Best Apple Black Friday Deals 2021: Deals to Shop Today

The Apple Black Friday deals are upon us! This is the perfect time to learn more about what the Black Friday Apple deals were like last year and what to expect from them this year. Whether you’re looking for a new MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, or even AirPods, or an Apple TV, there’s a lot to consider here before you dive right in. If you’re worried about whether now is the time to buy a new Apple device, don’t be. We’ve got your back and we’re going to tell you all about what to do next when it comes to Black Friday deals focusing on the best Apple Black Friday deals out there.

Why you should shop Black Friday Apple deals today

Black Friday sales have officially started at Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart. These are three of the best retailers for buying Apple products. If you want to guarantee that you get the best deals you can find, you should buy during these early sales.

One of the best reasons to buy early is the stock and shipping issues. Last year we saw lots of retailers run out of stock early into Black Friday sales. This forced shoppers to play the consumer tech version of whack-a-mole — whenever a company got more AirPods in stock, for instance, everyone had to rush to buy them as fast as they could. Buying early fixes that problem.

The other issue buying early fixes is shipping time. Last year, products ordered during Black Friday sometimes took until the new year to arrive. If you want to use Black Friday for your holiday shopping, you should buy before the rush. Best Buy Black Friday deals, Amazon Black Friday deals, and Walmart Black Friday deals are all here to help you.

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Apple deals you can shop today

These are the best Apples deals available at the beginning of Black Friday sales. Check them out below.

Released in late 2020, the new Apple M1 MacBook Air has better battery life and performance and is more secure than the older MacBook Air models with Intel processors.


With noise cancellation, water resistance, and interchangeable eartips for a more comfortable fit, the AirPods Pro are the most advanced AirPods in Apple’s stable — a must-have for fitness fanatics.


Plus $500 gift card for switching

It doesn’t re-invent the wheel, and you already know it doesn’t have to. The iPhone 13 is Apple’s latest flagship and if you’re an iOS fan, it won’t leave you disappointed.


For all iPhone 13 models

Grasbbed a new iPhone 13? Trick it out with some must-have accessories and save some cash when you bundle them together.


You can do more with this lightweight iPad Air. Upgrade the way you take down notes and edit presentations for your meetings. Catching up through FaceTime is even better with its 7MP front camera.


Effortlessly juice up your iPhone and AirPods (with a wireless charging case) with the official MagSafe charging pad from Apple. Compatible with the iPhone 8 and later models.


With their exquisite build quality and super sound, the new AirPods Max over-ear wireless headphones are made for true audiophiles (and true Apple fans).


The new iMac is here, sporting a super-sleek slimmed-down design along with Apple’s amazing new M1 CPU.


A must-have for artists and other creatives, this new 2nd-gen Apple Pencil is the perfect way to turn your iPad into a notebook, journal, or drawing pad.


Full discount at checkout

Apple’s new M1 chip is a powerhouse that gives the top chips from AMD and Intel a run for their money, and it’s now available on the pint-sized Mac Mini desktop computer.


Free AirPods

Students and teachers with a valid .edu email address can enjoy exclusive pricing on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro directly from the Apple Store.


Multiple colors

The Apple Watch Series 6 is arguably the most advanced smartwatch to date, capable of making anyone’s life loaded to the brim with the most convenient features that rival phones thrice its price.


Experience the world on your wrist with the Apple Watch Series 6, with GPS for on- and off-road excursions. Boasting incredible health monitoring features, this is a must-have.



The MacBook Air wrote the book on featherweight laptops, and this is the best price we’ve seen on the late 2020 model with an M1 CPU if you’re willing to buy refurbished. Looks and works like new.


The Mac Mini is a great workstation with a small footprint, boasting Apple’s incredibly efficient new M1 CPU along with boosted storage for all your projects.


Launched in September 2019, the iPhone 11 was already priced just right compared to the 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. Sign on with Verizon and grab it at a nice discount with an unlimited plan.


Best Apple Black Friday deals we saw last year

Last year, we saw some pretty great Apple Black Friday deals. These included mostly everything within the Apple range of products. It’s worth checking out what was available before as a rough indicator of what to expect next.

For instance, we saw the Apple Watch Series 6 enjoy a discount of up to $70 in the Black Friday Apple sales bringing it down to just $330. There were also big discounts on the lower-spec but fantastic value Apple Watch SE which took it down to just $229 for the 40mm GPS model at GPS. Those on a tighter budget could also enjoy the Apple Watch Series 3 for just $119 at both Amazon and Walmart.

The Apple Watch wasn’t the only Apple product discounted in the Black Friday Apple deals either. We also see between $100 and $200 off the MacBook Air M1 even though it had only just launched. That gave consumers a great way of enjoying the latest tech for far less than they’d expect so soon after release. There were also big discounts for the MacBook Pro with $100 off at retailers such as B&H Photo.

Looking for a new iPad? Last year, pretty much every model was reduced. That included high-end iPad models, with the 11-inch variety reduced to just $730 for a limited time only along with $149 off the 12.9-inch model. The iPad Air was also discounted and available from $559 at various retailers. At the time, we were looking at what is now an older model of the 10.2-inch iPad and iPad Mini, but these both enjoyed big price cuts bringing the original iPad down to $280 and the iPad Mini down to $335.

Even the Apple TV 4K was discounted too, plus there were consistent price cuts for AirPods and AirPods Pro meaning the Apple Black Friday deals were steady across the board regardless of what you were looking for.

Should you buy Apple products on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The Apple Black Friday deals are always strong. That’s because retailers love to push technology sales just in time for the holidays. Who can resist new tech in the winter months, right? As the last major sale before the end of the year, it’s in everyone’s interest to make the Black Friday Apple sales strong so now is a fantastic time to buy. It also makes sense to buy on Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday as the best deals run out of stock by Cyber Monday.

As always though, you don’t want to rush into anything for the sake of it. Only buy a new Apple product if you genuinely need a new Apple Watch, MacBook, iPad, or similar. There’s no point in buying one if your existing technology is great or up-to-date. It’s simply a waste of your money. Similarly, know what your budget is and stick with it. It’s easy to overspend during the holidays and you’ll regret it. Go in with your eyes open and aware of exactly what you need.

Apple Black Friday deals FAQ

Before diving into the Apple Black Friday deals, you’ve probably got a lot of questions about what to do and where to go. If you’re new to Black Friday, it can feel even more overwhelming. Fortunately, whatever your plans, we have you covered. We’ve answered everything you need to know so you’re prepared for the Black Friday Apple sales coming up. Read on while we guide you through it.

Does Apple have Black Friday deals?

Apple itself tends to have relatively modest sales going on during Black Friday. They’re worth checking out but they’re rarely quite as strong as from other retailers. It all tends to depend on what you’re looking for so make sure you do your research beforehand and see what the competition has to offer.

Generally, Apple products are highly sought after so they feature heavily in the Black Friday deals going on regardless of where you’re shopping. It’s worth checking out what’s available at all retailers so you get the best deal for you. While the Apple stable of products is relatively small (depending on what you’re homing in on), different specification options and storage choices expand the variety quite extensively.

Is Apple having a Black Friday sale in 2021?

We don’t know for certain but last year and in previous years, Apple has had a Black Friday sale so it’s worth checking out. During Black Friday in 2020, it offered customers up to a $150 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of certain products but it didn’t apply to everything and some gift cards were relatively low depending on what you were buying. Crucially, the gift card didn’t come with some of the latest products so we’d expect it to be the same again this year around so don’t count on any iPhone 13-related savings here.

On the plus side, Apple Store gift cards could be used on everything from other products to apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows. Even iCloud subscriptions could be purchased with it if you wanted to keep things practical. Still, there are generally better Black Friday deals at other retailers if you shop around.

Will the Apple Watch go on sale for Black Friday?

It seems incredibly likely that the Apple Watch will go on sale on Black Friday. In the run-up to the big sales events, we see regular discounts on products such as the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and even the aging Apple Watch Series 3. It’s likely we’ll see even deeper discounts when it comes to Black Friday Apple deals.

We’re not convinced the Apple Watch Series 7 will be discounted by much because it’s in such high demand now but it’s likely that the nearly as good Apple Watch Series 6 will be reduced. Alongside that, expect to see price cuts in the Apple Black Friday deals for the Apple Watch SE too especially when it comes to the GPS + Cellular variety proving pretty popular. We may see retailers clearing stock of the aging Apple Watch Series 3 to give you the ideal chance to dive into the smartwatch world for far less than usual.

Will iPads go on sale for Black Friday?

There’s simply no way that we can have Apple Black Friday deals without there being price cuts on many iPads. Expect to see great Black Friday Apple deals on everything from the 10.2 iPad to the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Yes, we even mean the latest iPad Mini and 10.2 iPad but expect to see greater discounts on older models too.

iPads are some of the most popular forms of technology out there right now and retailers will be keen to cash in on the demand while offering big discounts in the Black Friday Apple sales. So, expect to see an iPad for every purpose somewhere on sale, whether you’re looking for the latest iPad mini with its great camera features or you’re thinking about an iPad Pro to replace your laptop.

Will the Apple TV go on sale for Black Friday?

The Apple TV isn’t always as heavily discounted in other sales seasons as other Apple products but we think it will be this time around. Apple is keen to push how great the Apple TV+ service is and it ties in well with the Apple TV.

Expect to see some modest discounts at a minimum but don’t be surprised if you see bigger price cuts on the Apple TV HD compared to the Apple TV 4K. These won’t be in as demand quite as much as other Apple products but if you’ve been waiting for one, this is a good opportunity to save some of your hard-earned cash. They’re some of the simplest to use streaming devices and they’re rarely discounted outside of the major sales events like Black Friday.

Will MacBooks go on sale for Black Friday?

Almost certainly. Like iPads, MacBooks are regularly discounted all year round, especially at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. Whether it’s back-to-school season or simply Memorial Day or Labor Day, MacBooks are frequently discounted because they’re such popular devices.

We’re expecting to see between $100-$150 off the likes of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13-inch with potentially more to be saved too. Much of it will depend on what specification you need and whether you want the ‘basic’ spec machine or something a little more powerful. Don’t be surprised if the MacBook Pro 16-inch is also discounted a little too for power users wanting the most powerful system out there.

Will iPhones go on sale for Black Friday?

iPhones are very likely to go on sale for Black Friday and there are so many to choose from. Thanks to the iPhone 13 range launching recently, we’re definitely going to see some big discounts on the iPhone 12 range but it’s likely we’ll see some modest price cuts on all things iPhone 13 too.

It’s likely these discounts will be available at numerous different retailers with the biggest discounts coming from third-party options rather than Apple itself. Also, expect the biggest discounts to be on higher storage options so if you need plenty of storage for your apps and photos, this is the time to dig deep.

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