Bennett Jordan Flirts With Kelley Flanagan on Instagram

Kelley Flanagan got an unexpected message from Bennett Jordan through an Instagram post. Bennett is shooting his shot, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

The Bachelor‘s Kelley Flanagan got an unexpected message from The Bachelorette’s Bennett Jordan through an Instagram post. Bennett is shooting his shot, and isn’t afraid to let all of his followers know it. He posted a video in response to a clip Kelley shared earlier this week of her new haircut, and he says he’s catching feels.

Bennett appeared on the last season of The Bachelorette, starring Clare Crawley, and then Tayshia Adams. He became enamored with Tayshia, but he rubbed some other contestants the wrong way. Bennett’s status as a Harvard grad and pretentious attitude was mocked by fans online. He got into a feud with contestant Noah Erb, which ended with him being sent home on a two-on-one date. Kelley appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor in 2020. Although she was eliminated fairly early on, she and Peter reunited after the show ended, and dated for eight months. They announced their split in January, and Kelley recently confirmed that she’s dating again.

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Three days ago, Kelley posted a video on her Instagram showing off her new haircut. She twirled in slow motion while the song “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey played in the background. “Perfect haircut before I accidentally lit my hair on fire!” she joked in the caption. Yesterday, Bennett posted a clip of himself set to the same song, mussing his hair by the pool. “At 36, I realize shooters have range for a reason and can’t be afraid of taking long distance shots. You just gotta keep shooting,” he wrote in the caption with a basketball emoji, “However, I didn’t realize brief clips of “Fantasy” could give such feels until earlier this week,” with a kissing emoji. Fans immediately recognized the similarities between Bennett and Kelley’s videos, and knew he must be referring to Kelley.

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Bennett’s infamy in Bachelor Nation makes him a shoe-in for this year’s Bachelor In Paradise, and fans have been eager to speculate who he would be interested in. However, no one predicted that he might go after Kelley. Since Kelley’s breakup with Peter, she’s said that she is dating other people, and even that she’s dating someone exclusively. Bennett could be out of luck if Kelley is already set on her new guy, but if they’re both in Mexico this summer, anything could happen.

It’s unclear whether Kelley has seen Bennett’s video, or if she has any interest in him. She has said that she doesn’t want to date anyone who is an influencer, and Bennett is pretty active on social media. But Kelley is also looking for a more mature man, which was a problem in her relationship with Peter. Maybe these two will be the newest Bachelor romance; we’ll have to monitor their Instagram pages closely for signs.

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