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Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants has had an incredibly successful career in Major League Baseball. His long-term success is also reflected in his net worth, with Barry Bonds having an estimated wealth of over $80 million as of 2021. The sheer size of Barry Bonds’ fortune is made more impressive considering that most of it has been earned through new salary contracts and endorsements from companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Barry Bonds remains one of the wealthiest players in MLB history, and the combination of his successes on and off the field have solidified him as one of today’s greats.

What’s Barry Bonds’ Net Worth? How much is Barry Bonds earning in salary and career earnings?

Barry Bonds, a former American professional baseball player, has a net worth in excess of $100 million.Barry Bonds enjoyed a successful career in baseball.His reputation as one of the best players in baseball history was irrevocably damaged when it became apparent that he had lied in 2007 to a grand jury about his steroid use.He was subsequently rejected for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Barry made his Major League debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986.He played six seasons for the Pirates before moving on to the San Francisco Giants, where he had fourteen great seasons.He was the recipient of multiple sports awards and broke multiple records.He won the Gold Glove Award eight more times, the Silver Slugger Award twelve times, and the Hank Aaron Award three more times.He was also a National League MVP seven more times and an All-Star fourteen times.He holds the record with 762 home runs, the most in a single season, and the most intentional walks.In 2007, he announced his retirement.

Early Life

Barry Lamar Bonds was conceived in Riverside, California on July 24, 1964.His parents, Bobby Bonds and Patricia Bonds, raised him in San Carlos.His father, Bobby Bonds, was a former Major League Baseball pitcher and played for the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees as well as the Chicago White Sox.Bonds attended Junipero Serra High school in San Mateo (California), where he played football, basketball and baseball.When he was a high school senior, he was initially drafted by San Francisco Giants in 1982 MLB draft. However, they couldn’t agree on terms as Bonds required $75,000 to become a professional player. Giants coach Tom Haller offered a maximum offer at $70,000, which is now $155,452 after inflation.Bonds chose to attend college instead of immediately going pro after high school.

College Career

Bonds studied criminology at Arizona State University.His stellar performance as a baseball player was offset by his inconsiderate and rude behavior.Even though he was widely regarded as the best player on the team, he was once suspended for violating curfew.He was awarded numerous recognitions and awards while in college, including being named to the All-Time College World Series Team Team in 1984 and 1996 and being named ASU On Deck Circle’s Most Valuable Player.


He was the sixth overall pick in the 1985 MLB draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates.He played for the Prince William Pirates in the Carolina League and the Hawaii Islanders in the Pacific Coast League before he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates.On May 30, 1986, he made his major league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

His professional career spanned 1986 to 2007.He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1986 to 2007.Bonds received the National League (NL), Most Valuable Player Award seven more times during his career, four of them consecutively.Bonds is also a 14-time All-Star, and an 8-time Gold Glove Award-winner.He is widely considered to be the greatest player in baseball.Other MLB records include most career home runs (762), the most home runs in one season (73), and the most career walks (2.558). He also holds the record for most intentional walks (688).Bonds did not get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame during his first year of eligibility.His later years of professional life were marred by scandal, as he was at the center of baseball’s steroids scandal.


Bonds, who retired from professional baseball in June 2006, has been involved with other projects.Bonds was also involved in the reality TV series “Bonds on Bonds”, which aired briefly between April and May 2006, before being canceled in June 2006.Because he believes that making his own marketing deals and more money would be more profitable, he is not a part of the MLB Players Association’s licensing deal.He is therefore not featured in any baseball video games and is replaced with generic characters like “Jon Dowd”, in “MVP Baseball 2005”.

Personal life

In August 1987, Bonds met Susann “Sun” Margreth Branco.They got married in Las Vegas in February 1988.They have two children together, Shikari and Nikolai.From 1994 to May 2003, he was in a relationship between himself and Kimberly Bell.He married Liz Watson in January 1998.Watson was his wife for a total of two years. They had one child together, Aisha.

Career Earnings and Salary History

Barry Bonds made $188,245,322 alone in salary during his entire career.His highest earnings year was 2005, when he made $22 million in salary base.This is equivalent to $30 million today.

Most Paid Athlete

Barry was a free agent in 1992 and sought offers from all corners of the MLB.Barry declined a $40m offer to join The Yankees.After 40 hours of marathon negotiations, Barry and The Giants reached a six-year deal worth $43.75m that included a $2.5m signing bonus.In essence, he earned $6.9 million per annum during that time. This is equivalent to earning approximately $12 million per annum today.It was the largest contract in sports history at the time.Comparatively, Max Scherzer is the highest-paid baseball player in 2019, earning $38 million per year.

Real Estate

Barry bought a stunning, newly built mansion on almost 2 acres in Beverly Park in 2000 for $5.3 million. It is located high up in Beverly Hills’ hills.In 2014, Barry sold the house to a Russian billionaire for $22 million.A year later, the billionaire attempted to flip it for $36 million. In 2016, he accepted $26 million.The home was again sold in 2019 for $23 million.Sofia Vergara purchased the property for $26 million in June 2020.

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