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Bridal Mehndi designs 2016: Mehndi is one of the most important rituals in Asian weddings. The ceremony happens, a couple of days before the marriage day. The most traditional ceremony, mehndi, is one such glamorous occasion where the bride, along with all the ladies decorate their hands with the darkest color of henna.

Unlike earlier days, the mehndi designs today become the huge factor among the young generation. Designers work on different subtle designs to give a bride more vibrant look. Here I will discuss ten beautiful bridal mehndi designs 2016 that will make you a unique as well as traditional look.

bridal mehndi designs
10 Latest beautiful bridal mehndi designs 2016 Tips Clear 1
  1. The Architect design

Don’t get confused with the designs here. By architect design, I mean the royal architectural designs found in imperial empires. Placing these models on hand with colored mehndi makes your bridal look more gorgeous.

  1. The Elephant Design

The elephant pattern carries the royal look. It is traditional yet trendy and loved by all the brides today. In this motif, the designs are congested, and it looks wavy. There are lots of curves and lacy designs in elephant pattern. Needless to say, there are elephants in the designs as well.

Traditional bridal Mehndi
10 Latest beautiful bridal mehndi designs 2016 Tips Clear 2
  1. Arabic style

In Arabic style, the hand doesn’t cover completely with the design. It is a corner design that runs from one side to another, and the rest portions remain blank. Mostly in Arabic style, one of two fingers are being covered, and rest fingers are left empty.

Traditional bridal Mehndi
10 Latest beautiful bridal mehndi designs 2016 Tips Clear 3
  1. Coloured mehndi

Those times are gone when you can only get single color for your mehndi. Now with passing time, designers mix other colors as well with basic henna color to give your palm a bright and vivacious look. Different colors, especially red and golden are being used in mehndi these days to give a complete look to the bride.

  1. Asymmetric design

This pattern is like careless beauty. You don’t always need to be all dressed. Sometimes your casual skewed look makes you more beautiful. In asymmetric mehndi design, designers don’t match one line in mehndi with another. They just put imperfect things together and make them perfect.

  1. Mehndi with glitters

The time has changed. Now mehndi does not just stop at one color. You can add sparkles all over your mehndi to make it all shiny and glamorous. These sparkles can be added to hands or feet for bridal mehndi designs. Dark colored mehndi paired with glitters surely gives a great look.

  1. Cuffs and Tips

In this pattern, fingers tips are left blank mostly, and detailed work is done on the cuff area. Instead of filling completely with the color, the fingertips are being decorated with shades or points. Even with the simple design on the palm, the detailed work on cuffs makes it look gorgeous and trendy.

  1. Lacy motifs

Lacy motifs are the designs where other designs are being painted with the lacy pattern. Like floral design or any other designs are placed in a curvy shape or elegant shape so that it makes a wavy pattern together. The ornate pattern is new and of course, gives an elegant look.

  1. All over cheques

The chequered pattern is all about placing designs that made of checks. A bunch of small square boxes all over the palm makes the design look synchronized and more congested. The chequered pattern is getting more attention as with the design it is tough for the grooms to find their name in mehndi.

  1. Floral style

I can’t call it a new model, though, but there are different patterns can be made of decorative style in mehndi. Like the curvy design, thin design or twisting floral patterns. It is one of the oldest yet stylish designs for an Indian bride.

Mehndi designs Healthy Skin Tips

Designs Significance
Architect Old Royal empire architecture
Elephant Royal wedding
Arabic Good luck
Coloured Happiness,
Asymmetric Family
Glitters Prosperity
Cuffs and tips Purification
Lacy or curvy Support
Cheques Healing and protective


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