Bagless vs Bagged Vacuums – What’s Right For You?

Bagless vs Bagged Vacuums – What’s Right For You?

There’s a good debate out there surrounding whether a bagless or bagged vacuum is ideal for home cleaning needs. The two deserve a full comparison to see what’s right.

The Bagged Vacuum

The first option to see is the bagged vacuum. The bagged vacuum is a traditional model that requires you to add a bag that affixed to a suction item. A cloth material will go around the bag to keep things covered. You can remove and replace the bag when it becomes full. You only need to apply for a new one on the suction port.

A bagged vacuum is a cleaner option, as it keeps the dirt and other items that it picks from spreading around. It’s also easy for you to remove and replace a bag, although you have to seal the bag off all the way first.

Bagless vs Bagged Vacuums
Bagless vs Bagged Vacuums – What’s Right For You? 1

Many bagged vacuums also feature HEPA filters. A high-efficiency particular air filter will capture at least 99.97 percent of all particulates at 0.3 microns. What this means is that the body will clear pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air with use. The design is perfect for people with allergies.

But the problem with a bagged vacuum is that the bag can fill up fast. You might not know when you need to replace it altogether. The vacuum won’t perform well when the bag starts filling up. Even worse, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find bags that are compatible with your cleaner.

The Bagless Vacuum

A bagless vacuum features a canister that attaches to the vacuum base. You will lock the canister in the proper port to help clean things out. You would then remove the canister from the base and dispose of the contents on the inside.

It is easier to maintain and use a bagless vacuum. You don’t have to buy lots of bags. You only need to remove the canister to clean it out. The expenses associated with your vacuum won’t be too high.

Many of these canisters are also clear, so you’ll know when it needs to be cleaned out. You’ll also appreciate how the clear chamber works, as you’ll know that the vacuum is working and cleaning things. The container also works for the life of your vacuum.

But a bagless vacuum might not be the best thing for people with allergies to use. The items it picks up will come out when you open the container. You would have to dispose of everything in a secure spot to prevent the allergens from coming out. Also, some people might not like how they would get in touch with all those particles and other things that come out.

Which Works Best?

The key to finding a vacuum is that you use something that works well for your cleaning needs. A bagged vacuum is best if you have allergies and you need something that cleans the air out well. A bagless vacuum is ideal if you need something easier to maintain or something that won’t cost as much after a while.

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