Battling Invasive Vines I My Beds

I’ve never been a fan of vines. I think they may look adorable in other people’s gardens. I drive regularly in a house with a beautiful antique wisteria, but I have never been able to grow a vine that I liked. They tend to look messy and require too much maintenance. The main problem I have, however, is with a pervasive and invasive vine in my beds.

My problem with the screws

Vines can be beautiful, even practical. They can provide shade and privacy. I have a friend with hops growing and on a trellis to shade his back patio. It looks fantastic and smells like beer.

Most likely my problem is that I lack the aptitude for growing vines well. I once experienced a morning glory and it just seemed messy. At one time I also lived in a house with English ivy crawling on brick walls and removing it to avoid structural damage was a real nuisance.

Growing vines and making them look beautiful and doing what you want them to do