Beach near bangkok: Have You Heard Of These Hidden Locations?

Beach near bangkok: Bangkok is the true example of a thriving cosmopolitan in the heart of Thailand. It is one of the fastest and most prosperous cities in Thailand. Being the capital of Thailand, you can understand that this city is home to people and tourists from all over the world. Bangkok offers a wide range of recreational facilities and places in the city, where you can spend the night. But, sometimes, we all need a short break from the daily hustle and bustle of city life and allow our minds to rejuvenate a bit. A busy schedule and busy lifestyle causes stress and anxiety, which is why you stay longer for vacation more than anything.

The towns and villages along the coastline speak of choosing a holiday destination. Bangkok is home to many beaches and most of them promise a memorable holiday. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the best Beach near bangkok Where you should go for a wonderful holiday.

6 Best Beach near Bangkok

Take a look if you want to follow the best beaches in Bangkok to take a break in the sea or swim in the warm waters.

1. Koh Kood
2. Koh Learn
3. Cha-Am
4. Hua Hin
5. Pranaburi Beach
6. Suan Putra Pradeep Beach

1. Koh Kood

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Koh Kood is a nice beach near Bangkok which is considered a real paradise for beach lovers. It is one of the beaches that has white sand along its coastline in Thailand. The pristine waters and soothing weather surrounding this place make Koh Kood a really nice place for most part of the year. There are many resorts and boutique hotels that offer you plenty of accommodation options. If you were wondering what you were going to do for clubbing or partying at night, you would be disappointed. Literally Koh Kud does not have nightlife, but a quaint and peaceful atmosphere. However, you can choose bonfire for the night.

You will have to go in search of jungle waterfalls, wild flora or participate in many water sports that are available throughout the year. Koh Kood is a magical and unique place where the beautiful aura of the beach can be enjoyed. Don’t forget to book your hotel beforehand.

Distance from Bangkok: 350 km

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2. Koh Learn

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It is truly amazing to find such clear water and that too off the coast of Pattaya. Koh Larn near Bangkok is a beautiful beach where you should go for the weekend on this holiday. Koh Laran is a small island, where you will need to reach by a small ferry or you can also choose a boat ride. The beach is a little crowded during the day, but once the sun sets, the place is desolate, with no tourists only overnight. You will also find white sand beaches in different areas of the beach. Engage in fun underwater activities like banana boat rides, jet skis, parasailing, etc.

A short ride from the beach will take you to the port city of Tawain on the eastern side. In this city, you will find many eateries and small pubs to drink. Also, you will be able to visit some of the best art galleries present here. For those of you who want a peaceful break from daily life and are enjoying peace, Koh Laran is the best destination you can choose this year.

Distance from Bangkok: 98 km

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3. Cha-Am

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One of the closest beaches in Bangkok, Cha-am is the perfect weekend getaway for Thai people. Residents of Bangkok or nearby cities come to this place for an ideal break from their everyday lives. The main beach has white sand stretches and many agencies can provide you with water sports activities. These are the best way to get out of your work passion and time completely. You can go deep sea diving, surfing or cycling along the white sand beach sections.

There are a variety of exceptional luxury resorts and hotels, where you can get the best accommodation facilities along with modern amenities. Seafood and local food on Cha-Am Beach is a must try and after lunch, you can go kite flying by the sea, for good memories.

Distance from Bangkok: 173.1 km

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4. Hua Hin

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Among all the best beaches close to Bangkok, Hua Hin is often the most visited and liked among people. The place is also famous for its royal importance. Even though the main beach is about 5 km in length, it is not a very unique or highly exclusive place to spend the whole, people still crowd the beach throughout the day. This is why you can take away some of the local villages, and enjoy delicious local food in small eateries.

You should try the high-quality fish dishes practiced here. We came to know that there are many resorts and exceptional hotels that provide the best facilities to stay here on every budget. You can also play golf and enjoy spectacular festivals throughout the year like the International Jazz Festival and some others. Hua Hin is easily accessible from Bangkok by trains, buses and even private taxis.

Distance from Bangkok: 144 km

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5. Pranaburi Beach

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30 km south of Hua Hin Beach, the sleepy pranaburi is less crowded and has one of the nicer beaches near Bangkok. The lush green vegetation and virgin nature surrounding this place makes it the perfect place for those who want to enjoy peace and enjoyment away from the city. There are several cool sections where you can sunbathe under the clear blue sky or enjoy various water sports activities. Sam Rui Yacht National Park is also a great place to hang out and have fun, especially with your families.

Pranaburi beach is also a kite-surfing destination. You can engage in surfing, fishing, snorkeling and many other water sports activities. There are many small friendly resorts and restaurants where you can also enjoy delicious cuisine.

Distance from Bangkok: 227.7 km

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6. Suan Putra Pradeep Beach

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Still waiting to be discovered, Suan Son Pradipat Beach is one of the best beaches around Bangkok. Two hours drive from Bangkok, you can enjoy a great weekend trip with your family to this destination. There are pubs in the small town of Prechup Khiri Khan, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks and party at night. The art galleries hold many souvenirs and artefacts that tell you about the history of the place.

The main city beach is where you can enjoy many water sports activities like surfing and swimming. You can go hiking on the Khao Lomuak Mountains and experience a panoramic view of the surrounding beaches. Don’t forget to click on the panorama of the scene. Seafood in Prachuap is a must try on all days.

Distance from Bangkok: 207.7 km

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If the main city seems too crowded for you, then you can visit these beaches near Bangkok. Some of these beaches have not yet received widespread tourist attention. Enjoy solitude on these beaches on your vacation to Os, Thailand, before they become very mainstream. You have to cover the length but in the end it is worth it. At least, you will get to see a different side of Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches near Bangkok

Q. Which is the nearest beach in Bangkok?

a. Koh Lan, Ko Samet, Pattaya, and Hua Hin beaches are the closest to Bangkok. It takes an hour or two to drive to these magnificent beaches and you can experience a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Q. Does Bangkok have a beach?

a. Koh Lan, Ko Samet and Hua Hin are some of the beaches that are present in Bangkok. These beaches surround Bangkok with tourists and locals coming here for an entire weekend away from the city.

Q. How far is the ocean from Bangkok?

a. The sea is about 150 km from the city of Bangkok and it usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours to reach one of the beaches near Bangkok.

Q. Which is the nearest island to Bangkok?

a. Koh Si Chang or Sichang is the nearest island to Bangkok. It is attracted by innumerable tourists and locals, who come here to enjoy the number of water sports or to taste delicious seafood.

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