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Bed bugs are copper-colored bloodsucking insects that have no wings. They are mainly active at night. They are scroungers; they feed on the blood of other beings. These insects infest bedding and home furnishings and even animal nests. The body heat of humans attracts them and they prefer to eat on our blood rather than on other mammals. They pierce the skin with their trunk and inject saliva into the skin. They use no more than ten minutes to feed. As soon as they fill with blood, their color changes from copper to rusty red.

They are also able to survive without food or water for several months altogether.

Insect bites appear to be small red bulges or bruises on the host’s skin. The swellings tend to develop into rashes while the guest itches in desperation. However, these rashes can be treated by consulting a doctor as soon as possible.

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bugs is another tough task. One should try their best level to prevent them. Usually you can find these parasites hiding somewhere in small empty spaces and cracks on the wall, in the floor, etc. Bedding and mattresses are their favorite hiding places, where they can easily get what they want (i.e. your blood). In addition to slits, bed bugs prefer to stay in:

• Between wooden floors

• Diffusion of the carpet

• Edges and scars found in furniture and fixtures etc.

If prevention fails, treatment of bed bugs is required. My advice here would be: kill bed bugs before they kill you (or rather persecute you with bites) !!

The bedbug rash is sometimes mistaken for being the bite of mosquitoes, mites, spiders, ants, wasps, cockroaches, flies etc. Let’s distinguish some: only female mosquitoes survive in the blood. Bed mites are also known as dust mites which tend to hide in the mattress and sheets. They live on dead skin cells of humans and animals. While fleas are wingless and dark-colored insects that survive on the blood of humans, animals and birds. Flea bites are bulges with a red area in the center of the bite. Whereas Chiggers’ bite is immense torture for the victim due to extreme itching and so on …

So, don’t sit back and watch the parasites multiply in your sweet home, do something to save yourself from the BED BUG TERROR!


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