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B. Simone’s Equity: B. Simone is an American actress and social media personality with a net worth of $ 3 million. She may be best known for starring in the television series Wild ‘N Out.
B. Simone was born in Dallas, Texas. She has more than five million followers on Instagram. She started acting in the Wild ‘N Out TV series in 2017. B. Simone starred in the reality TV series You’re My Boooyfriend in 2019. She also starred in the reality TV series Girls Cruise in 2019. B. Simone appeared on the television game Hip Hop Squares in 2019. She also appeared in episodes of the television series Ridiculousness and Dish Nation. As an actress, she appeared in the movies #DigitalLivesMatter, I Got the Hook Up 2 and Ray Jr’s Rent Due. B. Simone was executive producer of the television series You’re My Boooyfriend in 2019. In 2020, she was charged with plagiarizing part of the work in her book.

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