August 2020 horoscope: how signs betray

Oops, the betrayal. The summer note that perhaps scares us most but which intrigues us at the same time (Lolita writer Vladimir Nabokov was right when he said that, after all, it is only the most conventional way to go beyond the conventional).
We betray for different reasons and in different ways, so much so that generalizing is never a good idea. But we can try to understand how and why every sign is granted the escapade, what triggers the need to meet new people, and what, finally, will be the most risky moments of this August 2020.


On average it is considered a loyal, faithful sign, this because – in its DNA – there is courage, loyalty (it is a sign made of fire) and sincerity, even brutal. But if he cheats he will probably do it out of boredom, because the partner can no longer contain all his great passion. How to keep it close? Don’t let the relationship slip too much into the banal, into the routine.
When will he betray? Mars will remain in the sign until the end of the year, for this eros, desires and passions will be something continuous, constant, in short, Aries is looking around, but the period at risk of flirtation will be in the week of August.


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The enjoyment of life is a fundamental and indispensable rule for this sign. Taurus can bear the weight of matter by indulging in pleasures and comforts, such as good food and a bit of good sex. In addition, the government of Venus makes him very sensitive to seduction, to an adventure that is above all physical, material. By the way: it’s a very jealous sign, if you betray it, do it carefully.
When will he betray? The best opportunities will arise after August 7, when Venus will make Taurus really sexy, almost irresistible. Delicious situations especially around 18, thanks to Uranus, and 27 with the complicity of Neptune.


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Gemini have an inevitable need for intellectual stimuli, to snoop between situations and characters, discovering things, but often ending up getting passionate about those who may not have been in the program. If a Gemini chooses to betray perhaps it will do so to stimulate thoughts, to entertain and enliven a present that is otherwise too obvious. And they won’t really feel guilty.
When will he betray? From day 5 Mercury will ignite with passion, will become strong and visible, giving up thinking too much. Between 17 and 19 August, however, everything will be at its maximum, and the Gemini will hardly give up a new heart beat.


It is an extremely insecure and emotional sign, so Cancer hardly betrays (unless you fall head over heels in love with another). However, he will always do it believing that he is following his instinct, listening to the feeling, but in reality he almost always implements it when he feels neglected or not important enough, to seek and find attention elsewhere.
When will he betray? There won’t be a precise moment, perhaps because Cancer is now dealing with uncertain, undecided partners. Although the last days of August are perhaps the most suitable for a clandestine adventure. Last call for a heart that wants confirmation.


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It is the sign that affirms and fixes the Ego, for this reason it has a constant need to feel at the center of attention. It really does nothing to go unnoticed, thus ending up being noticed even by those who perhaps just want an emotion. He knows how to be fair, but when he cheats he is above all nurturing his self-esteem, his need to believe that he is doing important things, that his quality is always high.
When will he betray? August is his month, and this already makes every Lion feel stronger. But in the first week Uranus will make him quite insecure, so he will decide to take some risks only from the 16th onwards.


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The fall that Venus experiences in the Virgin makes the relationship with any form of pleasure rather difficult, never so fluid or casual. But sometimes the sign needs fun, a moment of dream, otherwise it will feel frustrated, uninteresting, crushed by logic and chronic common sense. He will betray following mental seduction, but often his adventure will remain only an idea, a temptation.
When will he betray? From 20 onwards Mercury – the planet preferred by the Virgin – will be right among the stars of the sign, bringing security, desire to think about oneself and a certain self-esteem. What better opportunity to love without thinking too much? Especially on the 29th.


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Welcome to the sign of relationships, marriages (or equivalent), de facto unions and hearts. For Libra, the relationship is something that cannot be renounced, which is why it hates the status of single that it will accept only if it has no alternative. Therefore clandestine loves are welcome, so as not to bore the feeling. At least he will be able to do it with a certain grace, with unfailing elegance.
When will he betray? Venus, from August 7th, will be right in the house of new encounters, novelties, seducing Libra with new, unexpected characters. Then Uranus, from 18, will bring some courage to the stars, an excellent timing for passions.


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Scorpio carries with it the name of a dark and intriguing sign, of what, more than any other, he is always willing to betray, but it is not so. He certainly loves intrigue and adventure, but he also knows how to focus on the person he loves, especially if he feels satisfied, respected. Often his is more a need for seduction, a conquest that often ends in nothing.
When will he betray? Venus, from the 7th onwards, will favor every relationship, every occasion or opportunity to create an understanding, to launch precise and pungent looks. Although the summer of Scorpio promises to be much more sensitive to feelings, to romance.


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The sign not only loves travel and discovery, but it also feeds above all on action, on adventure (also of a sentimental type, of course). For this reason Sagittarius quickly gets tired of the usual bed and is often on the hunt for new experiences, something that risks putting a strain on that loyalty that derives from the fire element. Difficult to contain it.
When will he betray? Jupiter’s retrograde motion takes courage and determination away from the sign which, however, could carve out some moments that are absolutely suitable for special encounters. The hot days should be on August 17th and 29th.


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Do not be fooled by his calm and serious look, by the fact that they really know how to believe in the relationship, becoming absolutely faithful and dedicated partners. You must also take into account the exaltation of Mars which makes it an unexpectedly passionate sign, which suggests distractions and digressions to the relationship. But it is unlikely that he will give too much importance to adventure, because a relationship is always a serious matter.
When will he betray? Saturn is in the sign but it is wrong, does not understand and is easily confused. In short, this time Capricorn is disadvantaged, moving with great prudence, losing opportunities. Something happens in the days following Ferragosto.


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The priorities of Aquarius are noble and tell of ideals, of a mainly cerebral dimension that cannot and must not be missing in a relationship. For this sign, betrayals, passions and jealousies are only human weaknesses, something in which you really don’t want to feel involved. He will betray with the same lightness with which he loves, with which he loves.
When will he betray? The sign will take advantage of the first week of August, the period in which Venus will still keep passions and feelings high. A little courage to try thanks to the full moon on day 3, but woe to make everything just mental.


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Pisces have an enormous imagination that ends up also contaminating love, to make all relational architectures fluid and open. You will often see them chasing their unstoppable passions, chasing dreams and mirages that will make everything special, but chaotic. Betraying will become a game, something that will give color to a present that is always too gray.
When will he betray? In August Jupiter will often be in contrast with the forces of love and passion, so it will not be a month too hot, too intense or tempting. Feel like forbidden things present only in the last week.


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