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Avi Rothman, net worth: Avi Rothman is an American actor, writer and producer with a net worth of $ 5 million. He is perhaps best known for being in relation to the actress Kristen Wiig.

Avi Rothman first appeared in Ogden: The Yoga Yoga Guy in 2006. He also appeared in the short films Boundaries, Fitness Made Difficult, Flowers and Weeds, Intoxicated Man, Blessing in Disguise, The iMom, Bunion, Health Nuts, Hello Charles, Worst-Case Scenario, Inc., Lost & Found, All Good, Helen and Overshare. Rothman appeared in the films The Blackout, Silver Lake, Blue Lips, Love, Sex and Missed Connections, The Hammer and The Slammin ‘Salmon. He also appeared in episodes of The Game, Destined to Fail, Franklin & Bash, Lost & Found, Sandra, and more. In 2020, his fiancée Kristen Wiig gave birth to twins. She is best known for having appeared in the television series Saturday Night Live.

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