Batman v Superman Was Sabotaged by Warner Bros. Claims Writer Chris Terrio

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scriptwriter Chris Terrio has a few choice words regarding the theatrical release of the film. Specifically, he says that Warner Bros. sabotaged the film by cutting 30 minutes from its performance. In addition, he disputes the long title.

Chris Terrio, who worked with Ben Affleck on the Oscar Argo, recently spoke about his time at the DCEU in a high-profile interview. The filmmaker, who also worked on Justice League, was brought in by Affleck to do a rewrite on Batman v Superman. As he explains, getting naked within 30 minutes of the cut hurt a lot. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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“If you took 30 minutes from Argo, like Batman / Superman, it wouldn’t make sense. Critics would say ‘what a lazy storyline’, because the characters don’t have motives and it’s not consistent. I would agree with them. “

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released in theaters five years ago, it was not the version initially planned by Zack Snyder. The Ultimate Edition came in later, adding 30 minutes to the runtime and clarified a lot. The general consensus is that the longer version was better. But Warner Bros. didn’t have it before release.

As Chris Terrio puts it, his job was to “create a story and a tone, really, in which Batman could be that person, and in which two heroes could get to the point where they fight to the death.” Having 30 minutes of this stripped down work didn’t help. What about the title of the film? Let’s just say that Terrio is not a fan.

“I wrote drafts of the Batman / Superman movie, which was not called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by me. I did not name the scenario. I actually found out what the movie was called along with the rest of the movie. world on the Internet. I was not consulted on the title of the film, and I was as surprised as anyone. I wouldn’t have named him Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “

The title was long and criticized before the film’s release. It’s still unclear who’s in charge, but Chris Terrio said he suspected it was the marketing department. The writer went even further to express his disgust by saying the following.

“I heard it and thought to myself, it just seems important and clueless in a way. Deaf in tone. The intention of the film was to do something interesting, dark and complex, not quite like Las Vegas. WWE match as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “

A newly remastered 4K IMAX version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will soon be available on disc as well as on HBO Max. Chris Terrio is also happy that Zack Snyder Justice League is in the world because he wasn’t a fan of the theatrical version, which was largely a product of Joss Whedon’s rewrites and covers. You can view the entire interview at Vanity Fair.

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