100 Best Tribal Armband Tattoos with Symbolic Meanings [2023]

The armband tattoos were a popular craze 10 to 15 years ago; however, it is gradually becoming a hot trend again today. These types of tattoos are appealing because it’s easy to show and can be swiftly hidden in your sleeve.

Armband Tattoos Female Meaning

Ornamental Designs Armband Tattoo

Ornamental types of armband tattoos are not only feminine but also ethnic looking.

Armband Tattoos Female

Animals Armband Tattoo

Ladies can likewise select animal armband tattoos. You can see here a girl sporting an elephant tattoo which embodies strength, power, and loyalty.

Girl Armband Tattoos

Birds Armband Tattoo

A different take on the ordinary bird tattoo, this design is remarkable since the bird is almost leaving the line and tattoo. This will be a terrific choice for bird lovers.

Simple Armband Tattoos Meaning

Trees Armband Tattoo

Consequently, numerous women opt for the tree armband tattoos.  The tree stands for several meanings among those are strength, prosperity, and life.

Stylish Armband Tattoos

Abstract Armband Tattoo

Your creativeness will undeniably show with this abstract armband design.

Best Armband Tattoos Ever

Minimalist Geometric Armband Tattoo

Those ladies wanting a geometric design but a simplistic tattoo will appreciate this Minimalist style.

Armband Tattoos For Ladies

Tribal Armband Tattoos

Polynesian Armband Tattoo

Singular Enata Armband Tattoo

The Enata usually symbolizes men, women, and occasionally gods. Others who opt for this tattoo choose to place it within another tattoo to signify individuals and their relations. When you see an Enata situated upside down it signifies a destroyed enemy.

Meaning Behind Armband Tattoos

Enata Pattern Armband Tattoo

As shown below, the pattern illustrates an Enata combined together. Otherwise, it’s also a series of humans holding hands. At any rate, a row of Enata placed in a semi-circular form normally symbolizes the sky likewise, the elders safeguarding their descendants.

Polynesian Armband Tattoos Designs

Simple Shark Teeth Armband Tattoo

The shark teeth exemplify security, resilience, guidance, as well as tenacity in Polynesian culture.

Armband Tattoos For Guys Tribal

Complex Shark Teeth Armband Tattoo

Besides the meaning given above, shark teeth likewise signify flexibility in various cultures. Here is a sample of complex shark teeth design that you can see in several tribal armband tattoos.

Polynesian Armband Tattoos Meanings

Spearhead Pattern Armband Tattoo

To show a person’s warrior nature, the spear or spear-head is incorporated in the tattoo. Regardless, this Polynesian tattoo also stands for an animal sting.

Popular Armband Tattoos

Ocean Waves Armband Tattoo

In effect, ocean waves portray life, change, and constancy of change. At the same time, it symbolizes the realm beyond where the deceased head to and stays on their last journey.

Tribal Armband Tattoos And Meanings

Simplified Ocean Armband Tattoo

As mentioned earlier, the ocean as well as where the departed rest for their final voyage. Thus, the ocean can signify death and the realm beyond.

Armband Meaning Of Tattoos

Turtle Armband Tattoo

The turtle embodies several meanings like health, procreation, and durability in life, foundation, harmony, and rest. Apart from this, it likewise embraces the principle of unity such as the merging and uniting together of families.

Tribal Armband Tattoos

Turtle Shell Pattern Armband Tattoo

Besides the turtle figure, another motif derived from it is the turtle shell pattern. As has been noted, enthusiasts of the native armband tattoos alternatively choose this pattern in replacement of the turtle figure.

Armband Tattoos For Men's With Meaning

Tiki Armband Tattoo

In the meantime, the Tiki figure likewise embodies worshiped ancestors, priests, and chiefs who were elevated as semi-gods after they passed away. It is in fact known to symbolize security as they are regarded as guardians.

Guys Armband Tattoos

Tiki Eyes Armband Tattoo

The eyes are one of the remarkable components of the Tiki figure. As a matter of fact, it is customarily blended within other symbolic tribal armband tattoos.

Armband Tribal Tattoos

Native American Armband Tattoos

Dreamcatcher Armband Tattoo

On the whole, you will see Native American tattoo with a rope tied around an arm, comprising of some beads and a handful of feathers hanging from it.

Indian Feather Armband Tattoos

Knots Armband Tattoo

Traditionally, the Celtic Knot is described as a love knot particularly when you see more than one path woven into another. It is an ancient design which exemplifies the timeliness of a subject such as love or humanity.

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Armband Tattoos Cost: How Much Are They?

Important to realize is that whether or not it’s your first time to get a tattoo, make sure to go to an established tattoo salon. Others may opt to get inked in an unknown tattoo parlor since it’s cheaper, however, weigh in the various health risks that come along with it. With this in mind, a professional artist normally charges per hour but in doing this you can be sure of the quality of the service. Professional fees are approximately $100 to $300 per hour. Price can still increase to thousands of dollars depending on the dimensions of your tattoo. Furthermore, if you opt for a custom tattoo, charges approximately start from $50 to $300.

Final Thoughts on Armband Tattoos

In the long run, armband tattoos are a reflection of your individuality. While many decide to get a tattoo only because of aesthetic reasons, yet there are numerous who place tattoos which have significant meaning in their life. All things considered, since armband tattoos are permanent on your skin make sure to choose wisely on your particular design.

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