Beautiful honeymoon destination Switzerland

Beautiful honeymoon destination Switzerland: Heaven on Earth

Switzerland: Heaven on Earth waits for honeymooners! A Wedding is all on the cards. You have made all the necessary arrangements, but have you planned your honeymoon. There could be no better start of the wedding, life than the honeymoon. If you are in fix then heaven on Earth waits for all those romantic couples who wish to make their honeymoon everlasting. Switzerland is the place that leaves mesmerizing memories in your mind. There are many reasons that attract honeymooners.


Natural beauty

Switzerland as the name itself sounds romantic fills the person with unconditional love. You will definitely fall in love with its natural beauty. When love is in the air, then in Switzerland it’s going to stay. Undoubtedly its natural surroundings around the place presents a perfect picture background where you can click the pictures of your memorable moments or wonderful sight scenes. Ungfrau, Eiger and Monch mountains will bewitch your eyes. Experience the fresh mountain air during your stay at the place.

Cultural heritage

switzerland cultural heritage

As you walk down to the places of cultural heritage you will come to know many hidden secrets that lie in its history. To get abetter idea of its cultural and traditional heritage, use Swiss transport to reach from one place to another. You can also pick a cable car or ferries to your places. It has a low crime rate so you can freely enjoy your stay at the named place.

switzerland cultural heritage

Brilliant landscape

Jaw dropping views that are the USB of the destination helps in coming closer. When you, surprisingly share your feeling with your partner regarding an attractive place, you become friends. No wonder its landscape makes you feel as if you are floating in the air, but with assurance of catching each other.

brilliant landscape

Magical cruise

One of the most justified reasons for visiting Switzerland is its magical cruise on the Lucerne Lake. Enjoying the cruise at night with glittering lights to welcome is the life time experience that you will hardly want to miss. The romantic ambience fills honeymooners with more love and affection. If you are in Switzerland, then don’t forget to be a part of this cruise and to magnificent Mount Titlis as well.

magical cruise

Mountains covered with snow lays down a perfect background for skiing. It entices you to slope down holding each others hand. It gives you a memorable experience. The coolness of the place assist in getting closer and urge you to enjoy your short trip by romantically holding your partner’s hand. There is lots of energetic nightlife that you can enjoy in Switzerland while on your honeymoon.


Another strong reason for visiting Switzerland is its marvelous castles. They will take you to the memories of your childhood where you get acquainted with a God mother or a fairy with its magic wand.

Fasnacht spring carnival

It is the famous 3 day carnival in which participants dress up in colorful, costumes and masks and parade on the streets. Enjoy the colorful and attractive festival. During the festival cafes and bars are open whole night. Flowers and sweets are thrown at the crowd as a part of festival celebration.

fasnacht spring carnival

Picking Swizerland for the honeymoon will definitely fill your life with immense romance and love. Provided you fill your travelling bag with all passionate accessories like lacy and transparent lingeries, sexy swim suits, etc. you won’t meet your relatives here so enjoy your honeymoon. Spend time together and visit maximum places of attraction of the place. Rhine Falls, St Gallen, Mt. Pilatus, and St. Moritz are just a few to name.

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