Becoming: the story of Michelle Obama on Netflix

Becoming: the story of Michelle Obama on Netflix

“This is me, without filters, for the first time”. So Michelle Obama introduces Becoming, the documentary shot during the tour (in 34 cities) conducted to promote her autobiography record-breaking. Directed by political documentary filmmaker Nadia Hallgren, Becoming is available on streaming on Netflix and retraces the journey that the former first lady embarked on after the release of her book, the success of which was so great that Barack Obama he decided to give up writing his story, thinking that he could never match his wife’s. “Becoming”, the memoir, it was published in November 2018 and tells in detail the life of Michelle, from childhood until the end of her stay in the White House.

“Those months I spent traveling, meeting and making contact with people in cities around the world have shown that what we share is deep and real,” wrote Michelle in a statement, adding that the tour takes on an even more important meaning. now, after the spread of the pandemic from COVID-19. “I appreciate the memories and that sense of connection now more than ever, as we fight together to resist this pandemic, while we take care of our loved ones.”

In the documentary, in addition toformer President Barack Obama, his mother Marian Robinson, his brother Craig Robinson and, of course, his two daughters appear: Malia and Sasha. It is through them that we can appreciate Michelle Obama’s mother figure. “I didn’t raise two girls who don’t know how to make a bed,” she says in the documentary showing how the former First Lady taught her girls (who were only 10 and 7 years old at the time of her father’s first term) to take looking after themselves and learning to face life, even in its hardest moments, outside the White House.

In the documentary, Michelle also talks about how deeply her life was interrupted after Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. “I had to invent a new path”.
In short, he is without filters and without deception, in the film as in the book in which he tells the most secret and hidden part of his life. For example, the couple therapy which she underwent with Barack to save an abused marriage, as you can easily imagine, from disruptive tensions and external forces. Another very delicate passage deals with a spontaneous abortion and the use of in vitro fertilization to conceive daughters Sasha and Malia. And then, of course, Michelle, who is a lawyer, talks about her career and first meeting with Barackin a Chicago law firm where he was an intern and she was his tutor.

Becoming is the third largest production born from the collaboration between Netflix and Higher Ground, the Obama production company. Previously, Higher Ground produced the Oscar-winning American Factory documentary and the documentary Crip Camp.

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