Beauty tips for dry skin

dry skin care menSkin care tips for men with dry skin

Dry skin is mostly flaky and lifeless, the radiance is missing and the glow isn’t there. Dry skin lacks the active sebaceous glands which produce the natural oils that lubricate the skin. Men’s dry skin demands timely and a good skin care routine for men, since dry skin is more likely to get lines and wrinkles. There are several internal and external factors that are responsible for dry skin like psoriasis, Eczema, Hypothyroidism, High blood pressure, Vitamin A deficiency. Other than that taking hot shower, using harsh skin care products, dry environment etc are also to blame for the dry skin. So how exactly men can keep their dry skin alive and glowing. Here, are some valuable dry skin care tips for men to get back the lost radiance and skin suppleness.

Cleansers for men’s dry skin

Skin cleansing would be the first step of men skin care regimen just like for women. Dry skin needs hydrating and moisturizing cleansers. Do not use soaps and bars on the face which tends to disrupt the pH balance of the skin thereby making the skin further dry. Men with dry skin should use shower gels which have essential oils and skin conditioners to nourish the dry body skin. And for the face use gel or creamy face washes.

Moisturisers for dry skin care

When men have dry skin, moisturisers are the most important thing they will need. Moisturisers that are thicker and emollients based along with the oils will be best to use. Dry skin needs regular moisturization hence what works for oily skin will not be suitable for oily skin. Men with dry skin should use heavy moisturizes and skin cream. For the day time, a moisturizer or skin cream with complimentary SPF will be good as it gives sun protection. Body skin needs hydration too hence, use a hydrating body lotion or body butters which will keep the moisture locked for a long period of time.

Heel care for dry heels

Dry skin comes with one more side effect and that is dry cracked heels in winters. Keep the heels and feet moisturized by using foot creams and using heal repair cream. Men wear socks on daily bases hence there can be roughness therefore, at night use heel or foot cream and ointments to keep them softer. Read: How to take care of feet

Men skin care products

Men should choose skin care products wisely. Products that contain alcohols will do no good for the dry skin. They rob off the moisture off the face therefore use mild products with no alcohols in them. At night to clean the face you can so use cleansing milks which are gentler and creamier. After shave lotion which are scented should be avoided. Use mild formulas.

Dry skin care is not just limited to women, now men too should take some care for their skin. So, keep in mind the tips and have a great skin guys.

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