Avery & Omar Call Out Western Nations’ Hijab ‘Bigotry’

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour spoke about their Islamic faith. The couple shared posts that defend wearing the hijab despite discrimination.

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour may have split from the 90 day fiancé franchise, but they continue to make their voices heard, recently sharing their stance on the hijab. Both halves of the loving couple spoke about the importance of faith to them. American Avery converted to Islam before meeting her future husband on a Muslim dating app. Avery said her faith was very important to her and that she clearly played a role in her romantic relationship with her Syrian husband. The couple used their Instagram stories to advocate for the wearing of the hijab in Western culture, as many people still face discrimination for religious dress.

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The couple recently experienced a life change as Omar got his US visa approved after a long wait. The couple once happily resided in Dubai, Ohio-born Avery praising the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an extremely safe country in which to live. However, the couple now live in New Jersey. They explained that the sudden movement was to be close to family and help Omar pursue his career in dentistry. Omar has siblings in New Jersey, while Avery has many friends and family in the United States. Although the couple seem to be adjusting to their life in America well, they have made sure to speak out against discrimination on social media.

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Avery, who appears to manage the couple’s Instagram account, created an Instagram story to advocate for wearing the hijab as some Western countries require religious clothing to be removed. She reposted several images and videos that defended a woman’s right to wear the hijab. An Instagram post she cited said that if people don’t mind a nun wearing a dress but are offended by a woman wearing the hijab, then “it’s not your faith, it’s your fanaticism. ” She also reposted a tweet saying: “Western countries that force women to TAKE OFF the hijab are not only the same form of control, but worse: it is systematic anti-Muslim hatredAvery then shared a TikTok video that denounced attempts to ban the hijab in France.

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Omar Avery 90 Day Fiancé

The defense of the hijab and of Islam seems to be very important to Avery. In the past, she opened up to her Muslim faith. She said converting to Islam was one of the best decisions she ever made because it made her the best version of herself. The American added that her mother had seen how much her conversion to Islam had improved her. Avery also said the couple were discriminated against for their faith. This could be one of the reasons they no longer want to air their relationship on TV. However, the couple also have a lot of support. Avery is considered a kind and loving straightforward woman whom many admire.

Omar and Avery no longer appear in 90 day fiancé content, but they have become a fan favorite couple. The duo have developed a large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube. Many of their followers are inspired by their story and appreciate the honest and loving couple. Fans seem largely respectful and appreciate the couple’s strong social media trust. Avery and Omar are open with their fans and enjoy sharing cooking videos and more about their lives. The couple made it clear that they were done with the 90 day fiancé franchise. However, they plan to post new YouTube videos soon and share more about their new life together in the United States.

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: Omar and Avery

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