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Avram Glazer Net worth: Avram Glazer is an American business executive with total assets of $ 1 billion. Avram Glazer is a member of the Glazer family, which owns Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United.

Avram Glazer was born on October 19, 1960. He is one of six children born to Malcolm and Linda Glazer. Malcolm Glazer was a college dropout who earned a small fortune by joining trailer parks into the global investment empire. Malcolm’s holding company First Allied Corporation eventually made attractive bets at dozens of companies, notably Formica and Harley-Davidson. When Malcolm died in 2014, he was valued at $ 4.6 billion. Control of the family business, including the game business empires, went to his widow and six children.

Avram Glazer Net worth
Avram Glazer Net worth

Although the family has everything in common, Joel and Brian Glazer have slightly more control over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while Avram manages Manchester. Avram has overseen Manchester United since 2005. Manchester fans were initially unhappy about the Glazer family’s purchase of the team for $ 1 billion in 2005, which used more than $ 600 million in borrowed money. However, in Awam’s tenure, the team has won 18 major trophies, including five Premier League titles and the 2008 Champions League title.

Avram and his siblings also oversee the Glazer Family Foundation, a charity that supports many charitable causes.

Avraam and his wife Jill live in New Orleans.

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