Beat your heat with cooling breeze Talcum Powder

Beat your heat with cooling breeze Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder: It’s April now and the sun has started showing its hardness. With that scratching, heat and excessive sweats people tend to look tired and wear out. No doubt, intake of excessive water is the need of the hour, but what to do with that sweating, which makes you feel embarrassed by that stinky smell.

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Sweating is the natural process of the skin and its healthy as the body keeps itself cool with this sweating. During the morning time when we bath and wear clean clothes the sweating is less, but as the day advances the sweating increases and starts producing a smell which nobody will like.

Keeping this problem in the mind the Oriflamme has come up with their nature secrets talc. No doubt its sweet smelling talc will keep your body odor free. Its long lasting fragrance will make you feel fresh whole day long.


One of the wonderful qualities of the talc is that once you apply it and then come under a fan, you will start feeling coldness on the parts you applied the talc. The name cooling breeze justifies the product. It fills the user with the long lasting energy and doesn’t let him/her feel embarrassed in front of anybody.

Not-to-mention this long lasting talc keep lingering its fragrance around the clock. The talc easily soaks the sweat and lessens the process of sweating. The talc also helps in giving out sweet smell which the user likes and even the people around like it as well.

Oriflame Talc
Oriflame Talc

Though there is much sweetness smelling talc available in the market, the Oriflamme nature secret talc has become number one amongst the entire age group during summers. After knowing its qualities more and more people are using it and it has gained a wide market for itself.


These summers beat your heat with this cooling breeze which will assist in cooling your body and no wonder, leave you to sweat free for most of the day. For better results apply it after a shower. Sprinkle lavishly on your under arms or the areas more prone to sweating.

This body talc is enriched with menthol, well known for its soothing and cooling effect. The person who uses it once doesn’t want to switch on to any other talc. The product is always the buyer’s first choice.

Another useful ingredient which is making it popular amongst the people is due to its perfume and magnesium. It is hard to resist this wonderful, amazing talc during winters. It is available either in 100 g or 400 gm. bigger talc is the need of the summers. As you can use it at any time of the day and pamper yourself by using it during the day time.

Handy Talc

The product will not let you down and once purchased will form the first choice. The 100 g is quite handy and can fit in your purse or briefcase thus facilitating easy carrying. You can carry it to your office and or to some function or perhaps to the picnic as well.


Whenever sweat troubles you use it to keep the stinky smell away from yourself. The wind passing through will definitely make the others smell this fragrance. The fragrance will make other people enjoy your company. Needless to say, you will grab more friends once you start using it.

The importance of talc can not be ignored in summers. But, they are also helpful during other seasons also. It also helps in controlling the sweat glands further restricting it from releasing more sweat.

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