Beauty Tips: Cleansing Clay

Beauty Tips: Cleansing Clay

Green clay is recommended for normal, oily or the combination of the both types of. Due to its antiseptic and healing properties, clay purifies skin, absorbs impurities and regulates excess sebum. If you have dry skin, sensitive or mature, prefer white clay which is less aggressive but equally as purifying green clay. Finally, if the skin is very irritated or reactive adopt red clay for its soothing, calming and restorative.

Wash your hands before mixing, not to contaminate your preparations. Mix your beauty recipes in a glass container, wood, ceramic or porcelain. Use a wooden spatula for mixing. Never let completely dry clay on the skin, moisten it with a spray.

To remove impurities, pour two tablespoons of clay powder Ultra-ventilated in a container (any container except metal and plastic). Cover with unchlorinated water slightly mineralized to cover the clay and let the preparation stand ten minutes. Mix quickly with your fingertips or with a wooden spoon and use the dough gently massaging the face, avoiding the eye contour. Leave for a few minutes then rinse with warm water.

You can also add with this clay paste other ingredients as a few drops of vegetable oil (e.g. Argan Oil for mature skin, virgin vegetable oil Safflower for very dry skin, his virgin vegetable oil rice for irritated skin) or essential oils.

You can also replace the water with low mineral water floral (e.g. camomile water for dry skin, cornflower water for sensitive skin, floral water thyme for oily skin, rose water for mature skin, …) or hydrosol (eg peppermint hydrosol for oily skin prone to acne, orange blossom hydrosol for dry skin, bamboo hydrosol for sensitive skin, sage hydrosol for mature skin, …).

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