Ben Affleck’s Nike Sports Drama ‘Air’ Release Date Confirmed

Ben Affleck is bringing his ambitious project Air to the screen on April 5th with Amazon Studios, Skydance Sports, Mandalay Pictures and Artists Equity as co-producers. The film, which stars Affleck alongside Matt Damon, chronicles the meteoric rise of Michael Jordan and the Nike brand Air Jordan.

This will be a first for all involved, with Amazon making its first full-on theatrical entrance since Sundance, and Artists Equity debuting their venture into studio production in partnership with the streaming giant. Fans around the world aresure to be blown away by this visually captivating retelling of an incredible story.

Ben affleck air release date

Nike’s Phil Knight

After its global premiere made waves, Amazon has confirmed that Air is coming to Prime Video for streaming in over 240 countries and regions, bringing the movie to both theatre and streamer markets. Matt Affleck, one of the creators of Air, expressed his enthusiasm for audiences to see the film: “The movie was an extraordinary experience where we had the honour of working with some of the best cast and crew in the business, all of whom brought passion, persistence, and creativity to a collective effort at recreating a remarkable and aspirational story.” While no release date on Prime has been announced yet, many anticipate its arrival soon.

Ben Affleck’s new documentary, Affleck’s Air, promises to explore the epic ascent of Nike’s Air Jordan. With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, this movie will reveal how Nike leveraged its connection to sports culture in order to propel itself into one of the biggest footwear and apparel companies in the world. Moreover, audiences are in for a treat as they see an up-close look at the relationship between Michael Jordan and Nike’s basketball division – now regarded as one of the most influential partnerships between a sports brand and an athlete ever. This is sure to be one unmissable film.

Michael Jordan with his signature Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' | Image: Nike

Michael Jordan with his signature Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ | Image: Nike

Nike’s signing of Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes in basketball history, was a landmark moment for the company, and The Hollywood Reporter has announced plans to tell the incredible story behind it. A film focusing on high-stakes shoe marketer Sonny Vaccaro’s success in landing Jordan as an endorsement is slated be released soon. While Jordan himself will not appear in the movie, Vaccaro will be seen diligently attempting to secure his signature through building relationships with people close to him, such as his parents and former coaches. The significance of the event cannot be understated – this signing marked a major turning point for Nike, allowing them to become one of biggest companies in their field overnight.

Fans of great cinema will be thrilled to learn that the script for a new movie, written by Alex Convery, is being produced by an incredibly impressive list of big names. David Ellison, Jesse Sisgold, Jon Weinbach, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Madison Ainley, Jeff Robinov, Peter Guber and Jason Michael Berman all have a part to play in the production. Moreover, this star-studded affair also includes some hugely respected actors. The acclaimed Ben Affleck stars as Nike co-founder Phil Knight, whilst Damon plays maverick Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro. Jason Bateman stars as Rob Strasser in what is sure to be an action packed feature enhanced further by the likes of Chris Messina (David Falk), Matthew Maher (Peter Moore), Marlon Wayans (George Raveling), Chris Tucker (Howard White) and many more talented thespians.

Amazon Studios is stepping up its involvement in the film industry and setting their latest project to be seen on a global scale. With Warner Bros. Pictures overseeing the international side of things, the exciting news of distribution agreement with Amazon’s MGM was shared by Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon and MGM Studios. The upcoming film promises a nostalgic look back at a culture-defining moment which lends itself perfectly to a global theatrical event. Also noteworthy was Salke’s comment that Ben and Matt have worked hard to deliver an inspiring and entertaining script – one that everyone around the world can enjoy. This marks an exciting undertaking for Amazon Studios as they continue into uncharted territory with this global release of their next feature film.

Australian fans of the long-awaited Air movie can rejoice, as the sci-fi flick is set to finally arrive in cinemas on April 5. Based on a story by director Amos Poe, Air stars Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou as two workers serving humanity’s last hope – a group of cryogenically frozen humans in an underground vault. Australian audiences can get ready for an exciting journey filled with suspense, action and drama. To learn more about its release, check out our full guide.

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