Benefits for Dry and Oily Skin

Glowing Skin Face Mask Recipe: Benefits for Dry and Oily Skin

Do you want a shining smoother glowing face? Most of us will want a glow on the face when we are heading for a wedding or a family function. When our face glows it give a feel of a healthy skin. Let me ask you, how many of us go for facial just to get the flawless glowing skin? I do that and most of the times, I will do gold facial at home to incorporate a glowing skin. It is because going to a salon is very time consuming for me and other than that I rely more on homemade face packs for the glow. So, here are the recipes for face pack and mask for the glowing skin that I will share for oily skin and dry skin.

1. Glowing skin mask with papaya

Take a thin slice of papaya and mash it either with the fingers or with the spoon. Add 1 teaspoonful of oatmeal in it and then little bit of milk. Let the oatmeal get soaked for 5 minutes then with the spoon mix and mash them again. Apply on the face. Apply a thick layer and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with plain water. This is an instant glow mask for the all skin types and is safe to be used for sensitive skin too. Moreover, regular application of this face mask will ensure a lighter skin tone.

2. Buttermilk Glowing skin mask for oily skin

Butter milk is good for the glow for oily skin without making it greasy. Apply butter milk on the face and massage for a minute. Leave this for 20 minute then wash the face with normal water.

3. Glowing skin face mask with honey

The easiest face mask for glow and radiance on the face is with using honey. Mix honey with some milk and apply this mixture on the face. Wash after 25 minutes. This will remove blemishes as well from your face and body.

4. Banana glowing skin mask for dry face

For the dry skin care, banana is a very good remedy to be used. Take a small piece of banana and mash it with little bit of milk. Mash it properly to get a smooth paste and then apply this paste on the face. Wash this after 20 minutes. Banana will also heal the skin with peeling problem that we see in winters.

5. Glow Mask with almonds for dry sensitive skin

Take some almond powder and make a paste with some milk. If you do not have almond powder then, soak few almonds at night and grind them with milk the next day. Apply this almond milk paste on the face and then wash after it gets dry. It will exfoliate and makes skin glow quickly.

Almond Face Packs for Skin whitening

Benefits of these glowing skin face masks

These mask will help the skin to get deeply nourished and revitalized.

The natural and fresh ingredients in these facial masks will make the skin glow and supple to appear youthful.

The individual recipes for dry and oily skin glow masks, will further hydrate the dry skin and control oils for oily skin respectively.

If you have some marks and skin blemishes then these masks will also lighten them efficiently.

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