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Balloon Landing In The Summer Garden

When I was a kid, my family lived on a large plot, probably an acre or so, but I was too young to really understand those measurements. We had a huge courtyard with a small cove on the back edge, a tree house above the cove, a vegetable garden, flower beds and plenty of space to run around. And that space made for a memorable summer evening a year.

Balloon Landing In The Summer Garden
Balloon Landing In The Summer Garden

Summer memories

I have many fond memories of being in the garden in the summer and I keep making those memories. Staying outside has always been my favorite pastime, whether I work in the garden, play as a child, or relax as an adult with a drink and a book.

My favorite season has always been summer and my favorite time in the garden is evening. There is nothing better than a warm summer evening when the heat of the day has passed and the sun is low in the sky.

As a child, that was the moment when we had to get ready for bed. Instead of running into the courtyard as the sun went down, we had to bathe and listen to the latest story of the night. But one night when I was seven or eight, we had a big surprise: we were allowed to go out into the courtyard when we should have been in bed.

Hot air balloon landing in the summer garden

Some people flying in a hot air balloon saw our large courtyard and decided it was a good place to land. I had never seen one up close before and when it fell, it practically covered most of the lawn. It also drew the whole neighborhood into your backyard.

As the balloon deflated, all the children rushed. We had so much fun hitting him on the ground and admiring his size. Of course, even better was that instead of being in bed we were allowed to spend a little more time on that beautiful summer night running around the garden – catching fireflies, playing and having fun.

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