Beats vs. Apple: Beats by Dre vs AirPods Headphones and Earbuds Review

The decision between Apple as well as Beats the headphones can be like deciding one of your children’s favorite toys almost impossible. However, both are notable competitors who have released top-quality mid-range models (like Beats Studio) Studio Beats) and more high-end headphones that stand out (AirPods maximum). However, we’re not here to be told that either can provide excellent performance based on what you’re hoping for from the listening experience. We’re sorry.

You’re here for our editors’ picks that are the best of the best of technology for audio, including headphones and the earbuds that you actuallykeep for after-hours use. We’ve put these choices through rigorous tests, and while the true wireless market is competitive available You’re in good hands.

Although Beats has been officially controlled by Apple (so it is, in the final analysis the winner will be somehow Apple) We’re choosing based on factors such as technology-related features, comfortability and wearability, and most importantly, whether they actually sound decent. Certain of the exclusive technology including Apple’s well-loved H1 and H1 chips are accessible for both. Other characteristics, like the emphasis on room-shaking and booming bass are the highlights of Beats. Beats brand. Here are our definitive favorites.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro vs. Apple AirPods Which Earbuds sound the best? $199.95

The Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones were designed for those who loved the design and feel of the original Beats by Dre headphones but desired more sophisticated functionality and an ergonomic design. Apple AirPods had already been consistently rated among some of the top true wireless Bluetooth headphones available with a slim and well-designed design and good audio performance. How do they remain relevant years later?

Although Beats is a company that has knocked its competitors out of the park with regards to marketing and aesthetics Their weak point has always been their lack of technological advancements in the field of audio technology. Powerbeats Pro Powerbeats Pro is the answer to these complaints, featuring an acoustic piston driver that provides a more natural acoustic sound and less distortion to the bass. It’s very even across mids, lows, and highs, with an uncluttered, polished sound.

Apple AirPods at $119.00

AirPods start out sounding fantastic, with plenty bass that rivals those of the Powerbeats Pro, and a decent mid-range and the treble. We’ve enjoyed listening to pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, podcasts and audiobooks and we’ve never had a complaint regarding the audio quality. However, since they don’t form an air tight seal in the as a gummy-tipped, earbud will, AirPods don’t have any type of noise cancellation and let a lot of ambient noise get into.

In terms of design it’s a bit tight. Powerbeats Pro doesn’t have ANC however, it has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably into your ear’s concha bowl and keeps out some sound. Each pair comes equipped with 4 sizes of eartips and an adjustable hook for further personalization. They’re especially loved by fitness enthusiasts and runners since they’re also sweat and water resistant.

The Powerbeats’ advantage over the other models in line is their battery lifeand both earbuds are able to provide the ability to play back for up 24 hours time with their charging cases, the Powerbeats have nine hours of playback time with just one charge, while AirPods are only five hours of playback (which has led to a plethora of the AirPods die? memes).

WINNER: Beats PowerBeats Pro

Bottom line If you’re listening to podcasts or music in quiet places and have a lot of space, the AirPods are an excellent option. However, the Powerbeats Pro get you more hours of audio and are a must for regular travelers or fitness enthusiasts who enjoy pounding the pavement.

Beats Studio3 Vs. AirPods Max Headphones

While Apple was working out the previous kinks in their earbuds in order to create something truly unique in their debut entry into the headphone market, AirPods Max, Beats enjoyed the luxury of many years of developing their headphones when they launched their Beats Studio3. Its AirPods Max certainly generated a significant amount of interest when they first launched because of their cost but do they come with sufficient key features to compete with beat out Beats Studio3?

Beats Studio3 wireless headphones at $199.95

First of all, the Studio3 headphones surprised us by not just catering to bass-heads, but also to all other types of music with this model. It has a good sound quality that is well-balanced. Songs from pop artists such as Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” sound clear, but other genres sounded equally full of sound. This Beats Studio3 relies on its ANC to do a lot in the work for its clear audio, however. The company claims that the headphones are able to calibrate the audio in real-time. However, I couldn’t discern much distinction between genres of music other than the ambient noise that is well-reduced.

Apple offers a similar feature on the AirPods Max, with each earpiece having an inside-facing microphone and an advanced 10-core processor. This permits for an option Apple describes as “Adaptive EQ”, in which the AirPods Max makes micro-adjustments several times per second, based on the volume level and the type of music that you’re listening to. Although some audiophiles may not be able to use the ability to adjust EQ This feature is truly dynamic and the best feature comes from the AirPods Max.

Apple AirPods Max at $489.99

Apart from the audio quality The ear cups of these Studio3 are comfortable to use for long periods of time, and offered a pretty intuitive control. The left earcup has an earphone button to press and the pause button and volume buttons that allow for quick control of your music, with Siri control. AirPods Max is also streamlined with just two buttons. One is a larger model to the Digital Crown volume adjuster (originally available on Apple Watch), and one that toggles ANC off and off.

AirPods Max are a great choice for earbuds. AirPods Max are also just well-constructed, with a frame made of stainless steel that glides effortlessly if you want to alter the size of the headphones. This is an upgrade over Studio3’s plastic headband that snaps into the. Both models have the same battery life The Studio3 lasts between 22 and 22 hours on battery and AirPods Max giving you 20 hours of music time.

Winner AirPods Max

Although they’re an expensive purchase but AirPods Max aren’t a bad investment. AirPods Max has some worthwhile intelligent audio features, are easy to use and are simple and easy-to-wear design. Studio3 headphones are an excellent contender that has high-quality ANC however, they fall short of high-quality sound.

AirPods Pro vs. Beats Studio Buds

The Studio Buds are the latest release in the Beats family of wireless headphones after their predecessor, the Powerbeats Pro, and we were curious to see if they’d improve some of the features that were present in their predecessors. AirPods Pro AirPods Pro similarly had a assortment of new audio features and an elegant, compact design when compared to the standard AirPods. What did they think of?

They both Studio Beats and the AirPods Pro come with a gummy-tipped style which felt extremely comfortable after a long day however, these Studio Beats stand out with an improved mold that alleviates some of the “pressurized” in-ear feeling. It’s also a lot lighter than the AirPods Pro. Studio Beats are also a lightweight 5.1 grams, making them even heavier than those of the AirPods Pro (which already felt quite light).

Beats Studio Buds at $149.00

We’re not happy with the way we could see that the Studio Beats could improve upon their poor ANC (which we could not even detect was there) as compared with AirPods Pro’s additional microphones that eliminated the most annoying noises. However, Beats focused on creating a dual-chamber acoustic design and customized drivers for better sound quality, and stereo remixes are particularly well-balanced, such as The Mamas & the Papas’ “Dedicated to the One I Love”.

Apple AirPods Pro at $197.00

Apple has a brand new spatial audio, however, it brings the sound of a theater exclusive on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, for the three-dimensional sound that tracks the movement of your smartphone. It’s an interesting feature, however, it’s not the most efficient, and nothing you’d use for regular music listening.

Although both offer the same battery life, including a charging case (24 hours) however, the Studio Buds eke out the AirPods Pro with five hours of battery life when in ANC mode, however as long as 8 hours with it. The AirPods Pro offer 4.5 hours of audio time, with active noise cancellation, however, they only last for five hours of listening time without it.

Winner Beats Studio Buds

There are some drawbacks with Studio Buds’ ANC functionality however, they’re not intended to offer the highest ambient sound quality. They’re designed to last for long periods of time. If you’re planning long layovers and travel, or listening to music throughout the day long at work it’s not going to be interrupted by Studio Buds, as they would using AirPods Pro.