Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap Review

Lever Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap Review

Hi everyone, I am going to review this new, Ayush Moisturizing Cow’s Ghee Soap. The soap is made for the people who like moisturizing soap. Cow’s ghee has many benefits for health and skin. I still remember when I used to have dry skin and dry chapped lips, my grandmother used to give me cow’s ghee to apply on my skin and lips. That ghee used to make them softer and moisturized. Taking these benefits of Cow’s ghee which is also known as clarified butter, Lever Ayush has made this Cow’s ghee soap. The soap is white in color and is believed to have the pure ghee of cow. After using the other two variants like the Turmeric soap and the saffron fairness soap. I have dry body skin in winters and like many people, the skin dryness can get increased when the season gets dry and cold. Cow ghee is moisturizing so I thought I must try this to get my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Price: 31 rupees for 100g bar pack

Claims: “Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee soap is formulated with 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom to give you soft and smooth skin. It contains the goodness of Cow’s Ghee and Pinda Tailam. Cow’s Ghee, prescribed in Ayurveda to cure extremely dry skin. Once washed this soft and fluffy emulsion can penetrate deep into your skin and replenish moisture. Pinda Tailam is a powerful concoction of Ayurvedic herbs like pure Sesame oil, Manjishtha and Sariva, which are known to cure inflammation and help retain moisture in the skin.

Moisturising Soap with Cow’s Ghee gives soft and smooth skin. Cow’s Ghee cures extremely dry skin. Pinda Tailam is a powerful concoction of Ayurvedic herbs like pure Sesame oil, Manjishtha and Sariva. It is also known to cure inflammation and help retain moisture in the skin. Shatdhouta Ghrita is formulated from Cow’s Ghee by treating it with water over 100 times”.

Experience with Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap

Ayush Moisturizing Cow`s ghee soap is packaged in a light yellow colored box and inside the soap is creamy milky white in color. The box bears all the details of the product like the main ingredients and some other details. There is no complete list of ingredients on the pack which should have been there, but it is missing.

The fragrance is very mild and light, yet I find it very refreshing and good for everyday use. Even small kids can use this soap for their bathing purpose. Soap like these can also be very travel friendly and one can take them with them while they travel. Like I have done recently when, I was not a two day trip to other city, I took this soap in its box itself.

The texture of the Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap is also nice and very silky when it produces the lathers. The soap has moisturizing lathers that helps to cleanse the skin extremely well. I have also used this on my skin and I must say that this was not greasy or too dry for my facial skin.. My facial skin is combination in winters with cheeks being normal and T zone get oily. So, for me the facial cleansing with this soap was also satisfactory. While for the body skin, this has given good moisture I will not say that after using this I did not feel the need to use body lotion but it has given the moisture to the level that if I use less body lotion then too the skin stays moisturised.

The soap is easy to melt, I think this is due to its texture which is extremly soft. It is not a glycerin rich soap but is a bit softer just like these glycerin soap therefore, you must keep this in a dry place else the soap melts faster and won’t last longer.

My body skin is normal or slightly dry for the body in winters, but if your body skin is very dry then do not expect too much from this soap as this is not a very hydrating soap like the shower gels but is an okay soap for the dry skin. I think I should say that this is a decent soap for people with normal to combination skin. When the skin is dry and itchy then this Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap can help ease the dryness to certain extent but not much.

Pros of Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap

  • Price is affordable
  • It is avialable in shops and online shopping sites
  • Attractive packaging
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • True to it’s claims as per moisturisation
  • It i enriched with Cow’s Ghee and Pinda Thailam
  • Gives creamy and satiny lathers
  • Cleanse the skin effectively
  • Makes the skin soft, smooth and nourished
  • Does not dry out the skin

Cons of Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap

  • There is no complete set of ingredients mentioned
  • Not very moisturizing for dry skin
  • Melts faster

Rating: 4 out of 5

Ayush Moisturising Cow’s Ghee Soap is decently hydrating and gives moisture which is good for all skin types. Though it may not give immense moisture but as compared with other soaps, this soap is till better. Price is good as this is just fir 30 rupees.

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