Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9 Images Give Detailed Look At Black Mask

Images from season 2 episode 9 “Rule #1” of the CW DC series Batwoman reveal a detailed look at the notorious villain Black Mask in costume.

New images from season 2 of Batwoman reveal the costume design of villain, Black Mask. The DC series follows the exploits of the Crimson Knight as she defends crime-addled Gotham City. Batwoman had trouble out the gate as it wasn’t as well-received as the CW’s other DC series. Much criticism was leveled against Ruby Rose, alter ego Kate Kane, who plays the titular vigilante. After an on-set injury caused her to step away after season 1, Kane’s character went missing in the show. Wallis Day has been cast to replace Rose as Kane, and her physical appearance will be explained by surgery. Day will not be playing Batwoman, however, as season 2 now follows Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, who takes up the mantle after Kane’s disappearance.

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Also joining the series in season 2 is Peter Outerbridge as DC villain, Black Mask. Roman Sionis is an outwardly socially conscious CEO who secretly works against his spoken goals as his villainous alter ego. Black Mask actually appeared in Birds of Prey played by Ewan McGregor, though Batwoman will present a new take on the character. Showrunner Caroline Dries implied that Black Mask would be the main villain of season 2, and he’s finally coming to the small screen.

Related: Why Recasting Ruby Rose Doesn’t Mean Kate Kane Will Be Batwoman Again reports that new images released by The CW reveal a first look at season 2 episode 9 “Rule #1” and include a detailed look at Black Mask. In truth, it would be a difficult design to get wrong. Fans can rest assured that he is masked and that the mask is indeed black. In a brown, pin-striped suit with a protruding skeletal grimace and a black-gloved hand over his mouth indicating silence, Black Mask appears as sinister as ever. “Rule #1” will air on the CW on March 28. Check out the photo of Black Mask below:

Black Mask Batwoman

Though Black Mask has been taking his time to join the action, his henchmen have already made their mark. Sometimes an independent gang of thugs, but more often, Black Mask’s own posse, The False Face Society is one of the more notorious criminal organizations in the Batman continuity. Wilder has already butted heads with members of the gang in season 2, though their goals are still shrouded in mystery. The arrival of Black Mask should finally reveal just what they’re up to.

Batwoman seems to have finally found its footing. After a rocky start and unprecedented shuffling of lead actresses, season 2 is heading in the right direction. Leslie’s performance is regarded more positively and plotlines inspired by the shift in leads, seeing Wilder come to terms with her new role, have been uniquely interesting. As Wilder dons a mask, a whole gang of masked villains is quickly becoming her greatest challenge. It’s up to Batwoman to discover what separates her from her counterpart in a Black Mask.

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