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Benefits of Having Dental Insurance

Many people don’t think of their teeth as something that can affect their overall health. The truth is that it can. It is for this reason that many dentists recommend that a person receive an oral exam at least every six months. During an oral examination, a dentist will determine which dental work, if any, must be completed to ensure proper dental health. These regular oral exams and subsequent visits that may be needed to complete dental work can be draining for finances. Having an insurance plan can help ease some of the financial burdens.

People avoid purchasing insurance because they see it as an additional expense they feel they can live without. The fact is that it is indeed an additional expense, but the people who avoid it are not looking at the big picture. When comparing the amount of money spent on insurance and the portion of the patient’s dental services with the money spent paying one hundred percent of the bill, the difference is significant. This shows that a person can save money in the long term with dental insurance.

Most dental insurance plans will pay in full for preventative maintenance treatments. This typically includes dental x-rays and two regular dental checks. With an average cost of around one hundred and fifty dollars just for the exam, this turns into instant money savings. If during regular dental examinations the dentist determines that further dental work is required, dental insurance will also cover this, but not entirely, as is the case with preventive maintenance treatments.

On average, the insurance will cover around eighty percent of most types of dental work that can be suggested by a dentist. Before insurance covers this percentage, insurance policyholders will have to meet a specific deductible. This amount will vary among insurance providers. The deductible is paid directly to the dentist’s office at the time of service. Once the deductible is satisfied, the subsequent services will be invoiced to the insurance company for the part covered by the dental insurance policy.

There are dental procedures that are considered cosmetic because they will not affect dental health or general health. An example of a cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. Some dental insurance policies will cover dental cosmetic procedures with a much lower percentage than that of typical dental work. Some cosmetic procedures can be expensive but with coverage from a dental insurance policy, cost savings are worth the cost of the plan.

Dental health is extremely important although most people don’t notice it. Having dental insurance will allow a person to stay in good oral health and save money. Insurance can be an additional expense, but when a person looks at the big picture, dental insurance offers big savings. Each insurance plan is different and must be carefully considered before purchasing a plan.

by Nelson McWilliams

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