Benefits of Triphala Powder: Health, Skin, Hair

benefits fo triphala powder for health hair skin

Triphala is an Ayurvedic blend of the dried fruits of Amalaki (Amla), Bibhitaki (Bihara) and Haritaki (Harada) where these three fruits are in equal quantities. Made with these three powerful herbs, this triphala powder or churna has several benefits for health. Amalaki used in this triphala powder is Indian gooseberry or amla. This powder is a wonderful laxative and provides nutritional benefits since amla is the richest source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Harada is the most laxative out of the three and also has anthroquinones. Bihara has tonic, digestive and astringent properties which balances the excess mucus and allergies. Let’s know some amazing benefits of triphala powder which will you consider this herbal powder.

Health Benefits of triphala powder

Triphala powder benefits for digestive system: Triphala has powerful laxatives properties which aids in constipation and indigestion of the food. It enhances the secretion of gastric juices for the better absorption of food. It also cleanses the bowel and keeps the colon clean which is turns boosts the digestive system functioning and a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Blood purification: Triphala powder purifies the blood and improves the oxygen carrying capacity.

Benefits of triphala powder for eyes: This powder also improves the eye sight and vision. People with weaker vision find it useful. It is also highly beneficial in the conjunctivitis, myopia, glaucoma and cataract.

Liver: Triphala powder benefits the liver working thus makes the liver function optimally.

Urinary tract ailments: Triphala powder also takes care of the diseases related to the urinary tract.

Benefits of Triphala powder for hair: When ingested or applied on the hair scalp boosts the blood circulation and improves the hair strength. This also helps a lot in hair fall and breakage

Immunity: Triphala powder has high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants which improves the body immunity. Read: benefits of ginger juice

Reproductive system: Triphala powder is also said to keep the reproductive system in good state for both males and females.

Benefits of triphala powder for heart: As triphala powder contains antioxidants and one such excellent powerful antioxidants and polyphenols which keeps the oxidative stress under control hence prevents arthrosclerosis and cell damage. All this also keeps heart healthy.

For Weight loss: Triphala powder also enhances the body’s metabolism which is why it also aids in the natural weight loss. [Read: benefits of amla juice for weight loss]

How to take triphala powder to get the benefits of triphala

Triphala can be ingested in the powder form or in the tablet form. The churana or the powder form is the traditional and the actual way of using Triphala to get the benefits of the three herbs in it. Mix about 2-3 grams of triphala powder in some warm water and take that daily in the morning or two times in a day. If you’re using that in the tablet form then one to two tablet in a day is enough.

Triphala powder doesn’t have side effects normally though the quantity of triphala powder taken per day should be within the limits only. Too much intake of this powder may lead to diarrhea and nausea so that should be avoided.

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