are some natural tips to get gorgeous hands in summers and throughout the year. These remedies will lighten the hands, helps to make them smoother, and takes off the tan and sun darkening. These will also improvise the beauty of the hands without spending money on the manicures at salon.

1. Milk for soft hands

Milk is one product that can do a lot for enhancing the skin complexion of hands. Apply raw milk on the hands and massage them gently. Leave this for half an hour and then wash the hands. Try this easy remedy once in a day and get softer beautiful hands daily. This will soften the hands and turn the hands’ skin into fair and glowing.

2. Sandalwood hand whitening pack

Take 2 teaspoonfuls of sandalwood powder and mix with some rose water. While putting rose water, keep the consistency thin so that it gets spread nicely. Wash this after 30 minutes.You can try this hand whitening pack 2 times in a week. This hand pack will remove the tanning on the hands and also makes the texture softer and smoother. Thus helps in getting beautiful hands by removing the dryness and spots.

3. Aloe vera hand pack for softer hands

aloe vera for beautiful hands

Mix 2 teaspoonful of aloe vera gel and mix 2 teaspoonful of lemon juice. Apply this lotion on the hands and keep this for 30 minutes. Wash with plain water and try this 2 times in a week. This aloe pack will make the hands softer and help in tan removal effectively. When we spent a lot of time in sun and hands gets dark and rough then this pack will be of great use.

4. Potato Juice for fairer hands

Potato juice has skin lightening properties which help in making the hands fairer and bright. Apply potato juice daily on the hands and wash after 20 minutes. You can also rub the potato slices to get the same results. This treatment will certainly help your hands to become fairer and free of sun tan.

5. Honey whitening hand pack for fair hands

Take 2 teaspoonful of honey and mix 2 teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice in it. Apply this lotion pack on the hands, massage gently. Honey makes the skin smoother and softer while the lemon juice in this pack will make your hands gorgeously beautiful, fair and softer.

6. Lemon and glycerin whitening pack for hands

lemon juice for beautiful hands

Take some lemon juice and mix with the equal quantity of vegetable glycerin. Mix and apply this on the hands every day to get beautiful softer hands easily without spending on the hand lotions and cream. Lemon will whiten the hands and glycerin will give your hands the much need moisture. Glycerin also makes the hands softer and smoother.

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