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Austria In May Guide To Spend Amazing Evenings Around Renaissance

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Austria is a beautiful landlock country in Europe and is characterized by its friendly population, alpine splendor and clean cities. Outgoing Austria in May Can be a very memorable journey. Due to the low crime rate in its cities and suburbs, Austria is considered one of the best settled countries in the world.The country that gave us a musical masterpiece, like Mozart, is a place to relax and celebrate the natural beauty built over millennia of nature’s activities. The painstaking efforts made by the Austrian people, who have gone into building great architecture, magnificent art and culture, are all witness. So we sit back and read as we list the important aspects of our trip to Austria in May.

Weather in Austria in May

Weather in Austria in May


The weather in Austria in May varies greatly depending on the specific region or city. Average temperature in the day can easily reach 18 to 20 ° C. While nights stay around 9 to 11 degrees Celsius. There are occasional rains in some places, but there is nothing to be worried about. You should pack light thermals for your stay. However, traveling to the Alps will require heavy thermal wear. All in all, Austria is a great place to visit in the month of May.

Why should you go to austria in may



Austria is a great place to visit in May. As the summer season begins, the snow starts melting on the Alps and we can see the alpine greenery of the beautiful mountains. Trekking through green pastures and alpine flora becomes a very active activity during this period. This season is lean in terms of number of tourists, hence, cheap travel and accommodation options are very good. Traveling within the country is significantly cheaper if you buy a rail pass, which gives you the right to travel unlimited through Austria for a limited time. There is also a festival you can attend if you visit Asta in May:

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Wiener Festvochen

Wiener Festvochen

It is a 6 week festival established way back in the 1950s. It opens outside Vienna’s city hall and pays homage to all cultural things. Originally, the festival was established after World War II to re-shape and renovate the city’s image. It encourages people to unite through art and culture. It considers art as an enthusiast of fresh solidarity, thus creating a neutral field for experimentation for future generations. Take part in this culture porridge if you are visiting Austria in the month of May.

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5 May sightseeing in Austria

If you are in Austria in May, the following places are worth visiting:

1. Schloss Ambras – Palace

Schloss Ambras - Palace

If you travel to Austria in May, visit The Schloss Ambras which is located in Innsbruck. It is situated on a picturesque hill and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Archduke Ferdinand II transformed this Renaissance era fort into its present form, that is, a palace. Inside the main attraction are the crowds of tourists, the Spanish Hall aka Spunishe Sal, which is the focal point of this structure as well as exhibits by Van Dyke and Velczak.

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2. Eisenisenvelt – Cave


Eisriisenvelt’s caves span 30,000 square meters and about 40 km of tight passage, submerged deep inside the mountains. These caves are the largest ice caves in the world which are accessible to humans. Entering the caves, being in any season, feels like entering a deep freezer, so dress accordingly. It is a 4-hour journey and it can make you tired as it involves about 1000 meters of climbing, but it is a rewarding experience.

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3. MuseumQuarter – Museum Complex

The museum

The Museumquarter is another attraction that you can visit. The complex is a combination of cafes, bars, restaurants and of course museums. The expansive exhibition space is a good place to hang out just to enjoy and explore Austrian culture or relax on a hot summer evening. The largest center of Austrian culture can be a nice addition to your trip.

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4. Crimler Wasserfels – Waterfall


This waterfall is spectacular to see not only in May but at any time of the year. It is a 3-hour walk away and the footpath can be seen weaving the hills towards its origin. From here, this view is not viewable and if you get tired of climbing then you can spend the night here. These peaks give you a panoramic view of Cramill below.

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5. Dachstein Caves

Dachstein Caves

The Dachstein caves are formed by 2 different caves spanning an 80 km icy hollow. The 2 caves are separated by a distance of about 1 km and are called Mammuthohle and Reisenhoele. You can reach them easily by cable car. Individual visits to each cave last about one hour.

Another thing to remember is that these caves can only be seen on guided tours. These guides provide important information about the construction of these caves and the art installations with these caves. This cave tour will definitely be your favorite experience in Austria.

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5 Activities to Try in Austria in May

There are many things that you can adopt during your stay in Austria. Following are some of them:

1. Taste the food at the Genusfoots Food Fair

Taste the food at the Genussfestival Food Fair


For three days in May the Stadpark in Vienna turns into Austria’s largest food fair. The Ober 200 food stall served you a sumptuous meal at this 200 fair. Here you can enjoy some Austrian breads made from sour, gnocchi, including poppy seeds of Waldwirtel and Vorarlberg Cheese Knopfal. In addition, you can see local bakers and farmers can showcase their work traditions.

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2. Attend Summer Night Concert

Attend summer night concert

The Schönbrunn Palace gardens play host to an annual open air concert presented by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Every year some of the most famous conductors, musicians and artists from all over the world attend the mega event. You have to arrive at the venue a few hours in advance to get a good concert as it is a free concert and therefore, is incredibly popular among locals and visitors.

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3. Become a part of Danube Wine Tour

Become a part of Danube Wine Tour

Every year in the first week of May, wine lovers come to wineries in the wine growing areas of the Danube Valley. The top 36 of these local wineries open the doors to their wine cellars, so you can get their enlightening knowledge. You must have a 25 Euro ticket from one win and you can taste the wines at all other wineries.

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4. Tour in a e-bike

E bike


The mountains of Leopoldsburg and Kahlenberg host an e-bike touring event every weekend in the month of May. The views of these tourist spots are filled with panoramic views, lush greenery, vineyards and local historical buildings. Instead of traditional vehicles, e-bike visits are organized to help you observe nature in these mountains due to pollution.

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5. Cook and eat with a Viennese family

Cook and eat with a Viennese family


In Vienna a lot of locals host tourists and give them a taste of superb food and hospitality. In these houses, you cook your meal with them and later eat it together, discussing the history, nature, art and politics of Austria.

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In May Austria is sandwiched between spring and summer and does not appear to have many visitors. However, good food, clean cities, great natural beauty, inexpensive travel and living, and Renaissance architecture, all of this is enough to entice you to enjoy a trip in Austria. We hope that this guide will help you make up your mind to visit Austria.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Austria in May

Q. What is the weather like in May in Austria?

a. Temperatures begin in the month of April and range from only 7-8 ° C in April to about 15-16 ° C in May. However, it will be pleasant and a good place to vacation.

Q. What is the best time of year to visit Vienna?

a. The best time to visit Vienna would be from April to May and / or September to October.

Q. What is the best time to visit Salzburg?

a. The best time to visit Salzburg is from September to October. Summer is set in and the crowd has taken off. Enjoy beautiful gardens in comfortable temperatures.

Q. Vienna is an expensive city?

a. As the capital of one of the richest countries in the world, you can expect Vienna to be expensive. However, this is not the case compared to London and other EU states.

Q. How many days are enough to find Vienna?

a. You need at least 4 days to see the entire city of Vienna. But if you have limited time, then 2 days is enough to explore the major places.

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