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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Equipment Rental Businesses

Instead of investing in heavy machinery that the company may need only a few times in life, most leaders in the corporate world opt for rentals.

If you are just entering the business, suppose you are a landscape professional who doesn’t have tons of money to put in expensive machinery, you will definitely have to start somewhere. Lawn mowers, gardening tools, safety equipment and leaf blowers will surely make you a nice buck, and it’s not like you use them every day. Therefore, instead of taking out a loan, it would be a prudent financial move to rent them out for the days you need them.

Equipment rentals range from seemingly insignificant small lawnmowers to large and heavy lift trucks. Even though these machines may differ in their costs, the loss of one of them while they are at their expense is not an expense for your company.

How can you keep your rents safe?

GPS tracking is one of the most efficient ways to track your equipment. It has become increasingly popular, with rental companies having lost equipment due to fraud and real mistakes. When a renter gets equipment for your business, sign a binding agreement. While you trust their word, it is prudent to keep an eye on your property once they leave your home.

Track their movement

In the United States, the equipment rental market grew 8.1% to reach $ 38.5 billion in 2015 alone. Take a truck, for example. A rental company rented three of their vehicles, as was their way of doing, to a trusted distributor, with whom they had an agreement on the areas to be covered. The director of the transportation company installed them all with GPS trackers in one afternoon without notifying the distributor. Over the weekend, the transportation manager follows one of his company’s trucks hundreds of miles from the agreed perimeter. The company calls the transportation company’s chief of transport, only to find that it had no idea what fleet drivers do with trucks after working hours.

The only way to keep track of your vehicles and tell if your agreement is respected is by installing location devices on them. Visibility will give you peace of mind. In addition, you will get the value of your property, even when the lessee uses it outside the agreed parameters. How are you? By showing them the record of their usage, you can prove that they have gone beyond the established limits and that they should pay for the extra mileage. Plus, you can help the police track them down and recover them if they are stolen.

Identifying them in Archiving and In transit

Smaller objects have a way of “disappearing” in storage. You can easily follow them by installing trackers on them. This way, you will cut your search time by half.

This may be a little sensitive, but unfortunately it happens. Sometimes objects get lost during transport. If you have lost one or more farm inputs during transportation to the customer, we recommend installing trackers on them to make sure they get the tenant safely. In essence, you will follow the movements of your employees, to make sure they get to the customer as expected, instead of making detours that could lead to unexpected delays or losses.

Separation shot

A study conducted on fleet drivers showed that their behavior improved when they learned they were tracked down. Their delivery efficiency has increased by 11% while downtime has been reduced by 9%. Using GPS tracking systems you will lose less or no equipment and sleep better.

by Ekim Sari

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