Batman is Finally Forced To Save The Richest People in Gotham

In the latest issue DC Comics’ Batman: Detective Comics, Bruce Wayne is in all-new territory no that he’s living in Gotham City proper.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: Detective Comics #1034

In the latest issue of Batman: Detective Comics, the Dark Knight is facing an all-new challenge in Gotham City: having neighbors. After the public and personal devastation caused by the Joker War, Bruce Wayne no longer has his massive fortune, Wayne Manor, or many of the privileges he once enjoyed as the richest man in Gotham. Now, Batman is living in Gotham City proper, though he still has enough money that he’s living in one of the nicer boroughs among the rest of the rich and elite. While the troubles and crimes Gotham experiences are usually mere stories for these select few, it seems as though that’s all about to change as a new mystery unfolds for Batman to solve in order to protect the cities wealthiest citizens.

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Just as Bruce is readjusting, so are the operations of Batman. No Wayne Manor subsequently means no more massive Batcave full of vehicles, arsenals, and gadgets at the ready for any given situation. Instead, the Dark Knight has been building micro-caves all over Gotham, allowing him quick and easy access at several points around the city, while also ensuring that the resources he still has aren’t all in one location to be taken advantage of. However, now that Bruce is living in a brownstone in the city, it also means that he has neighbors for the first time.

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Finally relenting, Bruce agrees to attend a neighborly get-together in Detective Comics #1034 from writer Mariko Tamaki with art by Dan Mora. Bruce himself points out in the issue that these Gothamites, in particular, are in the privileged position where they’ve hardly ever had to worry about the crime and chaos in their city on any sort of personal level. Clearly, Wayne’s struggling to connect and socialize with his neighbors as a result, even more than his character is already predisposed to do.


While Bruce’s neighbors certainly seem content to be worried and talk about the concerning nature of Gotham at a distance, that’s all they’ve ever had to do…until now. This new issue sets the stage for a brand-new mystery to be solved involving Bruce’s neighbor Neil, who works for the mayor’s office, and Wayne’s other neighbor Sarah who’s been kidnapped by an unknown assailant. While the issue ends with Neil in the city sewer network with blood-covered arms, it certainly looks as though he’s the culprit. However, the new mystery in Gotham City could certainly be larger and nuanced than fans yet realize.

Now, Batman is going to have to investigate what’s happening with his new neighbors, all while fighting the perceptions of the public and rising anti-vigilante sentiments against him and his Bat-Family. Furthermore, criminals are getting bolder and new gangs are popping up in Gotham (particularly those faithful and inspired by the Joker). It certainly seems as though things are getting so bad that Gotham’s own elites are finally starting to be affected more than they ever have in the past. Readers will just have to wait and see as Batman: Detective Comics continues from DC Comics.

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