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3 Things To Do Before Taking Your Rental Car Off The Lot

3 Things To Do Before Taking Your Rental Car Off The Lot

When you’re going on a trip, the last thing you want to do is have to spend more time at the airport. One more place at a rental counter picking up your rental car. However, just because you’re anxious to get your vacation underway is no excuse to not do your due diligence when it comes to getting your rental car.

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Forgetting to check on certain things with your rental car could result in some very negative consequences for you in the future. Including having to pay extra money or putting yourself and others in physical danger. So to help ensure that these things don’t happen to you. Here are three things to do before taking your rental car off the lot.

Do A Thorough Inspection

Once you have the keys to your rental car, you’re going to do a very thorough inspection of the vehicle before you take it off the lot.

While most people focus primarily on the exterior of the car. Susan Johnston Taylor, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, shares that you should give just as much attention to the interior of the car as you do the exterior.

Things such as spills, stains, tears, or scuffs could be attributed to you if not properly documented before you take the car into your possession. So even if you feel that something is so small that it’s likely not to be noticed. Or isn’t it worth reporting? Make sure you still document it both with the rental car company. And by taking a picture of it with your phone before heading out.

Make Sure Everything Works

After you’ve ensured that everything looks good with the rental car you’ve been given. The next thing you should do is ensure that all the mechanical components appear to be in good working order.

Megan Hill, a contributor to USA Today, advises that you check things like the heater, air conditioner, tire pressure, and fluid levels before you start driving the car. By doing this, not only will you be able to get anything fixed before you leave the rental car lot. But you will also help keep yourself and others safe from a potential car accident due to driving a malfunctioning vehicle.

Get Familiar With The Controls

Once you’re satisfied that the rental car you’ve been given is safe to drive. The final thing you should do before hitting the open road. According to Travel Insurance Review, is to familiarize yourself with the vehicle and all of its controls.

During this familiarization, make sure you take the time to adjust the seat and mirror-=rs to your height. That you test how touchy the gas and brake pedals are. And that you figure out how to work the windshield wipers and turn on the lights for the car. To best do this, try taking the car around the parking lot of a rental car agency a few times. Until you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

To best protect yourself and others, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you inspect a rental car before taking it off the lot.

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