Bach Flower Remedies For Recovering From Pet Loss

Losing a pet is not only the loss of a dear friend but also often the loss of a major of unconditional love and affection. We get so attached to our pets that when they are no longer with us, the impact of their love and friendship stays in our hearts. When we are unable to let go of the intense emotions associated with the loss of our pets and get stuck in thoughts of the past, unable to accept the present, then now is the right time for us to try remedies. floral.

Bach flower remedies are 38 herbal and flower remedies developed by British doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s that can help you deal with the emotional demands of life. Losing a loved one often begins a prolonged state of grief and despondency. There are specific remedies for Bach flower that can help relieve the emotions associated with grief and loss. Each remedy represents a particular emotional archetype, such as fear, sadness, guilt, discouragement, etc.

Recognizing exactly how you feel is the key to choosing the most appropriate Bach flower remedy. Sometimes this can be tricky, as our mental and emotional states can be a mixture of many emotions that might require a combination of corresponding flower remedies. The emotional states described below are common among pet owners after the loss of the pet.

There are remedies that are also safe to give to all co-pets, as they too are likely to experience grief – Rescue Remedy, which is a mixture of essences and nuts. If you’re having trouble identifying which of your emotions should be addressed first, ask a friend to help you sort them out.

Here are some commonly prescribed remedies for healing and loss, and their key indicators:

THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM: To recover from SHOCK, if the loss was sudden and unexpected. Also helps animals that have suffered trauma or mistreatment.

WALNUT: If you have trouble adapting to the loss, the walnut tree functions as a “BREAKER LINK” to help you let go and free your pet. Walnut is also safe for your other pets who may be grieving.

PINE: To overcome the “GUILTY FEELING”, if you are dealing with euthanasia or if you had to make a very difficult decision to let your pet go.

GORSE: For the feeling of HOPE, especially when you feel discouragement, darkness and resignation. Ajonc brings deep and lasting faith and hope; equanimity and bright optimism.

CHESTNUT: In the extreme cases of LOSS OF HOPE where nothing rejuvenates the mind and the darkness overshadows his life. Brings deep courage and faith in life.

HONEY SUCKLE: When our spirit escapes the present, ATTACHES TO THE PAST, and aspires to what was. Help learn from the past while liberating it.

White chestnut: If specific THOUGHTS / DREAMS of your lost pet are repeated frequently, you feel almost trapped. It will bring inner calm and a calm and clear mind.

TREMBLE: For any unexpected ANXIETY flare-up you may feel about the health of your other pets, despite their good health. Brings confidence and confidence to face strangers.

How to take them:

You can add 3-4 drops of the remedy corresponding to a glass of water. Sip frequently until the emotional state subsides to a more manageable intensity. In the case of a combination of dominant emotions, add 2 drops of each applicable essence.